How To Grow Beard Completely

Growing a full and lush beard is a challenge you must take head-on. This is mostly because most people underestimate the amount of patience, dedication and know-how it takes. So if you are still new to the beard game, here is an insight into how to grow a beard completely.

The initial stage in getting the perfect beard is to trim them evenly and frequently. Start by deciding which style you would like and have a clear image of that end goal in mind. This can involve you researching pictures and picking out the look which you would like to aim for. After this, invest in a trimmer and clippers specifically designed for beards, this will make trimming much easier.

To ensure the best results, shape your beard to the panels of the face. In this process, each section of the beard should be trimmed separately, focusing on the longer hairs. By the end, the facial hair should be uniform and neat.

Regular washing and conditioning of the beard is a must. Make sure to use natural products and keep the face clean to avoid any health problems related to beards. Coconut oil is great for softening the facial hair as well as keeping the skin healthy and hydrated.

Nutrition also plays a major part in the growth process. Be sure to combine a good and healthy diet with the necessary vitamins required in order to promote beard growth. Foods high in protein, which gives energy and enhances growth, are a must.

It’s time to get the patience ready! With patience and a little bit of time you should be able to see the fringe of your beard start to get thicker. In terms of time-frame, this could be a process of a month or two. Every man’s body is different, so this time period can vary slightly.

The last and least enjoyable part is dealing with itchiness. A natural solution for this problem is to make a massage with the index finger on both parts of the beard. It simulates the effect of cleaning the beard of dirt and dead cells.

Choose The Best Trimmer Type For Your Beard

When considering the different types of beard trimmers and clippers, it’s important to remember that each individually has its own purpose. A basic trimmer equipped with adjustable blades is suitable for keeping the beard well-groomed and properly shaped. Although a professional grade clipper will have a stronger motor, the difference between the two can be felt in the fineness of the detail trim.

A professional grade clipper is best used to shape and details is necessary. It cuts very short and leaves behind a quick and neat result. Trimmers on the other hand are great for more natural look, the ones with adjustable blades can go from ultra-short to medium length hair. This is used for achieving a more natural look and texture.

Obviously the main difference between them is in their cutting power and accuracy. If you’re trying to achieve a very precise finish and have a certain style in mind, then a professional grade clipper is the best choice. It will provide a very close and precise cut. On the other hand, if you just need to trim your beard, get it straight and neat, then a basic trimmer with adjustable blades will suffice.

How To Prevent In-Grown Hairs

In-grown hairs, commonly known as razor bumps, are a problem a lot of men with facial hair have to face. There are many ways to prevent razor bumps, but the ones with the most effective results involve keeping the beard healthy and clean. So make sure to wash it regularly with lukewarm water and use beard oils to keep it hydrated.

Also make sure to exfoliate the skin beneath the beard at least once a week. This simple procedure helps unclog the pores and removes dead skin cells. There are many products available for exfoliating, including body scrubs, facial scrub and special exfoliating brushes.

When shaving, make sure to keep the blade clean and avoid tugging at the same spot. Moreover, make sure to prevent skin irritation and don’t shave too close to the skin. While beard trimmers are very good at keeping the beard groomed and in shape, a razor can sometimes be necessary. In this case, use a person-specific razor and make sure not to apply too much pressure, as this can cause cuts and razor burn.

How To Choose The Right Beard Care Products

Shampoo and conditioner play an important role in keeping the beard clean, shiny and healthy. Opt for the ones which are specifically made for men’s beards, as these products are formulated differently from the ones used for the head.

Treatments and oils are great for nourishing the beard. Look for ones which contain natural ingredients such as argan oil and aloe vera. These natural ingredients promote healthy and quick beard growth, as well as providing the necessary hydration for the skin beneath the facial hair.

Beard waxes and balms are used mainly in styling and, as with all the other products, look for ones which contain the best, most natural ingredients. A good advice would be to pay attention to the product’s smell, as this might be an indication of the quality and ingredients it contains.

Last but not least, pick a comb or brush. If you have a thick or coarse beard, then a wide-tooth comb made of natural materials should do the job. On the other hand, people with thinner beards can use a small-tooth or wide-tooth brush. Both these tools help distribute the natural oils throughout the beard.

Beard Styles To Choose From

There are numerous beard styles to choose from and it’s important to take into consideration the shape of the face and natural beard growth of the man. Some of the most common and popular styles are the full beard, goatee, mustache and stubble.

A well-groomed full beard, is an excellent style choice for some people. It is the kind of intricate look which men admire and women find irresistibly attractive. It does require quite an amount of patience at first, but once it’s properly groomed and maintained, it’s sure to make any man stand out.

The goatee style is a bit less demanding in terms of patience and grooming. It only requires the growth of facial hair on the chin, while the cheeks should be kept clean-shaven. This is a great style which is both classic and trendy, while also adding a sense of mystery to the personality.

The mustache is the kind of style that never goes out of style. If a person is looking for a powerful look with a classic twist, then the mustache is a great choice. It can make a man look more distinguished and sophisticated.

Finally is the stubble, which is an easy and straightforward look. This style simply requires minimal maintenance, as all that’s necessary is to keep the beard trimmed and well-groomed. Despite its simplicity, the stubble look is iconic and edgy.

Pros And Cons Of Growing Beard

Growing a beard can have both its good and bad side. For starters, a well-groomed and trimmed full beard can make a man look a lot more mature and sophisticated. It is also attractive to the opposite sex and it can be a great addition to any man’s style.

On the other hand, growing a beard can be a major inconvenience and commitment. It requires tons of patience and can cause some health risks if not taken care of. It also doesn’t blend well with every type of face and body shape, so be sure to do your research before making the decision.

Another factor to consider is the weather and environment. In hot and humid regions, it can be difficult for the facial hair to stay healthy and neat. This is because the extra sweat and heat make the beard look extra greasy, so the individual might need to invest in some extra cleansing products or change their grooming routine.

Moreover, some professions do not allow facial hair, so this should also be taken into consideration. If the person is a chef or works in a sterile environment, having a beard might not be an option.

How To Maintain A Beard Properly

Growing a healthy and well-groomed beard requires dedication and proper maintenance. This involves regular washing and conditioning, in order to remove any dirt and improve the overall look.

Using a natural and light beard oil will help to protect and hydrate the beard. This should be done in two steps, the first by applying a few drops of oil all through the facial hair. After that, start massaging the skin beneath the beard with the oil and ensure that it is spread evenly.

At least once a week, use a good, natural conditioner specifically made for beards. Conditioning products such as beard creams and balms help to soften the beard, while also removing the excess oil. Moreover, it’s important to comb and brush the beard regularly in order to keep the hairs in good condition.

Finally, trimming the beard should be done at least once every two weeks. This ensures that the beard remains free of split ends and it also makes the length and shape of the beard more manageable.

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