How To Maintain A Big Beard


Maintaining a big beard is a full time job. It requires dedication, discipline, and an understanding of the specific needs of the beard. Before diving into any sort of grooming regimen, you’ll need to begin with proper preparation: the careful exfoliation and cleansing of the beard. A well-prepared beard is essential for optimal maintenance.
A good facial scrub is important for exfoliating dead skin and dealing with ingrown hairs. Regular use of exfoliants can help to open pores and promote good skin health in the beard area. After exfoliation, using a good facial cleanser is essential. A cleanser designed specifically for facial hair is best, or a gentle cleanser free of parabens and sulfates. Cleaning the beard will help the skin to remain healthy and free of bacteria, while also preparing the beard for trimming and styling.

Products & Styling

Since the beard can be prone to dryness, its important to invest in products that will keep the hair and skin hydrated and healthy. A great way to accomplish this is by using a combination of beard oil and balm. Beard oil works to keep the hair soft, smooth, and hydrated, while balm can help to tame curls and provide a light hold that should help keep stray hairs in line. Both oil and balm can help to promote a healthy skin environment, while preventing itching and dandruff.
When styling the beard, start by combing it down in the direction of the natural grain. A good quality beard comb is best, or use a soft bristle brush. Make sure to take care along the neckline, avoiding pulling or creating any sharp angles. This can cut down on stray hairs and make the beard look neat and well groomed.

Trimming & Maintenance

A meticulous approach when it comes to trimming and maintaining the beard is essential for keeping it looking its best. Invest in a quality pair of scissors and a beard trimmer with an adjustable guard. Start by determining the desired shape of the beard and use the scissors to trim away excess length. Then, use the trimmer and guard to create a purposeful, tailored look.
Make sure to pay attention to the neck line and cheek line, avoiding creating any harsh angles. A few drops of beard oil before trimming can also help to keep things neat. When trimming your cheeks, use a straight razor to create a crisp, clean line. Afterward, clean up any excess hairs with a good facial cleanser.

Taming & Training

Taming and training your beard on a daily basis is important for a big beard. This entails ensuring stray hairs remain in line and that the beard is styled in the desired fashion. Use a combination of beard oil and balm to keep the beard feeling soft, while keeping stray hairs in line. Brush or comb the beard down in the desired direction and finish off with a few drops of beard oil.
Frequent styling and grooming will help to train the beard, allowing it to remain in place in the desired fashion. This entails preventing any hairs from straying outside of the desired beard shape, which can make the beard look untidy and unkempt.

Washing & Drying

It is important to regularly wash the beard using a gentle facial cleanser suited for facial hair. When washing your beard, do so with warm water and take care to avoid getting the cleanser near any broken skin, as this can result in irritation. After cleaning, make sure to rinse away any excess cleanser and then pat dry with a soft towel.
Once the beard is dry, apply a few drops of beard oil and a bit of balm. This will help to keep the beard feeling soft and nourished and will lessen the appearance of any frizz or brittleness. If you’re going out and need to look your best, use a few drops of styling spritz and a comb or brush to keep everything in place.

Adequate Nutrition & Rest

Maintaining a healthy, big beard also requires adequate rest and nutrition. This means getting enough sleep each night and eating a balanced diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. Proper nutrition will help to promote skin and hair health, with essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids assisting with the growth and maintenance of the beard. Exercise and meditation can also help to improve stress levels and promote overall wellbeing.
It is also important to avoid too much heat and too much sun exposure. When outside in the sun, make sure to apply a beard oil with SPF protection to reduce the risk of sunburn. Continuous heat styling and using hot tools can also cause damage to the beard, so pay attention when using these items.

Insect & Bacterial Control

Insects and bacteria can quickly become a nuisance that can damage the beard. To reduce the risk of insects and bacteria, take measures like wearing a hat or blow-drying shampoo when out in the rain. Do not brush wet facial hair too aggressively, as this can damage the hair and make it prone to breakage. Regular cleaning and exfoliation can also help to reduce the build-up of bacteria, while insect repellent beard oil can be used to reduce the risk of insects and other pests.

Frequent Grooming & Unwanted Hair

Regular grooming and trimming of the beard is essential for keeping things looking neat and tidy. Unwanted hairs poking out from the beard should be taken care of to keep the beard looking well groomed and neat. Make sure to use a combination of beard oil, balm, and scissors to maintain the beard in the desired style.
When trimming and grooming, start with smaller increments as it will be easier to remove too little hair than too much. Using a beard trimmer with adjustable guards can help to ensure evenness and can prevent errors caused by scissors. As the beard grows, so too does the risk of getting hairs caught in it. To reduce the risk of this happening, make sure to regularly comb and brush the beard.

Healthy Habits & Discipline

Good habits and discipline are necessary for keeping a big beard looking its best. This entails establishing a consistent grooming routine and maintaining proper hygiene. A good cleansing and exfoliating routine will help to keep the beard and skin healthy and bacteria-free. Regular trimming, using the right products, and taking good care of the skin overall will help to make the beard look sharper, healthier, and well groomed.
Equally important is getting the right nutrition and taking care of stress levels. Eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of rest will help to keep the skin and hair healthy, while further promoting overall health and wellbeing. Exercise, yoga, or meditation can help to reduce stress levels and bring balance to the body.

Hands-On Quality Control

Finally, keeping a big beard in its ideal state will take hands-on quality control. Daily grooming and trimming, supplemented by proper products and the right nutrition, will all play an important role in maintaining a big beard. It is important to pay attention to the skin and beard and be aware of any potential problems, like an uptick of itching, dryness, or dandruff. Taking the time for quality control will ensure the beard looks sharp and well groomed.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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