How To Get A Thick Full Beard

Grooming Tips for a Thick Full Beard

Having a thick full beard is a great way to add more personality and style to your look. But getting a good full beard requires commitment, consistency, and a well-planned grooming routine. Having a thick full beard involves understanding one’s own beard growth pattern and hair texture. A few key tips to achieving a thick full beard include proper nourishment, regular trimming, and proper styling.


The first step to growing a thick full beard is to keep the existing hair healthy and nourished. Eating a balanced diet that includes ample vitamins, minerals, and proteins boosts beard growth. Supplementing with collagen powder, biotin, and vitamins A, D, E, B, and B12 can also help. Additionally, individuals must ensure to constantly hydrate their body to ensure robust and healthy hair growth.

Beard oil with natural ingredients such as jojoba, almond oil, argan, and coconut oil can also help keep hair moisturized and hydrated. If an individual is having difficulty with dry, brittle, or patchy hair, they should consider using conditioners, shampoos, and mask treatments that include deep-conditioning ingredients.

Trimming and Shaping

Regularly trimming and shaping the beard is important to keep it looking neat and tidy. Individuals must understand their beard pattern and growth and determine which areas require more frequent trimming or if any areas need to be thicker or fuller. It is important to note that if an individual wants a thicker full beard, they should avoid over-trimming those areas where the hair grows more slowly.

A helpful tip to attain an even trim is to use the scissors and the trimmer from the same side. This way, it is easier to keep an even length all over the beard. Additionally, using a quality razor, preferably a safety razor, is important to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs and other problems.

Styling and Finishing

Once an individual has attained the desired fullness and thickness of their beard, the final step is to style and finish the look. Styling products, such as wax and mousse, can help add shape, definition, and texture to the beard. A few finishing touches can help give the beard a natural, polished look, such as adding a spritz of hairspray, styling with a vented beard brush, or using a beard balm to give the beard a healthier, shinier appearance.

Regular trimming and touching up the contours of the beard helps keep it looking neat and tidy, and will also ensure the individual has the desired facial shape. Additionally, individuals can also consider adding beard accessories, such as barrettes, pins, or clips to give their bearded look an extra edge.

Grooming Supplies

It is important to invest in quality grooming supplies, such as trimmers, clippers, razors, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and beard oils. Investing in quality tools and products that cater specifically to the beard will help individuals achieve a thicker, fuller, and healthier look. As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to buying products or tools for the beard, quality should always come first.

Furthermore, individuals must ensure to clean and maintain their tools after every use. This will reduce the chance of bacteria and infections, as well as minimizing the buildup of product residue on the tools.


Growing a thick full beard is a process that requires patience and a proper plan. Eating a balanced diet, incorporating nutritional supplements, properly hydrating the body, and investing in quality grooming supplies is essential to achieving a healthy and thicker full beard. Additionally, the beard must be regularly trimmed, shaped, styled, and finished for the desired look.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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