How To Grow Beard And Mustache In Teenage

Diet For Growing Beard & Mustache in Teenage

Growing a facial hair in teenage is not an impossible task. With the right dietary changes, balance of nutrition and by following some simple steps teenagers can easily grow a full set of luscious facial locks. A balanced diet with all essential vitamins, minerals and proteins will help the growth of the facial hair. Eating a diet which is rich in proteins, biotin and vitamin B-6 as well as healthy fats helps in the growth of facial hair. Eating food which is close to nature, is properly raw and organic should be preferred.
One must opt for a diet which is rich in Zinc content. Foods like fish, spinach, mushrooms, Stevia, sesame seeds, nuts and dairy products are some of the main sources of zinc. These sources provide the required nutrition for the beard and the moustache growth. Zinc is one of the most important minerals for the development and growth of the facial hair. Along with this, other important minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and omega-3 must be consumed as these are also important for facial hair growth.
Vitamins such as A and E also play a great role in the facial hair growth. Vitamin A helps with the healthy growth of facial hair, while Vitamin E promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles. Other sources of Vitamin A are leafy vegetables like carrots, spinach, kale, and sweet potatoes whereas Vitamin E can be found in avocado, spinach, nuts and olives. Along with this, one should also drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated as hydration is also important for facial hair growth.
Exercising regularly is also important. Exercising not only increases the blood circulation throughout the body and help with the hair follicles, but it also helps reduce stress. All these factors aid in the development of beard and moustache in teenagers.

Skin Care For Growing Beard and Mustache in Teenage

In addition to diet and exercise, one must also take proper care of the skin. Proper skin care ensures the required amount of nutrition is supplied to the facial hair. Cleaning, moisturising and exfoliating the skin regularly is necessary for the healthy growth of facial hair. One should use a mild cleanser and shampoo to wash off the dirt and dust from the skin and hair follicles. Moisturisers containing natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, argan oil and shea butter help in keeping the skin hydrated and prevent it from drying.
Exfoliating the skin once a week by using an exfoliating scrub will help remove the dead skin cells and enhance the facial hair growth. Exfoliating the skin also helps to unclog the pores and keep them clean. Moisturising, exfoliating and cleansing should be an essential part of the grooming regime for anyone wanting to grow a thicker and fuller beard and moustache.

Grooming for Growing Beard and Mustache in Teenage

The next step in growing a beard or mustache is to learn the proper way to groom it. Proper grooming will enhance the natural growth of the facial hair and also help to keep it healthy and strong. Bristly wax or balm should be used to keep the facial hair healthy and in shape. Trimming and removing the stray hairs regularly will also help in keeping the desired shape. Hair clips and beard trimmers should be used to groom the facial hair, as these are specially designed for the purpose.
It is also important to give the facial hair the required time to grow. Patience is key and one must avoid the temptation to trim the facial hair before it has the required length. It is important to give the facial hair some time to adjust and soothe before any kind of styling is done.

Alternative Remedies For Growing Beard & Mustache in Teenage

Apart from diet, grooming and skin care, there are also some alternative remedies which can be used for growing facial hair. Using natural oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil is an effective way to keep the facial hair healthy and moisturised. This ensures that the hair follicles get the necessary nutrition to promote facial hair growth.
Fruits and vegetable juices provide essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for the hair follicles. Fresh juices like beetroot juice, carrot juice, spinach juice, and papaya juice also help in the growth of facial hair. In addition, one can also use herbs like Brahmi, Amla and Bhringraj which are known to aid in the growth of facial hair.

Bolstering Confidence For Growing Beard & Mustache in Teenage

Growing a beard can be a daunting task and teenage years can be the most challenging one. Hair follicles take time to develop and it may take a few weeks or months to get a full set of luscious facial hair. Patience is essential here as one needs to wait for the facial hair to appear.
The trick is to stay positive and be confident about growing a facial hair. One must believe in themselves and look towards positive reinforcement from friends and family. Self-confidence helps to keep the motivation alive and also increases the drive.

Dealing With Hormonal Imbalances For Growing Beard & Mustache in Teenage

Hormonal imbalances can also be a contributing factor for slow facial hair growth in teenage. Hormonal imbalances can occur due to a variety of reasons like physical activities, lifestyle changes and even stress. Consulting a doctor is essential if any of these signs become evident.
For teenagers, hormonal medications like testosterone, estradiol and progesterone should not be taken without medical supervision as these medications can have side-effects if taken without following the instructions. Along with this, reducing stress and anxiety is also important in order to ensure optimal hormone levels in the body.

Taking Care Of The Facial Hair For Growing Beard & Mustache in Teenage

Once the facial hair has started to grow, one must learn to take proper care of it. Cleaning the facial hair regularly and using proper products to keep it moisturised and healthy is important for its growth. A beard balm or oil can help keep the hair follicles nourished and prevent it from getting dry.
Using a shampoo or conditioner specially designed for facial hair is also beneficial, as these shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients to promote growth and nourish the facial hair. Regularly brushing and combing the beard with an appropriate beard brush or comb helps to keep the facial hair manageable and untangled.

Changing The Grooming Regime For Growing Beard & Mustache In Teenage

Along with cleaning and moisturising the facial hair, one must also pay attention to the grooming regime. This can be done by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and products like alcohol-based products and opting for natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter and vitamin E.
Trimming the facial hair to the desired length is also important. It is better to leave some length so that the facial hair can attain the desired shape and look fuller.


Growing a beard and moustache in teenage is achievable with the right steps and lifestyle changes. A proper balanced diet with all the essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and healthy fats is important to promote growth. Grooming and skin care regime must be followed to ensure the beard and moustache remains healthy. Following alternative remedies such as natural oils and herbs can also help in the process. Most importantly one should stay positive, be patient, and maintain the right lifestyle routines to get the desired results.

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