How To Make A Reusable Fake Beard

Materials For A Reusable Fake Beard

The creation of a reusable fake beard begins with the right materials. A good quality synthetic lace wig cap is a must-have item. The softer, more flexible option is better so a Capilene polyester is a good pick. Put together a supply of scissors, a facial hair applicator, hair bond glue, spirit gum remover, latex glue, and facial hair adhesive. You may also need a beard trimmer to shape and define the edges of the beard.

Additional items may also be needed such as a spirit gum remover, moldable ear wax, and goatee wax. Goatee wax helps with styling and shaping the beard. It is also used to keep the shape of the beard intact when heated with a hair dryer. Goatee wax is soft and pliable, but needs to be applied sparingly.

Finally, for a professional look, consider investing in a quality airbrush makeup kit that includes eyebrow and beard hairspray, wax, and makeup. With the right supplies, your reusable fake beard will create a realistic and professional look.

Create The Fake Beard

Start by measuring out the beard shape you want. Depending on the look you’re going for, you may need to extend the sides a bit further or make the beard shorter. It all depends on your preferences or the costume you’re wearing. A model of the completed presentation can help you with the exact shape you want to go for.

Once you’re satisfied with the measurements, carefully trace the shape onto the lace wig cap with a fabric marker. Cut out the beard with scissors and then glue the cap to the top of the fabric with a hair bond glue. This ensures the cap will hold firmly even when you’re done styling it.

Now, use a facial hair applicator to apply fibers onto the fabric in the beard shape. Depending on the quality of the fibers, this may take some time and require additional applications of the adhesive. When you’re finished, lightly brush the fibers to blend them together and make the beard look more natural.

Now, use the facial hair adhesive to hold the beard in place. Again, you may need additional applications of the adhesive to keep the fibers from lifting. After the adhesive is dry, lightly brush the fibers to blend them and make the beard appear more natural.

Shape And Style The Fake Beard

To shape and style the beard, start by trimming the edges to give the beard an even look. With the help of a beard trimmer, you can play around the edges of the beard and shape it into the desired look. Be sure to trim the beard carefully so you don’t remove too much of the fabric.

Shaping the beard also means adding additional features such as mustaches and goatee’s. To create this look, you’ll need to add a small amount of latex glue or wig glue to the areas and use moldable ear wax or goatee wax to shape the features.

To create the texture, use a hair dryer to heat the beard and apply goatee wax. This will help keep the beard in place while allowing you to shape, sculpt, and style it as desired. You can also use a curling iron to create texture or to help define the edges.

Once you’re finished with the style, brush the fibers lightly to blend them together and make the beard look more natural. Make sure to use a good quality wig brush with soft bristles to avoid damage to the fibers.

Attach And Secure The Fake Beard

Once you’ve achieved the desired style and shape for your beard, it’s time to attach it securely. Use spirit gum to attach the beard to the face. It’s important to use a good-quality spirit gum and apply the adhesive in small amounts. If you apply too much, the beard may slide out of place or tug on the skin.

Once the spirit gum has been applied and is dry, adhere the beard onto the face using facial hair adhesive. This will help keep the beard secure and prevents it from lifting or sliding out of place. Once the adhesive is dry, use spirit gum remover to remove any adhesive residue.

Once you’ve finished attaching the beard, check to make sure the beard is securely attached. Then, lightly brush the fibers to blend them together and create the desired look. If necessary, apply a light layer of makeup to add color and definition to the beard.

Touch Ups And Makeup For The Fake Beard

To ensure that you have a perfecten reusable fake beard, you may need to do some touch ups and makeup. Start by adjusting the shape and texture of the beard. Use a comb to create the desired shape and use a curling iron and goatee wax to add texture and hold the beard in place.

Once you’re satisfied with the texture and shape, you can apply a light layer of makeup to enhance the beard. Start with a light foundation and concealer to even out the skin tone and create a natural look. Then, use a dark eyeshadow or powder to fill in the beard and highlight the beard. After that, use a light eyeshadow or powder to blend the colors together and create the desired effect.

Now, it’s time to set the beard with a layer of spray. Use a light hold hairspray, or eyebrow and beard hairspray to maintain the shape. Let the spray fully dry before wearing the beard to ensure it stays in place.

Storage, Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Fake Beard

Once you’ve finished styling and attaching the beard, it’s important to take care of it properly. To ensure that your beard lasts and is ready for reuse, carefully store it in a container with a lid. This will keep dust and dirt away, as well as help retain the shape of the beard.

To clean the beard, use a damp cloth and makeup remover to remove any residue. Make sure to dab the cloth gently and only use a small amount of the remover. After that, dry the beard with a soft towel and brush it lightly to maintain the shape.

When it’s not in use, store the beard in a container and keep it away from direct sunlight. This will help preserve the shape and texture of the beard, as well as prevent fading from the sun.

Finally, don’t forget to condition the beard with a good-quality beard oil. This will help keep the fibers hydrated and keep the fake beard looking natural and realistic.

Removal Of The Fake Beard

When it’s time to take the beard off, start by removing the spirit gum. This can be done by making small circular motions on the skin with a damp cloth. Then, use a spirit gum remover to remove any remaining residue. Once the spirit gum is removed, use a facial hair remover to safely remove the adhesive.

Finally, carefully brush the beard and rinse it with a gentle shampoo and lukewarm water. Make sure to avoid scrubbing the fibers, as this can cause matting. After that, dry the beard with a clean towel and pat the fibers out to restore their shape and texture.

Conclusion Of Wearing The Fake Beard

Creating and wearing a reusable fake beard is a great way to add a realistic and professional look to your costume or cosplay. It requires a few simple steps and the right materials to make sure the beard looks perfect every time. Start by gathering the materials and following the steps outlined above to get a great looking beard.

With some practice and patience, soon you’ll have a reusable fake beard that you can put on and take off with ease. Whether you’re looking to add a realistic touch to a costume or just want to experiment with a new style, a reusable fake beard can help you achieve the look you’re after.

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