How To Know If You Can Grow A Beard Reddit

What Does It Take To Grow A Beard Reddit?

Growing a beard is a rite of passage for many men around the world, and Reddit is the online destination of choice for many individuals looking to learn about the art of growing facial hair. Whether you’re looking to grow a full beard, a goatee, or some stubble, Reddit can provide a wealth of information on how to get the job done.
The first step to growing facial hair is usually deciding what style of beard you’re looking for. If you’re unsure of what would look best on you, there are plenty of resources available on Reddit to help you. Subreddits such asr/Beards,r/MensFashionAdvice, andr/MaleGrooming can all provide invaluable advice on which styles look best and how to attain them. Additionally, these are often great sources to begin forming a mental picture of the type of facial hair you want to achieve.
Once you’ve decided on a style, the next step is to properly care for your facial hair. There is a plethora of advice available to those who are looking to properly cleanse, condition, and groom their facial hair. In addition to traditional shaving tools, such as razors and trimmers, blog threads have been created both within and outside of Reddit to provide advice on alternative products such as mustache wax, beard balm, and beard oils to help keep your facial hair looking healthy and full.
Assuming you have taken the time to form a mental plan of what style of beard you want and created a proper grooming regimen, it’s time to take the plunge and begin the growth process. The time this process requires varies from one individual to the next; some beards can take mere weeks to achieve, while others can take months. It makes sense to be patient and give your beard the proper time to reach the desired length and fullness.
One way to judge whether or not you are on your way to achieving your desired beard is to check in with Reddit’s facial hair forums. While there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from these forums in regards to the many styles of beard, they are also great places to capture an honest opinion of your progress. Forum members are often more than happy to provide helpful feedback and advice, and even provide mock-ups of the style you want to achieve based on photos of your current state of facial hair.

Facial Hair Transitions

While successfully growing a beard is a wonderful accomplishment, the process doesn’t end with the last strands of facial hair. As beards grow, they must be constantly monitored and periodically trimmed. Regular trimming helps the beard maintain its shape, prevents split ends and straggly hairs, and can even create the optical illusion of fuller hair.
Luckily, Reddit is full of helpful threads offering insight on how to properly transition your facial hair style. Haircut-specific threads such asr/ShortHaircuts andr/LongHaircuts are great resources to find experienced barbers and stylists who can provide in-depth feedback and advice on the best way to approach trimming your newly-grown beard.
In addition to physically trimming the hair, be sure to keep the hair and skin hydrated in order to maintain the health of your beard. For best results, stick to a consistent cleansing schedule and regularly apply moisturizers to the skin and hair to avoid developing dry skin and untamed frizz.

Tips For Preventing Beard Infections

Facial hair can be an optimal environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. As mentioned before, beard styling products such as balms, waxes, and oils can easily accumulate in the beard, providing a favourable environment for bacteria and fungi to inhabit.
In order to minimise the chance of infection, Reddit users recommend a consistent cleansing regimen as a means of prevention. Additionally, using high-quality products, as well as avoiding poor hygiene, help reduce the chances of contamination, as does a healthy diet and supplementation. Common supplements such as biotin (which promotes healthy hair growth), as well as zinc, selenium, and vitamin B complex, are often suggested as good choices for supporting both the health of the facial hair and the underlying skin.
Moreover, it’s always worth looking out for signs of an infection, which can range from itchiness and spots in the beard, to soreness and hair loss. If you suspect an infection, try to identify what type of infection it is, and consult with your doctor or a dermatologist.

When To Stop Shaving With A Razor

Once you have achieved the desired length of facial hair, it is important to consider your method of shaving. Using a razor is likely not suitable due to the risk of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritations. Reddit users suggest that those looking to keep their facial hair in check make the switch to an electric trimmer, as the blades are usually safer for use on the face. Most trimmers come with guard lengths to ensure an even shave, and can help to prevent snags and ingrown hairs.
If a trimmer isn’t an option, many Reddit users advocate using a single-blade safety razor, as the single blade is much less likely to cause irritation and can be used with a light touch to prevent irritation. These razors are suitable for both wet and dry shaving, and when used properly cause minimal irritation.

