How To Bead Your Beard

How To Bead Your Beard

Bearding is one of the most popular facial hair trends right now. One of the most interesting bearding styles is called beading, which consists of slipping discretely placed metal beads onto the strands of your beard, giving it a unique weight, texture, and look. It requires some patience, practice and the right materials, but you can add beads to any length and strength of beard for a really eye-catching addition.

When it comes to getting the perfect beard, beading is a great way to give your facial hair more personality. By adding a few strategically placed beads, you can showcase a standout look that turns heads whenever you pass by. Whether you prefer beads with statement colors, special shapes, or dainty sizes, there are countless ways to customize your beard according to your individual style and preferences.

To get the look, start by cleaning and brushing your beard to make sure the hairs are tamed and ready for the beads. Then use a beard comb to part your facial hair into equal-sized sections that are easy to work with. Make sure each strand is roughly the same width, as this will help ensure the beads stay in place on your facial hair. Now, you’re ready to add the beads.

The easiest way to slide a bead onto your beard is with a pair of tweezers. Keeping the head of the tweezer raised, take a bead and lower the tweezer so that the bead falls in between the hairs. Guide the tweezer downwards to the end of the strand and press the bead firmly against the hair, while also rubbing the strands up around the bead to make sure it is secured. Repeat this maneuver until you’ve added your desired amount of beads.

If you’re having trouble getting the beads to stay in place, there are a few ways you can secure them further. You can use a little bit of hair wax to push the beads against the hair and hold them in place during styling. You can also use a blow dryer to heat up the hairs and push them into the beads. To finish off the look and make sure the beads stay in place for longer, use a bit of hairspray.

With a few materials, patience, and practice, beading your beard is a great way to show off some style and add a unique touch to your look. So why not give it a try?

Pros and Cons of Beading Your Beard

The pros of beading your beard are that it helps your facial hair stand out and can be customized to accentuate your facial features. Plus, it’s easy to do and can add a unique touch of personality to your look. The only possible disadvantage is that the beads can get stuck in your beard if not placed correctly, so it’s important to take your time.

Types of Beads

When it comes to beading your beard, there are a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Small beads, such as seed beads or heishi, should be used to make subtle patterns on the beard, while large beads should be used to draw attention to specific areas. Alternatively, you can use a combination of small and large beads for a more intricate look. When choosing colors, opt for neutral tones like black or gunmetal for a classic style, or stand-out shades for more bold statement.

Tools You Need

To bead your beard, you’ll need a few key tools: tweezers, a beard comb, hair wax or beeswax, and possibly a blow dryer. The tweezers should be sturdy enough to secure the beads in place, the beard comb should be wide-tooth enough to part the facial hair without causing uncomfortable tugging, and the wax can be used to secure the beads in place. Of course, you will also need beads, but feel free to get creative with these.

How to Remove Beads

Beads can easily be removed by using a pair of tweezers. Take the tweezers, grab the bead and gently pull on it until it slides off from the beard. If the beads are stubborn and don’t want to move, you can use a bit of hair wax to help loosen their grip. Alternatively, you can try to warm up the hairs with a blow dryer, as the heat can cause the wax to melt and allow the beads to slide off.

Styles You Can Try

When it comes to beading your beard, you can try a variety of styles, from minimalistic to more bold. One option is to use the classic and subtle single bead look. This involves adding a single large bead around your chin or on the sides of your cheeks for a minimalist and classic style. Another option is to add multiple beads in a line for a more striking style. Alternatively, you can try a pattern beading style by adding multiple beads scattered on the beard, or customize a design by adding a bunch of beads in different shapes and colors.

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