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Beard oil is a product used to soften and condition your facial hair while eliminating flakes, itching, and a dry skin underneath. It can also help keep your beard healthy and looking glossy. Many men turn to Reddit to learn the best practices for using beard oil. This article will dive into the discussion on BeardOil Reddit about how often to use it and what the optimal amount is for your facial hair.

Discussing Proper Application

Those who use beard oil regularly on Reddit suggest that it should be applied after showering. This allows your pores to be clean and also provides moisture to the beard. Then, according to the discussion, use two to three drops of oil and massage it into the beard. It should be applied from bottom to top, making sure to evenly distribute it through the whole beard.

Frequency of Use

One of the most debated questions on Reddit is how often to use beard oil. Generally, Redditors suggest applying it every one to two days, but depending on the length and thickness of your beard, this could vary. Another factor is the weather, Redditors suggest that in dry climates you may need to apply it more often. If you have a longer beard, an application once a week is often suggested. However, it’s important to note that you should never over apply.

Amount Used

When it comes to the amount of beard oil needed, Redditors agree that it depends on the length and thickness of your beard. If you have a shorter beard, one to two drops is often enough. With longer beards, as many as five drops may be necessary. They also suggest that you should use more beard oil in winter and summer, when the weather is drier.

Proper Care

It’s important to note that proper care of your beard is paramount when it comes to using beard oil. Redditors suggest that you should wash your beard at least once a week, to keep it clean and free of product build up. Additionally, they recommend brushing your beard every day, to evenly distribute the oil, and using a towel to give your beard the extra moisture it needs.

Why Use Beard Oil Redditors Say

When asked why use beard oil, many Redditors suggest that it helps keep the beard healthy and looking good. The oil softens the facial hair and helps protect it from environmental factors like sun and wind. Additionally it also helps keep the flakes and itchiness that can come from dry skin under control. Lastly it can also help give your beard its glossy appearance, which many men find attractive.

Types of Beard Oil Used

There are a few different types of beard oils available on the market, each offering their own set of benefits. Redditors suggest that you choose the type of beard oil best suited for your beard type, whether it’s an oil-based or a water-based product. They also suggest that you experiment with different types to find the one that works best for you.

Selecting Quality Beard Oil

When selecting beard oil, Redditors suggest that you should always look for quality products with natural, organic ingredients. Many popular brands use chemicals or synthetic fragrances that can actually do more harm than good. Additionally, looking for products that are specifically designed for beards can help you find an oil that works well for your facial hair.


Using beard oil can be a great way to keep your facial hair healthy and looking great. When using it, Redditors suggest that you apply it every one to two days depending on the length and thickness of your beard. The amount of oil you use will also depend on your face and the weather, so be sure to adjust as necessary. Lastly, always look for quality, natural ingredients when selecting beard oil.

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