How To Convince Someone To Shave Their Beard

Introducing the Argument

Convincing someone to shave their beard is no small feat. While beards have seen a rise in popularity over recent years, there are still plenty of reasons why having facial hair isn’t necessarily a good thing. Whether it’s medical, personal or cosmetic, there are multiple arguments to make when wanting someone to shave their beard and for them to understand why it makes sense.

Health Risks

The most obvious argument to make when attempting to convince someone to shave their beard is that of the potential health risks to consider. Depending on the individual’s lifestyle, facial hair can present a health risk in multiple ways. Health experts have discovered that beards can ingrain bacteria and oil, plus, the extra fur can harbor viruses and other germs.

Furthermore, if someone has facial hair, like particularly long sideburns, it can interfere with proper face mask usage and cause medical hazards – such as allowing germs to enter the body when it should not. This can increase their chances of getting sick with flu viruses, colds and other illnesses.

Personal Appearance

It is important to remind someone that their beard could also be causing them to look Unclean. A well-groomed beard is a great thing – but any facial hair that is unkempt and not regularly trimmed will likely look messy and unappealing.

For many people, their personal appearance is a major consideration. Having facial hair unshaven can really age someone’s looks considerably – or even make them look sloppy. When shaving their beard, a person has the opportunity to present their true face and look attractive.

Managing Stress

Having facial hair can make a person feel quite stressed out. It’s an additional chore in the morning, a chore that can’t be avoided if a person wants to keep their beard looking neat and tidy. From having to shave it daily to taking a trimmer to it every week, managing a beard takes dedication and commitment.

Shaving off their beard can help to rid the person of the stress they are feeling. It’s one less thing to worry about, so once their beard is gone there’s no need to think about its upkeep or messiness ever again.

Related Costs

While some people may feel that having a beard saves them money when it comes to regular shaving, the reality is that it’s actually just another expense. From beard trimmers to quality shaving creams, facial hair requires its own set of products that can be pricey.

What’s more, attempting to maintain a long beard doesn’t come without its potential health-related costs either. If a person’s beard harbours bacteria and germs, it can significantly increase their chances of getting sick, leading to medical bills.

Hygiene Tips

It’s worth noting that growing a beard doesn’t have to come with the negatives that were discussed above. There are several hygiene tips that can help to make sure a person’s facial hair remains clean and healthy. For instance, investing in a quality shampoo and body wash is a must for beard-wearers.

Additionally, using conditioner for your beard is also highly recommended. This will help to keep the individual’s facial hair soft and healthy looking to ensure that those bacteria and germs don’t get a chance to start nesting.

Rewards for Shaving

Another tried and tested way to encourage someone to shave their beard is to offer a reward for when they do it. This could mean buying them a nice razor set or whiskers conditioner that they can take home. The reward can be whatever they’d like, as long as it shows them that you recognize the dedication it took to shave the facial hair.

If it’s something like a new Razor set, this can also serve as a reminder of how convenient it is to be able to shave the beard off whenever they want. The reward will hopefully make them recognize the many benefits of shaving, and motivate them further to shave off their facial hair.

Creating an Appealing Environment

Finally, it’s also important to create an appealing environment when attempting to get someone to shave their beard. Hair salons and barber shops can offer a comforting experience as it takes away from the fear of doing it at home. Plus, with knowledgeable professionals on hand, the person can have a great time maintaining their facial hair without the fear of messing it up.

All in all, convincing someone to shave their beard can be a difficult task. However, for the people who really care about their overall health, hygiene or appearance, and the people who want to save a bit of money, getting them to do it is well worth the effort.

Different Styles of Beards

No two beards are created equal. Every beard is unique and while they all may have different purposes, they also have different styles. Some of the more common beard styles include “stubble” beards, goatees, full beards and handlebar mustaches. Depending on the look a person wants to achieve, each of these styles will require different levels of servicing and maintenance.

The most popular beard style for many people is the “stubble” beard. This look is achieved by shaving off the full beard in order to leave only short growth on the face. It’s a popular look that requires very little maintenance and usually lasts no more than a few days.

Other Shaving Techniques

Apart from the traditional technique of shaving with a razor, some people may choose to use other alternatives. Waxing, for example, is becoming increasingly popular as it allows a person to get rid of their facial hair without needing to use any products. It’s also a great option for those who want to go for a clean look but don’t want to deal with the hassle of using a razor.

Alternatively, some people may choose to use electric razors instead of blades. This can be a great option for those who don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of traditional razors. Electric razors are easier to use, require less maintenance and can give a person the results they want.

Consider the Long-Term Effects

It’s important to remember that when it comes to facial hair, the long-term effects must also be taken into consideration. For example, a person may choose to wax as an alternative to shaving and this can lead to skin irritation and inflammation. The person might also grow to regret their decision and end up having to deal with the effects for some time and this could lead to further complications.

Furthermore, the individual must consider their diet and lifestyle in order to keep their beard and facial hair in good health. Eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water can help to keep the individual’s skin and hair looking good and healthy.

Underlying Health Conditions

For some people, having a beard can be a serious health hazard – especially if they have underlying health issues or conditions. It’s important for people with health concerns to consult their doctor and/or dermatologist before making any changes to their grooming habits.

For instance, individuals with asthma, diabetes or allergies should avoid facial hair, as it can cause additional complications. In addition, those with skin conditions such as eczema should take extra precautions as having facial hair could worsen their conditions.

Education and Preparation

In order to make sure a person feels ready to shave their facial hair, the individual must be properly educated and prepared for the process. Researching the different types of razors and facial hair trimmers available is a great way to ensure that the person has a good idea of what they’re getting into.

Moreover, educating the person about the different styles of beards, facial hair care and maintenance can all serve as great sources of knowledge. Furthermore, it’s important to inform the individual of the potential health hazards that can come with having facial hair, as well as how to properly take care of it in the long-term.

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