How To Curly Beard

Basic Guidelines To Curl A Beard

It is unavoidable that some men feel uncomfortable if they have a straight beard. If you want to give your beard a little flair, you could try curling it.
Men who want to curl their beards should know what they are getting into. Keep in mind that this is a more involved process than people might think. It will take some time, but it can help you achieve the look you desire.


The most important part of curling your beard is having the right tools. Curling irons typically used for curling your hair will also work well for your beard. Make sure the iron is set to a low temperature, as your beard is more prone to breakage than your scalp hair.
You will also need a light to medium hold beard cream or beard wax. Applying one of these to the beard is the best way to ensure that your curls stay. Make sure it is not too heavy for the curls you want to create.
Finally, you will need a good boar bristle brush. This will help to detangle the beard and distribute the product when styling.


First, make sure your beard is clean and dry. A good beard shampoo and conditioner will be needed.
Once you have shampooed and conditioned your beard, you should wait until it is fully dry. Next, you will want to brush it. Using the boar bristle brush, you can detangle any knots, making sure to brush the product all the way through. This will help to evenly distribute it.
After this, you can apply the product. Use a small amount of beard cream or wax, making sure to focus on the tips of the beard. Work it through evenly with the brush.
Finally, you can use the curling iron on your beard. Starting at the tips, you can wrap the beard around the iron and hold it for a few seconds. Make sure not to hold it for too long, as you don’t want to damage your beard.


Keeping your curls will depend on how much work you are willing to put into it. You should brush your beard regularly, as this will help to keep the curls looking even and neat. You may need to reapply a small amount of product to give them more hold.
Be sure to also use a good beard oil to nourish and hydrate your beard. This is particularly important if you are styling your beard daily, as the curling can take a toll on it.

Pros and Cons

The process of curling a beard comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that it can give you a unique and stylish look. Curled beards can make a great impression and help you stand out from the crowd.
On the flip side, it is a more involved process than many people realize. It takes time, effort, and products to keep your curls looking neat. If you don’t do it right, you could end up with a worse look than if you just let it hang straight.

Tips To Keep Curls Lasting Longer

Using the right tools and products is essential to not only create but keep your curls lasting longer. When choosing products, try to look for those that offer light to medium hold. Heavy products may make it hard to form curls and they are also more likely to leave a greasy residue.
It is also important to use a good brush. Boar bristle brushes are best for styling, as they help to evenly distribute the products and detangle the beard.
For those who are looking for more of a lasting curl, many have chosen to use rollers. This is a more involved process, but it can give you the tight curls you are aiming for. Make sure you use rollers that are appropriate for your beard type and size.

Tips To Keep Curls Healthy

It is important to take care of your beard when stylizing it. Curling your beard can take a toll on it, so be sure to use moisturizing products, including beard oil and balm. This will help to keep your beard hydrated and looking healthy.
Also, avoid using heat tools on the beard too frequently. This can dry out the beard and be damaging if not done correctly. If possible, only use heat tools every few days and allow your beard time to rest in between.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

In order to get the curls you want, you should avoid common mistakes. One of the biggest ones is not brushing your beard enough. Not brushing your beard can make it difficult to form the curls and they will not last as long.
Another mistake is not using the right temperature. You should always set the iron to a low or medium temperature as high temperatures could cause burn.
Finally, don’t forget to use a light to medium hold product. A heavy product can weigh down the beard and make it hard to style.

Haircuts To Enhance Your Curls

Having the right haircut can make a big difference when styling your curls. A shorter cut with a fade can make your curls look more prominent and give your look an overall more polished appearance.
If you prefer a longer style, you can opt for a longer beard with tighter curls. Make sure to keep the chin and cheeks shorter, as this will help to keep the curls looking neat and help to prevent any unsightly tangles.

Choosing The Right Products For Your Curls

When choosing products for your curls, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you should make sure that the products are suitable for your beard. Not all products are created equal and you should make sure that the ones you choose are right for your beard type.
Also, you should avoid heavy lotions and balms that can weigh down the beard and make it difficult to style. Instead, look for light to medium hold products, such as beard waxes and creams.
If you want extra hydration, you can use a good beard oil or balm. This will keep the beard looking healthy and feeling soft.

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