How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal

How Beard Transplant Works

Beard transplantation is a type of hair transplantation procedure which is used to restore facial hair or grow a new beard. During the procedure, individual follicular units (or grafts that contain 1-3 hairs) are extracted from the donor area of the scalp and then painstakingly inserted into the recipient area of the beard requiring augmentation. The surgeon typically harvests 1,000 – 2,000 grafts to be used.

The most common beard transplantation method is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, which offers the advantage of minimal scarring and rapid healing. The FUE technique involves the direct extraction of individual follicular units from the donor area. The surgeon will make a tiny incision in the donor area and then use special instruments to extract the follicular units. Follicular units are then inserted into tiny incisions or slits made in the beard area.

Another option for beard transplantation is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique, which involves the removal of a strip of tissue from the donor area. The removed strip of tissue is then divided into individual follicular units and transplanted into the recipient area. This technique offers longer lasting results but comes with a higher risk of complications.

Recovery Time After Beard Transplant

The recovery time for a beard transplant procedure is relatively short. In most cases, patients experience mild swelling and soreness in the area of the transplant but this should subside within a few days. The area of the transplant may take several months to heal completely so patients should keep this in mind when deciding to undergo the procedure.

The transplanted hair will take several months before it starts to grow. After the transplanted hair begins to grow, it may take up to a year before the beard is fully grown in. During the first few months, patients should avoid any strenuous activities and be careful when washing or touching the transplanted area in order to avoid any damage to the follicles.

Post procedure, it is important for patients to follow their surgeon’s advice in order to speed up the recovery process. Patients are generally advised to abstain from alcohol, smoking, and extremely rigorous activities for the first few days. Additionally, they should try to maintain a healthy diet, avoid excessive sun exposure, and abstain from medications that may interfere with the healing process.

Caring For A Transplanted Beard

It is very important to follow a specific care routine for a transplanted beard in order for it to look its best. After the procedure, patients should wait for a minimum of 2 to 3 days before washing the beard. Once the beard is washed, it should be done gently with a mild shampoo and then rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water. Additionally, patients should refrain from using hair styling products for at least a week after the transplant.

It is important that patients take good care of their transplanted beard in order for it to look its best and last for a long time. After the recovery period is over, proper maintenance is required in order for the beard to look good. This includes abstaining from smoking, limiting sun exposure, sticking to a healthy diet, and visiting a dermatologist regularly for check-ups.

How Long Does A Beard Transplant Last?

As with any hair transplant procedure, the longevity of a beard transplant procedure is dependent upon a variety of factors including the patient’s overall health, the quality of the extracted hairs, and the skill of the surgeon. In general, a beard transplant procedure can last up to 15 years if the patient takes proper care of the transplanted area.

That said, it is important to remember that the longevity of a beard transplant is dependent on individual circumstances and can vary from person to person. Additionally, the transplanted hair may start to thin out gradually over time so it is important for patients to consider this when deciding to undergo the procedure.

Cost Of Beard Transplant

The cost of a beard transplant procedure may vary depending on the clinic and the extent of the transplant. Generally, practitioners charge from $3 to $15 per graft, with larger or more condensed beards costing more due to the nature of the procedure. On average, the cost of a beard transplant procedure is between $3,000 and $6,000.

The cost of the procedure also depends on whether the patient opts for the FUE or FUT technique. The FUE technique is more expensive since the entire harvesting and implantation process is more time-consuming. However, the FUE technique offers more natural-looking results and less scarring.

Risk Of Beard Transplant

Although beard transplantation is a safe procedure, there are a few potential risks that should be taken into consideration. These include infection, hair loss from the donor or recipient area, or scarring. It is important to take into consideration the skill of the surgeon before undergoing the procedure in order to reduce the risk of encountering any of these complications.

Additionally, there are a few restrictions that patients should adhere to if they want to achieve optimal results from the procedure. These include abstaining from smoking and drinking, limited sun exposure, avoiding strenuous activities, and proper aftercare. It is also important to consult a skilled surgeon in order to identify any underlying health issues that may be hindering the success of the procedure.

Maintenance After Beard Transplant

Patients should practice proper maintenance after the beard transplant procedure in order to ensure that the transplanted hair grows in healthily and looks its best. A good maintenance routine includes wearing a suitable hat or cap to protect the transplanted hair from the sun’s UV rays, avoiding excessive washing or over-brushing, abstaining from smoking, and following a healthy and balanced diet.

Additionally, patients should use a suitable shampoo and conditioner when washing the beard and should avoid using any products with harsh chemicals. Patients should also visit the surgeon for regular check-ups in order to ensure the transplanted hair is growing healthily.


Beard transplant is a safe, reliable, and effective procedure for restoring facial hair or growing a new beard. The procedure offers immediate results without any major health risks, and the recovery time is relatively short. Patients can expect to heal completely within a few days and experience minimal side effects. Proper care and maintenance should be taken in order for the procedure to be effective.

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