How I Grew A Beard

Growing a beard can seem daunting, particularly if you’re used to having a clean-shaven face. But once you get the hang of it and find the right grooming routine, you might soon find that growing a beard is as easy as pie. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to grow a beard in the best way possible.

To begin, you’ll need to give your beard time to take shape. It’s beneficial to let it grow out for 3-4 weeks while resisting the urge to shape or trim it too early. During this time, it’s important to keep the skin beneath your beard clean, moisturised, and healthy so your facial hair can grow thick and strong. While your beard is growing out, you should be using a gentle exfoliant (no scrubbing) such as a washcloth twice a week to remove layers of dead skin that can stop your hairs from growing. Also, don’t forget to apply a moisturiser every day to keep your skin soft and prevent itching.

Alongside the importance of proper skin care, it’s also necessary to be aware of the vitamins your body needs to help your beard to grow. Vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids are the key nutrients for successful beard growth. Eating foods that are rich in these vitamins like salmon, peas, and spinach can help to support your beard-growing journey. It’s also important to note that getting adequate sleep and drinking enough water will also have an effect on the health of your facial follicles.

To ensure your facial hair remains in great condition, it’s essential to use the correct tools and products. Start by using a boar bristle brush to brush away tangles and distribute natural oils throughout your beard. A simple beard shampoo and conditioner will also help make sure your beard stays happy and healthy. And finally, a good quality beard oil can help to nourish your beard and create a softer texture.

By steadily sticking to a skin care, diet and grooming routine, in time you will have grown a beard that truly suits you. Of course, you need to ensure that the beard style is one that works with the shape of your face and compliments you in the best way possible. This can be easily achieved by researching popular beard styles and finding the one that works with you.

If you find that your beard patchy in certain areas, don’t stress! Many men go through phases of uneven growth throughout the beard-growing process and there’s no need to panic. You will find that if you keep going and resist trimming your beard too soon, it will slowly fill out.

In conclusion, growing a beard is no easy feat but it can be an incredibly rewarding journey. All you need is the right knowledge, tools and a lot of patience, and you’ll soon find that you’ve got a handsome beard that you can be proud of.

Groom Short Hairs

After your initial beard growth phase ends, it’s time to start grooming the medium-length and short hairs. With the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to keep your short hairs looking good and neat. Start by investing in a good pair of scissors and a trimmer to create the perfect shape. Snip away longer and unruly hairs as well as stragglers that are growing in other directions than your chosen beard shape. Comb your beard down before you trim it so all the hairs lay flat.

Choose A Styling Product

Now you have a neat, well-groomed beard, it’s time to find the perfect styling product. Wax or balm is the best choice for your facial hair as it’s light and won’t weigh down or make your beard look greasy. A few drops of natural beard oil are also advised to give your beard a healthy looking sheen. When applying wax or balm, ensure your beard is slightly damp and then apply a modest amount to your palm. Work it through your beard with your fingers in an upwards motion to create a more voluminous look.

Clean and Protect Your Beard

It’s important to keep your beard clean as dirt and bacteria will easily accumulate in it. Washing your beard two to three times a week and using a shampoo specifically designed for beards will help keep it looking healthy and smelling pleasant. As beard products can be expensive, it’s also beneficial to use a few drops of beard oil on long beards when not shampooing to keep them from drying out and damaging the hair.

Avoid Unwanted Hair Damage

Be aware that over-shampooing, using too many products, and washing with hot water can damage and strip away your beard’s natural protective oils causing dry and brittle hair. So, make sure to use gentle techniques and products sparingly to maintain a healthy and well-groomed beard.

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