How To Grow Beard From Nothing


Growing a beard can be an intimidating prospect for men, particularly if they have never grown a beard before. The start of the beard-growing process can feel daunting, especially if the starting point is a clean-shaven face. It is possible to grow a beard from nothing basic but required steps, and with a little dedication, patience and proper grooming, men can grow an impressive facial hairstyle.
The first stage of the beard-growing journey is to leave the face alone for a period of time and allow the hair to grow naturally. Many men find it difficult to resist the urge to tidy up the edges with a trimmer during the initial stages, but it can lead to a patchy beard, creating an uneven outcome. It is important to allow the hair to grow in’straight’ without any interference from a razor or trimmer.
It is also important for men to take good care of their skin as the facial hair begins to grow, using a suitable cleanser and moisturiser first thing in the morning and later in the day. Keeping the skin clear and free of any oils or grime will help promote healthy growth and reduce any skin-related issues such as flakiness or itchiness.


Another important step in the beard-growing process is to start styling the facial hair immediately. This will help encourage and shape the growth, and make the overall style look fuller, thicker and healthier. It is recommended that men start by creating a beard template. This can be done at home by either shaving along the side of the face or by tightly combing the remaining hairs against the grain in the direction of the desired styling.
When starting out, it can be beneficial to invest in an appropriate trimmer as this will help keep the beard in shape as it grows. It is also important to get a good quality comb as this will help softer, more unruly hairs stay in place and help keep the shape of the template.
Once the desired shape has been achieved, it is time to begin styling the beard. There are several products available to help with this process, such as hair wax and balm. Many find these products helpful in keeping the beard soft, curl-free and in place while styling, and they also help to keep the overall style looking neat and well groomed.

Maintenance and Care

As the beard continues to grow, it will need frequent maintenance and care. This is important as it will help keep the beard looking neat and prevent any unsightly knots or tangles. A comb should be used daily to detangle the hairs and maintain the desired shape of the beard. Men should also take extra care to keep the skin underneath the beard well hydrated and free of any oils or grimes that could clog pores and cause irritation.
In addition to daily grooming, it can be beneficial for men to go for regular trims. This will help control the length and keep the beard in shape, as well as reduce the amount of split ends. Men can do this themselves at home or opt for a professional barber who can offer advice on the best ways to maintain the shape and size of the beard.

Nutrition and Supplements

Whilst growing a beard from nothing requires patience, dedication and proper grooming, it is also important to remember the role of nutrition and supplements. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as protein sources such as eggs, chicken or fish, can help promote healthy hair growth.
In addition to a healthy food, supplements such as Vitamin B, biotin and collagen can help provide important minerals and vitamins that can boost hair growth. These supplements are also available in capsule form, however it is advised to consult a doctor before taking such supplements as some may have unwanted side effects.

Product Knowledge

Knowing what products are available and the best ones to use for a specific beard style is a key step in the process of growing a beard from nothing. Natural oils such as argan oil or jojoba oil can help groom, condition and nourish the facial hair while adding a glossy shine. Other products such as beard creams and washes can also help to maintain the beard, giving it an extra boost of hydration and leaving it feeling soft, supple and nourished. There are also a range of styling gimmicks such as beard balms and waxes which are designed to aid in maintaining a desired shape or length.
Finally, it is important to remember that each beard is unique and it may take time to really get to know what works and what does not. Do not be afraid to experiment and find the best possible products for the desired beard style.

Time and Patience

Growing a beard from nothing takes time, patience and dedication. It is a journey, and it can be quite a challenge for some. However, with the right steps in place, such as proper grooming and styling and using good quality beard-care products, it is possible to transform a clean-shaven face into an impressive and stylish beard.
It is important to remember that every beard is unique and the growth process can and will vary between men. Additionally, what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. The key to success is to remain patient, be kind to the facial hair and take care of it.

Trimming Techniques

Trimming is an important part of the beard-growing process, as it will help control the length and maintain the desired shape of the beard. It is important to use the right tools, such as a sharp pair of scissors or clippers, as well as to find the best techniques for each individual.
For those with a longer beard, it is advisable to follow the natural shape of the beard and trim the hair backwards from there – from the neck upward. When trimming along the neckline, it is important to use the natural shape of the jawline for guidance, in order to avoid the mistake of over-trimming, which can lead to a patchy beard. When trimming the sides, use the ears for guidance and take small sections of hair at a timetrim small sections at a time.
For those just starting out, it is advisable to invest in a trimmer and adjust the length gradually as the beard grows. This will help ensure an even cut and an overall trimmed and groomed look.

Product Knowledge

Knowing which beard products to use is an important step in growing a beard from nothing. Natural oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil can help to keep the beard soft and conditioned, while waxes and balms can help style and maintain a desired shape.
There are a huge range of products available to help care for the beard, from brushes and combs to shampoos and conditioners – it can be hard to know what products are best suited to individual needs.
Every beard will require different products depending on the length and density of the growth, as well as the thickness of the individual hairs. Experimenting with different products is key and it is important to remember that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.
Finally, it is important to understand the labels on products. Many contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances which can harm and dry out the hair, as well as irritate the skin. Opt for natural, organic products as these are better for the overall health of the beard, as well as the skin beneath.

Hygiene and Health

Maintaining proper hygiene is key when it comes to growing a beard from nothing. Facial hair acts as a form of insulation that can trap bacteria and skin oils, so it is important to clean the area regularly.
Using a cleansing beard wash at least once a day can help thoroughly clean the beard and remove any dead skin cells or bacteria. Additionally, it’s important to moisturise the skin beneath the beard, as this can help keep the skin well hydrated and free of any oils or grimes. This should be done in the morning and again before bed using a good quality moisturiser.
In addition to proper hygiene, it is important to know when to take a break from growing the beard. This could be due to a change in lifestyle or simply just a desire to mix things up a bit. Taking a break from growing the beard can help keep the hairs and skin beneath healthy and provide a chance to reshape the beard’s shape or try a different style.


Growing a beard from nothing can be a daunting task but with the right steps in place, patience and dedication, men can achieve their desired beard style. Incorporating aspects such as proper grooming and trimming techniques, good quality products and maintaining the necessary hygiene and health levels are key to success. Ultimately, it is important to remain patient and experiment with different products until the desired facial style is achieved.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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