How To Grow Straight Beard Hair

How To Grow Straight Beard Hair

Beards have been growing significantly in popularity over the last few years, and a big part of that is due to the stiff competition of keeping a well-groomed and straight facial hair look. Every man wants to have that perfectly straight and perfect beard, even if their genetics won’t naturally give them it. So the question then becomes, how do you get the straight hair you’re going for?

Growing a straight beard starts with choosing the right equipment. Everyone’s hair is different when it comes to texture and texture significantly influences the way it grows; for a positively straight finish, you’ll want to select razors, combs, scissors and brushes that are of high quality and have the ability to handle even the toughest of hair textures. Don’t choose a cheap razor or comb just because it’s cheap, as those items won’t get the job done.

When it comes to beard growing tips, daily groom and cleaning are musts. You should want to spend at least a few minutes a day grooming and cleaning your beard, as this way you’ll know what areas are growing faster than others and you’ll also know what areas need a little extra help to get straight. You’ll want to make sure you remove any tangles or knots that crop up in order to avoid split ends. Everyday brushing is also important for keeping a straight finish, as this helps remove the dirt and debris that gets stuck in the beard and keeps it from curling or doing anything else odd.

Beard oil is something you’ll definitely want to invest in for growing a straight beard, as it moisturizes and nourishes the hair, keeping it healthy and strong. Choose an oil that has essential fatty acids and vitamins such as vitamin E and B, as they help to keep hair soft and tame. You’ll want to reapply the oil every day or two during your beard growing process to ensure that you’re getting the straight hair that you’re aiming for.

Another way to keep your beard straight and healthy is to invest in a facial hair finishing cream. While beard oil helps with the moisture and hydration of your facial hair, the finishing cream will help with styling and general maintenance. Some of the best finishing creams have ingredients such as beeswax and lanolin, which provide curl control and natural hold. These finishing creams also help your beard look neat and tidy and can hide any signs of split ends.

Having a healthy diet also helps a great deal in getting a beard that is straight. Eating foods high in protein can promote healthy hair growth and give your beard a bit more strength, while foods that are rich in antioxidants can help to keep your beard looking healthy and oil-free. Food that has essential minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium can help your beard hair to remain straight and not get too curly or frizzy.

Apart from that, you should also aim to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. When skin is kept healthy, it will often contribute to the overall health of your facial hair and promote strong, healthy hair, as well as help it to grow straight. Consider investing in some good skincare products for correct skin hydration and healthy facial maintenance.

How To Trim Your Beard For A Straight Finish

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, you’ll need to think about how to trim your beard to get that perfect straight finish. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to trim your beard for a straight and healthy appearance.

Start by preparing your beard for trimming by wetting it first. A wet beard makes it easier to trim without taking away too much hair, and you can use a small amount of beard oil to help soften the hair. Then, using a comb, comb through the beard to make sure it’s evenly distributed and ready for you to start trimming. Once you’ve combed out any excess hair, you can start using scissors or electric trimmers to get the length of your beard exactly where you want it.

Focus on trimming the outer layers of your beard first and use a trimmer that has a guard, so it can be easier to set a consistent length. Make sure to go slow and take your time – you don’t want to take too much off all at once. When you’re finished, use a fine-toothed comb to make sure you have good symmetry and outline. This step is important because symmetry provides a finished and clean look, which makes your beard appear straight.

After you have finished trimming your beard and making sure it’s symmetrical, it’s time to invest in some post-trim styling products. Many quality brands of beard products offer special beard balms and waxes which help to hold the hair in place and encourage it grow straight. Furthermore, some waxes also help to condition and style the beard, which will really help to bring out the best in your facial hair.

Styling your Beard to Keep it Straight

Even after you’ve taken the time to trim and shape your beard the way you want, you will still need to take extra care when styling it. The beard is not just any other hair type and it requires special styling techniques to keep it healthy and looking its best. This includes paying attention to the small details, such as adding just the right amount of product to your beard to give it a glossy finish and also to ensure that it’s not too oily.

The key to styling your beard for a straight finish is to make sure that it always looks neat and polished. Keep the area near your cheeks tidy to make sure the beard appears to flow in a straight line. You can use a beard balm or wax to keep your facial hair in place, adding a small amount and then spreading it across your beard. Make sure to comb and brush it with a brush featuring soft bristles throughout the day to keep it looking its best.

You may also need to use extra styling tools to help you shape it to perfection. A blow dryer on the ‘cool’ setting can be used to help achieve a sleek, straight look. Of course, you should always use products which are specifically designed for beards, as these are ideal for not just protecting your facial hair, but also for giving it that extra edge when styling.

Protecting Your Beard from Damage

Even with the care and styling it takes to make sure your beard looks fabulous, you need to be careful of how much you style it and keep it protected from possible damage. Too much styling can make your hair appear unmanageable and can damage it in the long run. To prevent this, make sure to use the right amounts of products and use heat protectants to help protect against heat damage.

You should also use protective balms and tools which are less damaging on the hair. There are many tools available that come with heat protectants to help prevent your beard from being damaged by heat styling. This includes using combs and brushes with soft tips that don’t pull your hair, adding an additional layer of protection from the damage caused by styling.

Moreover, after styling your beard, take a few minutes to treat it with a quality beard oil designed for straight beards. The oil will help to condition, nourish and repair any dry, damaged or brittle hair and will also work with styling products to give your beard the perfect soft, glossy finish.

Long-Term Beard Care for a Straight Beard

The maintenance of your beard doesn’t just stop after styling. You must follow and maintain a quality beard care to ensure that your facial hair remains healthy and strong. Choose an all-natural conditioner to condition and hydrate your hair and make sure it looks polished. Include natural ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil in the conditioner, as they are full of vitamins and minerals and can help your beard grow thicker and longer.

Be sure to trim your beard regularly, or at least every 6 weeks. Trimming removes split ends and helps keep your facial hair looking neat and groomed. Also, don’t forget to use a facial scrub to get rid of dirt, oil and debris from your beard. This will keep it looking clean and help you achieve the straight look that you’re striving for.

If you want to get a beard with a perfectly straight finish, it’s all about the products you use, the amount of grooming and maintenance you put in and also the care and dedication you put into taking care of your beard on a long-term basis. With the tips outlined in this article, you’re well on your way to achieving that straight, polished finish that you’ve been looking for.

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