Can You Make Beard Grow


Growing a beard is something that many men aspire to do, but it is not always easy. While the hormones that regulate hair growth are largely out of our control, there are certain tips and tricks that can help make beard growth more successful. The following article explores the basics of beard growth, including hormones, lifestyle and diet, and offers insight on using supplements to help make it happen.

What regulates beard growth?

Hormones, more specifically androgens, help regulate and control the growth of facial hair. Androgens are hormones that are produced naturally in our bodies, primarily in men’s testicles. The main androgens responsible for facial hair growth are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In order for a man to successfully grow a beard, his body must produce a sufficient amount of androgens.

Age and Genetics

Age and genetics are two other factors that influence a man’s ability to grow a beard. As men age, their bodies produce more androgens, which means that facial hair growth usually increases with age. Genetics, on the other hand, can determine how thick or thin a man’s beard will be.

Lifestyle and Diet

A healthy lifestyle and diet are also key factors when it comes to growing a healthy beard. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep all help keep your body healthy and to naturally produce those androgens that help with facial hair growth.


Supplements can be another helpful instrument in the pursuit of a healthier, thicker beard. Supplements, such as biotin and vitamins A and B, have been known to help increase the rate of hair growth, including facial hair. Additionally, herbal supplements, such as saw palmetto or green tea, are known to aid in the growth of facial hair.

Committing to the Beard Journey

Growing a beard is a journey and comes with commitment. One must be patient and willing to put in the effort. That being said, it can be immensely rewarding for those who put in the effort.

Grooming and Trimming

Besides hormones, genetics, and lifestyle, grooming is an important factor when it comes to beard growth. Proper grooming and trimming techniques help ensure optimal beard growth, while keeping the beard looking healthy and well-maintained.

Avoiding Razor Burn

It’s important to note that razor burn can cause hair follicles to become inflamed and irritated. If a razor is used too close to the skin or without proper lubrication, this can cause the hair to break and fall out. To protect against razor burn, be sure to use a quality razor and product as well as proper shaving techniques.

The Benefits of a Thicker Beard

The health benefits of having a thick, full beard should not be taken lightly. Studies have found that thicker beards are associated with reduced risk of skin cancer, due to its protective effects against sun exposure. Additionally, thickerer beards can provide the wearer with insulation against cold temperatures, which can come in handy during the wintertime.

Using Facial Hair Growing Products

Aside from dietary and lifestyle changes, there are a range of products available specifically designed to help men grow a thicker, fuller beard. Many products contain natural ingredients, such as biotin and vitamins, which have been scientifically proven to aid in the growth of facial hair.

Maintaining and Nourishing the Beard

Once a man has achieved his desired thickness and length of beard, proper maintenance is key to keeping it healthy and looking its best. This includes using a quality beard oil and/or beard balm in order to nourish, condition, and tame facial hair. Additionally, regular trimming helps maintain the shape of the beard and keep split-ends at bay.

Adjusting to the New Look

Growing a beard is a big transition, and men need to be prepared for the change. Whether this involves altering his wardrobe to better suit the new look or dealing with the societal implications of having a beard, men must be ready for the transformation.

Growing with Confidence

Having a thick, full beard can be empowering and instill the wearer with confidence in their appearance. It is important to have faith in yourself and be proud of the fact that you have achieved your desired length and fullness of beard.

Limiting Distractions in the Growing Process

When men are growing a beard, it is important to limit any distractions or temptations to shave. By avoiding the razor as much as possible, men can achieve the beard that they want in a timely manner.


Growing a beard is something that should be taken seriously and requires diligence and patience. Taking the necessary steps to increase beard growth, such as living a healthy lifestyle and investing in the right products, are essential to growing the beard of your dreams. All the best in your beard-growing journey!

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