How to Groom Your Facial Hair

Now that you have allowed the facial hair to develop, it is time to groom it. Depending on the style you are looking for, there are a variety of different approaches to grooming. To ensure a neat look, Reddit users often advise against using the same trimming technique for all facial hair styles.
For stubble, a considerable amount of hair should be trimmed, as well as the surrounding skin. This is done to prevent the beard from looking suit. For longer beards, such as a goatee or full beard, trimming should be done with a precise and gentle hand to maintain the desired shape.
Shaping beards can be tricky and can often require the help of a barber. Barbers often have the necessary tools and experience to give your facial hair the perfect shape. However, if a barber isn’t an option, Reddit users often recommend using a razor comb, as the comb is useful for achieving a uniform look in small patches of the beard.

Grooming Hacks To Enhance Your Facial Hair

In addition to trimming, there are many other techniques to help keep your facial hair looking great. Applying a beard oil or balm after some of your grooming sessions can help make the hair shine, and can also keep it looking glossy and full. Additionally, using a beard shampoo and conditioner can help get the most out of your facial hair and can make it more manageable.
Beard wax works well for those looking to style their beards in particular ways; applying the wax can help make your facial hair more manageable, and can even work to tame unruly hairs. Moreover, mustache wax can be used to help achieve certain styling goals or can also be used to create a mustache-happy look.

Whats The Best Way To Trim & Shape A Beard?

When it comes to trimming and shaping your beard, Reddit users suggest starting with a shorter trimmer guard. This helps to ensure an even cut, and is essential for shaping stubble or shorter beards. For longer beards, Reddit users often recommend switching to a longer guard length or a razor comb to help achieve a smooth and precise finish.
When you’re starting to shape your beard, trimmers usually come with adjustable length settings and changeable trimming heads to help customize the shape and size of your facial hair. Reddit users commonly advocate using a mirror and a comb to help guide and assist with the trimming process. The mirror can help to visualize the contours of your face and the comb can be used to create even sections of hair to trace the desired shape.
In addition to trimming and shaping, Reddit users also recommend combing the beard in order to train the hair to grow in the desired direction. Combing along with a light massage can also help to avoid ‘matting’, which occurs when hairs tangle and knot together, resulting in a messy beard.

What Foods Should I Eat To Help Facial Hair Growth?

In addition to proper styling and grooming, proper nutrition is essential for facial hair growth. Proper diet and nutrition can help to reduce skin and scalp inflammations, which can in turn help to increase facial hair growth. Eating a diet with nutritional value will not only help your hair, but also your overall health.
Biotin has been known to help promote healthy hair growth, and can be found in foods such as eggs, foraged greens, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Zinc, selenium, and vitamin B-complex are also essential nutrients for promoting and maintaining healthy hair.
In addition to these vitamins and minerals, healthy fats are also important for ensuring the best condition of your beard. Foods such as fatty fish, nuts, and avocados are great sources of healthy fats and can help the body in the production of oil, which helps keep the skin and hair hydrated.

How Can I Tell If My Facial Hair Is Healthy?

Finally, it’s essential to make sure your facial hair is healthy. Keeping your facial hair and skin healthy is essential for achieving a full, stylish beard. If you are noticing your beard becoming dry or brittle, these are signs that it is unhealthy and needs attention.
If this is the case, Reddit users often suggest switching to an all-natural shampoo, as many traditional shampoos available in stores may contain harsh chemicals that can strip away essential oils. Immediately after showering, Reddit users also suggest immediately applying moisturizing oils or balms to help lock in the moisture.
In addition to using proper skin care products, Reddit users often advocate eating a nutrient rich diet, as mentioned above, as well as exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. Proper exercise and hydration can help to keep the skin healthy and can in turn help ensure the health of your facial hair.

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