How Do I Grow A Better Beard

Beard growth, for many men, can be a source of worry or insecurity. The process of growing a better beard is not an entirely straightforward one, but with a bit of motivation and guidance, most men can learn to appreciate and care for their facial hair. Every man’s facial hair is unique, so it is important to understand the needs of your particular beard. This will allow you to improve your beard growth routine and, with patience and diligence, significantly improve the look and condition of your beard.

Firstly, nutrition is essential for healthy facial hair growth. Protein rich foods, including eggs, oysters, turkey, and salmon, are particularly good for beard growth, as they provide essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for good beard health. Additionally, making sure to get enough zinc and biotin will help to stimulate facial hair growth.

It is also important to stay hydrated, as facial hair growth is dependent on good levels of hydration. This means that drinking plenty of water throughout the day is an essential part of growing your beard. Additionally, using a moisturiser or beard oil can help to keep the skin beneath your beard supple. This will help to reduce itching, which can make the growing process less comfortable.

Caring for your beard also means making sure not to over-shampoo your facial hair. Regular shampooing can strip your beard of important oils that it needs to remain shiny and healthy. It is usually recommended to shampoo your facial hair no more than 2-3 times per week. Additionally, using a specially formulated beard shampoo or conditioner can be beneficial for those looking to improve their beard growth.

A final tip for achieving better beard growth is to make sure that you are using the right products. There are a variety of beard oils, balms, and waxes on the market that can help to keep your facial hair looking healthy, and stimulate growth. Many of these products also contain natural ingredients, such as essential oils, that can help to soothe any irritation he may have from the process of growing a beard.

Proper Trimming

Even if a man would like to grow a longer beard, it is important to regularly trim it. This helps to give it a more even and uncluttered look, and to remove any split ends or frizz that could form. There are a range of beard trimmers on the market, which make trimming easy and efficient. When trimming, try to ensure that one blade is used to retain its length and shape, while the other is used to keep it trimmed and neat.

If you are looking to retain length in your beard, it is important to use scissors over clippers. Scissors allow you to make small, precise adjustments to beard length, reducing the risk of taking too much off. Additionally, if you are looking for a particular shape or cut, it can be useful to take a picture with you for the hair dresser. This can make it easier for them to understand what type of beard you would like to achieve.

Trimming too often can be a mistake that can lead to patchy or uneven growth. It is usually best to leave a beard alone for a month or so, and to then trim and shape it to personal preference. This gives the facial hair time to reach its full potential in terms of length and thickness.

Brushes and Combs

Using a brush or comb is key to letting the beard grow in its natural direction without clumps and tangling. Using a brush or comb can help to detangle the hairs, and make them lay down in their natural pattern. It is important to use the right kind of brush or comb for your beard, as different types can be more suitable for different levels of beard growth.

Using a brush or comb specifically designed for beards can be beneficial, as they are often made with softer bristles that are less likely to cause irritation, and to pull out the hairs, the way a regular comb can. Additionally, it can be useful to use a brush or comb in the shower when washing your beard, as the warm water can help to open the cuticles of the hairs and then let them flatten out for easier combing.

Styling Products

Finally, styling products such as beard balm, gel and wax can all be used to help keep the beard looking healthy and well-groomed. Balms, gels and waxes come in a variety of formulations and help to keep the beard in a neat and tidy shape. They can also help to reduce breakage of the facial hair, and help to protect the skin from chafing from clothes.

It is usually best to use very small quantities of styling products, as overusing them can lead to build up and residue. Additionally, styling products can work best if the beard is damp and clean, as this will help the product to be better absorbed by the hairs.

Fine-Tuning the Look

Once the beard has been grown and shaped to desired length, styling and fine-tuning can be done using a variety of products. Waxes, oils, and pomades can all be used to give the beard a more styled and groomed look. Additionally, some products are specifically designed to help with styling a beard, and can help to tame any rogue hairs or give a more polished look.

Using different products on the beard can help to emphasize certain features, and should be used to create a more personalized look. Use balms to give a softer look, while waxes are great for those looking for a sharp, well-defined beard. Oils are particularly good for keeping the facial hair healthy and hydrated, and can help to reduce itching that is often caused by the beard growing in.

Grooming Habits

In order to keep a beard looking its best, it is important to maintain good grooming habits. This means regularly washing and conditioning the beard, and making sure to detangle any knots or tangles. Failure to do so can result in an untidy and matted beard, which is not a great look. Additionally, it can be beneficial to use some natural ingredients to keep the facial hair nourished, such as olive oil or almond oil.

One mistake many men make when growing a beard is to neglect the neckline. A beard should be kept at a reasonable length on the neck, and should never extend too far down. Additionally, it can be useful to use a comb or brush to define the neckline and cheek line. This will help to keep the beard looking neat and even, and will help to give it a more polished look.

Beard care should also include regular trimming and shaping. This can help to keep a beard looking tidy, and can help to ensure that it is growing evenly and not forming split-ends. Additionally, regular trimming can help to reduce the risk of irritation, as longer hairs can sometimes irritate the face.


Growing a better beard will take some dedication, but with a few basic tips and some simple adjustments to one’s grooming routine, most men should find success. As a final note, it is essential to remember that everyone’s facial hair growth rate is unique, as is their facial hair texture, so what works for one person may not work for another. With patience and dedication, however, most men should be able to find a routine that is best for their particular beard type.

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