How To Compliment A Man’s Beard

Praise His Effort

There’s something undeniably sexy about bearded men. Leather jackets, greased-up curls and thick stubble bouncing off the lips make women swoon. In contrast to years past, a beard is no longer a symbol of being lazy or not taking care of oneself. Who can forget the 2015 Calvin Klein ad, when actor Matthew Terry successfully silenced the naysayers by proving that a grooming routine doesn’t have to mean a clean-shaven look? In essence, growing a beard requires just as much dedication as maintaining a baby face.
Men may not admit it but the basis for their pride in their facial hair is deeply rooted in compliments and validation. Specifically, that feedback must come from someone whose opinion they value. Don’t just blurt out “cool beard,” because it’s more likely to be viewed as generic and meaningless. Instead, articulate your appreciation of the effort he has put into cultivating it. “I love how thick and healthy your beard looks,” is more likely to make him smile, especially if you can include personal touches like “How long did it take you to grow it out?”

Provide Details

No man quibbled when bearded celebrities turned everyday bearded appearances into a hot commodity. However, when it comes to compliments about it, generic compliments, such as “You look so handsome with your beard,” just won’t do. Instead, try to provide personal, vivid and detailed descriptions. Judy McGuire, editor in chief of The Frisky and long-time beard enthusiast, says “signaling you’ve paid attention to the details of his facial hair will go a long way…tell him you like it longer, shorter, groomed just so, trace with your fingers the line of his jaw. How the beard highlights his warm brown eyes; how it’s perfectly crafted to fit his face.”
Describe to him the dynamics of the hair and how you appreciate the time he’s taken to carefully groom it. Appreciating the nuances of his beard makes it clear to him that it’s an integral part of his personality and style.

Be Weary of His Competitors

The beard is a big part of man’s pride and ego. The quicker you acknowledge that there might be a beard competition among his friends, the quicker you’ll be able to nip any potential jealousy in the bud and bypass any awkward moments. Don’t let other men’s facial hair be the complete center of your compliments.
Focus solely on his effort and talents in taking care of his look. For example, let him know that you appreciate how well he takes care of himself and how he stands out from his friends. “Your beard looks better than all of your friends’ beards” is an ego boost and a surefire way to build his confidence!

Support His Look

During conversations, don’t immediately jump to criticizing his looks as soon as he walks through the door. Polarizing opinions are not always the best compliments. If he’s looking for a sign from you that loves him for him, that would mean understanding his love for facial hair and the hard work he put into it.
Embrace his love for his facial hair and mention the accessories he accompanies it with, like a beard comb or a special face scrub. Show him that you appreciate him for being him and make it a point to mention some of his amazing qualities (which have nothing to do with a beard). This will capture his attention quickly as it builds on his confidence.

Create A Moment

Who knew that compliments could be a way to create a romantic moment? When it comes to compliments, timing is everything. If you want to create a moment that highlights the way you feel about his beard, you should deliver your message in the right context.
One way to do this is to frame your words in the perfect scene. Maybe during dinner after your conversations turn quiet and the lights dim. Maybe when you’re lounging in the living room and he steams up a hot towel to brush his mustache with. Leverage his natural routines and keep him in the moment.

Use Comparisons

One trick to compliment him without sounding insincere or out of place is to use comparisons. If a man’s beard has a unique shape, color or design, for example, you can say “Your beard looks like it belongs to a model or something.” It’s a flattering way to build him up without setting yourself or him up for failure in the future.
In a population where bearded men are everywhere, your man probably knows someone who is sporting an even fuller beard than his. Comparing your man’s beard to his friends’ beards might not always be the most attractive route. Instead, go with the crowd favorite and praise the overall strength, depth, and uniqueness of the beard. Use it as an opportunity to prove your loyalty and admiration by stating that his beard is the only one you love.

Reciprocate Confidence

At the end of the day, it’s not only okay to compliment a man on his facial hair. It’s desired. Be it a short beard or a full beard, he wants to know that you notice his efforts to look presentable and handsome. It’s about building a foundation for him to be more confident and self-assured. If a man feels good about his physical appearance, he’ll be more self-confident and inspired to strive for greater successes.
More than anything, a sincere, heartfelt complement that has context and shows that you’ve taken the time to pay attention to his overall look can provide more meaningful results than any witty pick-up line. Acknowledge him and admire the work he puts into it. He’ll appreciate it for years to come and likely wear the same hairstyle for a long time!

Stay Up-to-date With Trends

Men with beards tend to emanate a certain aura of sophistication and style. With more celebrities joining the bearded ranks and numerous shaving products targeting men’s needs, the grooming miles are expanding exponentially. Keeping him and his beard up to date with the trends is a great way to show you care about what he looks like.
Take time to explore the latest grooming tools, products and advice that he can use for his beard. From specialized scissors, clear balms, and special fragrances that can freshen up his beard, these are small things that you can do that will give him a sense of satisfaction. He’ll appreciate that you’re taking the effort to stay in the know, helping him to further refine his personal grooming routine.

Give Gifts

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to show your love and appreciation for his beard, nothing quite says it like giving gifts. A set of high-quality beard grooming products is a great way to show that you care about his beard and want it to look its best. Choose a set of beard wash, conditioner, scissors and even a special oil to oil for added shine.
Additionally, you can try home-made balms or oil mixes, or you can take a big leap and get a beard-inspired tattoo. While this last one may seem a little over the top, some beards can be so integral to a man’s overall persona that expressing its importance for eternity is an extreme gesture of admiration.

Pay Attention To Body Language

Show off your appreciation for his beard with body language. A posture of attention and reflection can go a long way in a compliment. Make sure to look him in the eyes, give him a genuine smile when talking to him and keep a respectful distance. If you make it a conscious effort to acknowledge how proud you are of him, it can strengthen the emotional connection between you two and make it easier to talk about it.
Finally, don’t be shy to touch his beard. Studies have shown that gentle caresses and strokes can send a calming message of affection. So, touch beard lightly and with a gentle hand. This shows him that the facial hair has particular importance with you and that you appreciate the level of dedication he puts into maintaining it.

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