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As one of the most outspoken voices in classical studies and public life, Mary Beard has long been a compelling figure for inspiring audiences to look beyond themselves and engage with the world. Trained in Cambridge and the London School of Economics, Mary Beard has held the prestigious role of Professor of Classics at Cambridge University and is the current chair of the British Museum’s board of trustees. She has also had limited editions of her books and translations of some works published by Penguin, Harvard University Press and the University of California Press. As a passionate advocate for the importance of education, social justice and history, she has inspired many people, both scholars and laypeople, to open up the ‘eye of faith’ and explore their own path.

Religious Connection

It may come as a surprise to some that Mary Beard has developed a strong connection to faith-based thought in recent years. In 2018, she was appointed as the President of the Religious Education Council of England and Wales, where she has continued her advocacy for faith education, encouraging young people to deeply examine and understand the beliefs of different religions. Furthering that theme, in 2020, Mary Beard was invited to speak at the National Church Leaders Conference about how to effectively use religion and philosophy to deliver meaningful insight and understanding. Her speech encouraged the audience to question their own preconceptions and to make sure their decisions are driven from a position of faith rather than fear.

Classical Scholarship

Mary Beard has also been pushing the boundaries within academia, with her speeches and books providing unique insights into the Roman Empire and classical world. Her academic work has been heavily focussed on the cultural, religious and political aspects of the classical world, with her work ranging from notable studies on Roman Religion, to important analyses of Roman Epic, Latin Language and Roman Law. She has been extensively praised for her studies and in 2021 will be awarded a prestigious Doctorate of Letters by Cardiff University.

Social Impact

In addition to her academic pursuits, Mary Beard has contributed significantly to the public sphere. She is a regular media commentator on both television and radio, appearing on popular shows such as BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ and ‘Question Time’. She is a major figure on social media, with her online profile being used as a platform for activism, challenging traditional thought and encouraging progressive discourse. This has given her a significant public platform and allowed her to effectively advocate for change, inviting meaningful collaboration and debate.


Through her work, Mary Beard has been able to achieve a tremendous level of public influence and develop a wide reach. She has long been a respected figure in academia, with her articles and books often discussed by both students and faculty. She has also been applauded for her efforts to share her knowledge and influence with the broader public; her books and television appearances giving a broad cross section of people insight into the classical world. Despite some criticism, she has remained a vehement advocate for the power of history in informing our present and her work has been instrumental in inspiring many others to obtain knowledge, think outside the box and (as she title one of her books) ‘A Don’s Life’.

Public Legacy

Mary Beard has had an incredible effect on the cultural and intellectual dialogue, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional thought. Despite some controversial stances, she has consistently advocated a moral position in both public and academic life and is widely viewed as one of the leading voices of her generation. With her focus on faith and courage to push the boundaries of society, she has been a prominent and highly influential figure in the world today.


As part of her work and advocacy, Mary Beard has also been an outspoken supporter of various charitable causes. She has been involved in a number of philanthropic activities, including donations to charities in the United Kingdom and abroad, as well as supporting a number of smaller organisations. She has also been active in poverty relief, supporting grassroots initiatives that focus on vulnerable individuals worldwide.


Mary Beard has been an exemplary figure for how best to engage with the world. Through her work and activism, she has consistently utilised the eye of faith and encouraged others to do the same. She is a powerful advocate for the importance of knowledge and understanding, inspiring many people to dig deeper, learn and reflect and to think for themselves.


Mary Beard has long been a powerful role model, inspiring many to think of themselves in wider and more diverse terms. Her influence has helped to inspire conversations on debates such as faith and knowledge in an academic and public context, stressing the importance of challenging traditional thought. Through her work, she has helped to open a meaningful dialogue on many touchy subjects, and her legacy is sure to inspire others to view their own faith and learning with a more critical and thoughtful eye.

Philosophic Inquiry

The complex relationship between faith and knowledge is one of the most important themes of Mary Beard’s work. She has consistently encouraged others to look beyond religious orthodoxy which often overlooks enquiry and careful consideration. Instead, her work stresses the importance of exploring different perspectives and different sources in order to gain a wider understanding of any subject. In particular, she has been critical of the tendency to close off the possibility of meaningful dialogue and challenging traditional thought.


The power of education has also been a major theme throughout Mary Beard’s work. She has consistently encouraged people from all walks of life to pursue knowledge and understanding, carrying out careful investigations without fear of judgement. She has also actively supported a variety of education initiatives in both the United Kingdom and abroad, helping to improve access to quality schooling and inspiring many young people to pursue their dreams.


It would be remiss to not acknowledge the challenges that Mary Beard has faced throughout her career. Despite advancing the conversation in numerous realms, some of her more controversial views have caused a great deal of backlash and criticism. Nevertheless, she has remained true to her principles and continues to strive to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of traditional thought.


Through her work, Mary Beard has been a phenomenal inspiration, challenging the status quo and encouraging people to look beyond themselves and embrace the power of knowledge and understanding. She has pushed for meaningful dialogue and encouraged others to open up their eye of faith. As one of the most prominent and influential figures of her generation, Mary Beard has played a pivotal role in helping to nurture understanding and furthering the important debate on faith and knowledge.

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