How To Add Volume To Your Beard

Tools Needed

Your efforts to add volume to your beard won’t be effective if you don’t have the right tools. The three key items you will need are a quality beard wash, a soft brush, and a trimming comb. These are essential for creating and maintaining the volume you desire.
Beard wash is an important product for keeping your facial hair clean and eliminating any dirt and grease that can weigh down your beard. A trusted beard wash should be created specifically for facial hair. It will help retain the volume you are adding through styling.
Next, a soft brush is necessary for detangling and evenly distributing oils across your beard. Start by brushing downwards from the top of your beard, to the sides and underneath. A soft bristle brush will gently break up the knots and add life to your beard.
Lastly, a trimming comb is essential for removing those small knots that are hidden among fuller beards. A trimming comb should have multiple comb sizes to allow for precision shaping and styling.

Styling Products

Applying the right product to your beard can help create more volume, while also providing a finished look. There are a few types of products you can use. Waxes, pastes, and gels help to create a fuller looking beard.
Waxes are usually applied when beards are a bit longer. This enables you to structure and style your beard the way you want. However, the extra wax can accumulate and weigh the beard down and reduce the volume created.
Pastes can give you natural looking body and texture. It is best used for shorter beards. A light medium-hold paste can help you control and shape your look, without detracting from the volume.
Gels are also a great product for shorter beards. They create a strong hold and provide substantial volume when styled. If you feel your beard could use an extra boost, using a styling gel can help.

Styling Techniques

There are many techniques to add volume to your beard. One of the simplest ways is to simply brush up and outwards. Start at the top and brush outwards while you go. This will create a more full and structured look.
Blowing out the sides is another good technique. This method will open up the face and add more of a 3D shape to the cheeks. Here, start by combing the beard downwards and then use a blow dryer with a comb attached. Use your free hand to separate the hair into smaller portions and guide the heat as you go.
In addition, you can use rollers to decorate and shape your beard. Rollers can help create more volume on split ends and make them look fuller. Start by rolling each strand upwards, in a criss-cross pattern. Leave the rollers in for about an hour and then brush the beard outwards.

Different Strategies

If you have a long beard there are a few strategies you can use and adjust to get the most out of your styling efforts. When you’re after more of a fuller look, you can try using just a little bit of product and a soft brush, allowing the hairs to naturally split when combing.
Another strategy for dry and frizzy hair is to use a light oil or balm. A small amount to dampen the beard can help it look and feel fuller.
Those with longer beards can try to section off the sections they want to style and use a blow dryer on each of them. This will help create more separation and volume on each side.

Hair Types

As with any type of haircut, the type of hair and styling techniques can also determine the amount of volume. The thickness and density of your beard will determine how much volume you can add.
If you have fine hair, lighter products like pastes and gels will work best. Applying too much wax could weigh down the ends of your beard and make it look flat. This is because the wax clings and sticks to the fine hairs, making it harder to move.
For those with thicker hair, heavier products like waxes and gels can be effective. These products will provide more hold and the added weight will provide the added volume.


Ultimately, the best way to get the most out of your beard is to experiment with different techniques and products. Start by utilizing the tools and products recommended above. Try different amounts and adjust based on the results.
Those with especially thick or full beards can try using curling irons in addition to the other tools. This can help create more versatility in styling and allow for more creative looks.
Be sure to take your time and have fun with the process. You may even find it helpful to take pictures so you can keep track of the looks you create.


While trimming is not necessary, it can help keep your beard looking healthy and neat. You can use your trimming comb or scissors to remove unwanted split ends. Be sure to start with small sections and work your way down, avoiding bulk cuts.
Trimming can also help create more of an even shape by clearing off any hairs that may be pointing in a different direction. Additionally, you can use trimming to create fullness along the sides by keeping the beard shorter.


Most importantly, patience is key when it comes to styling your beard. If you rush, you won’t get the desired results.
Be sure to give your beard ample time to grow out and adjust to the styling tools and products. Depending on the size of your beard, it can take weeks or even months.
It also helps to have realistic expectations. Your beard will never look just like the ones you see on social media, as everyone’s hair grows and reacts differently. Have fun with the process and you will ultimately reach your desired goal.

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