How To Grow Beard As A Teenager

What To Know Before Growing A Beard

Growing a beard as a teenager can be a difficult task and it is important to fully understand what is involved before attempting it. Hair grows at different rates and can be affected by hormones, so it can take some patience and trial and error to achieve the desired style. Teenagers should consult their doctor to ensure any medical concerns or skin issues arising from the attempt are taken into consideration. In addition, it is important to assess overall lifestyle factors such as a balanced diet and adequate sleep in order to ensure successful growth. Consultation with hair professionals is also beneficial to gain insights and tips on the best products and techniques to use. Finally, considering more social aspects such as living circumstances, age restrictions and workplace regulations, should be undertaken.

Step By Step Guide To Growing A Beard

For teenagers wanting to grow a beard, the first step is to ensure their hair and facial skin are in ideal condition. It is important to invest in a facial skin care regimen, focusing on hydration, refining pores and avoiding irritation. A skincare routine should consist of texture-enhancing scrubs, lightweight lotions and serums with targeted ingredients such as AHA, BHA and retinol to maintain healthy skin.
Care for the facial hair also needs to be undertaken prior to starting growth. It is necessary to condition the hair with lightweight balms that can provide moisture, reduce frizz and add shine. Natural oils like coconut, almond and jojoba are beneficial with the use of products that stimulate growth, such as, minoxidil.
Once the hair is prepared, it is time to start the growth process. Initially, it is important to allow the hair to grow naturally. This involves leaving the beard and moustache alone and avoiding trimming, shaving or using chemicals during the first four weeks. After this period, the hair can be trimmed to the desired length using small grooming scissors and combing techniques to keep the hair in check.
When the beard is growing, ample water, sleep and a healthy diet should be consumed. This not only helps the beard to look and feel healthier, but also encourages a stronger and faster growth. Furthermore, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse and clean the beard every two to three days, especially when living in hot climates, as this removes dirt, oils, bacteria and sweat which can cause skin irritation.

Important Considerations For Teens Growing Beards

It is important for teens to consider other factors when attempting to grow a beard. Firstly, it is necessary to understand the legal age restrictions with regards to facial hair as this can change from country to country. Furthermore, living within family and maturing teenage years can produce certain challenges. It is essential to consider personal freedoms and respect of the household when factors such as, shaving in the home and the style of the hair are involved. Finally, the workplace should also be considered. Different professions and job roles impose certain restrictions with regards to the beard and moustache, so due diligence needs to be taken.

Products and Techniques To Use While Growing A Beard

In order to ensure successful growth, it is important to use a combination of products and techniques. After the initial growth period, trimming and styling the beard should be done with scissors and combs once a week. This provides control and ensures the hair is not left wild and unkempt whilst growing.
Applying aluminium-free deodorants, natural oils for the skin and specialist products for the hair should also be undertaken. The use of chemical free or organic formulas will prevent skin rashes. Additionally, products such as facial oils and natural soaps can increase hydration and protect the skin from drying.
The beard can also be styled with professional grade waxes, pomades and balms when cleaning, shaping and providing texture to the hair. It is important to avoid these products if the individual has a preference for natural looking facial hair.

Health Benefits Of Growing A Beard

Growing a beard is a great way to improve physical health and appears to have a strong correlation to mental wellbeing too. Research suggests that the act of simply growing facial hair may improve the individual’s psychological outlook. Studies have shown that having a beard can boost self-confidence, felt masculinity, attractiveness and sense of self-security.
In addition, facial hair may also provide sun protection, cooling, dust and insulating benefits. Furthermore, there is research suggesting that beards help trap dirt, dust and other allergens preventing them from entering the lungs and other areas of the body. This could potentially prevent health problems arising from these sources.

Social Benefits Of Growing A Beard

In today’s diverse culture, there is an increasing acceptance of facial hair and it has become a style choice. Growing a beard is often associated with immaturity, however this is changing, as many perceive the act of growing facial hair as a sign of confidence and maturity. In fact, there are many people who believe that it enables them to present a more distinguished and sophisticated look.
The bottom line is, if you take care of your facial hair, it can be an asset to your overall appearance. In today’s world of selfies, having a clean and well groomed beard can provide a significant social boost.

Maintenance Tips For Growing A Beard

Keeping a nice beard is all about maintaining and caring for it correctly. It is key to avoid over-washing, as this can strip the hair of its natural oils. Therefore, it is important to invest in the right products and use them correspondingly. Balms, conditioners, and oils are great for the hair’s maintenance and should be used regularly.
In addition, daily brushing of the beard is essential to maintain a neat style and prevent knots. Furthermore, washing fabrics such as, pillows and towels to decrease bacteria accumulation is recommended.
Finally, it is important to have patience as time and hair growth vary. Regularly assessing results and benchmarking the growth can help with ensuring the desired style is achieved over the course of six to twelve months.

Grooming Tips For Growing A Beard

Keeping the beard neat and groomed is a must and requires time, effort and patience. One of the best ways to keep the beard in check is to trim it once a week with styling scissors or a beard trimmer. It is important to be mindful of the rate of growth and adjust the trimming accordingly, resulting in a neat and even style.
In addition, waxes, pomades, and oils are effective for creating a range of styles. However, it is important to use these sparingly, as over-application can result in a greasy or floppy look. It is also advisable to avoid light coloured or matte products as these draw more attention to the hairs than usual.
Finally, pay attention to the facial area surrounding the beard. The mustache, neckline and cheek line should be trimmed 3-5mm above the skin. This gives the beard a clean and sophisticated look.

Diet and Lifestyle Tips For Growing A Beard

The best way to ensure successful beard growth is to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential as a balanced diet provides vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for hair health. It is also beneficial to drink plenty of water and limit sugar and unhealthy snacks.
Furthermore, getting plenty of rest is key. As the body regenerates overnight, adequate sleep helps with the appearance of the skin, reduces stress, boosts mood and overall wellbeing. In addition, exercising regularly increases blood flow to the facial area, resulting in healthier hair growth.
Finally, reducing the amount of cigarettes and alcohol consumed can help with healthier skin, thus creating an optimal environment for the hair growth process.

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