How To Grow A Thick Full Beard Fast

Diet Exercises to Grow a Thick Full Beard Fast

At a certain age, most men consider growing beards a feasible decision for their social lives. A beard speaks volumes about you, and naturally, having a thicker and fuller one is quite a desirable factor for any man. Growing a full and thick beard requires the right combination of dedication and discipline. In this article, we’ll be discussing some diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips to help you grow a thick full beard fast.

Before You Begin

Before you get to the main steps, make sure your body is ready to grow a full and healthy beard. Genetics plays a major role in determining your facial hair structure, so keep in mind that not all men can grow thick full beards. Get yourself assessed through a dermatologist or a trichologist to determine if you have any hormonal imbalances that can affect hair growth. Having a diet full of essential nutrients and vitamins is key. Single out foods like sea-cucumber, shellfish, seaweed, mackerel, salmon, and eggs to ensure your body has enough biotin and essential fatty acids for that dense and glossy beard.

Beard Exercises to Rejuvenate Hair Follicles

Adding a few exercises to your grooming routine can help stimulate hair growth. Gentle massage is the primary action here, as deep fingered scalp massage can help rejuvenate dormant hair follicles in the face, neck, and cheek region. A gentle massage creates better blood circulation and nutrition flow around the follicles, thus making beard faster as well as healthy. Furthermore, do not pick or pull your hair during the process.

Patience Is the Key

Keep in mind that the process will take some time. You need to have patience, as Rome was not built in a day. Patience is an important factor in any grooming routine, but it is especially important when it comes to growing a full and thick beard. Everyone’s beard has different needs and thus grows at different speeds, so expect to wait a minimum of 8-10 weeks for even the quickest of beards.

Applying Beard Oils and Balms Regularly

Apart from diet and exercise, applying beard oils and balms one can help you keep your facial hair healthy and promote beard growth. Get yourself a natural oil with jojoba and argan as its base components, since these ingredients are packed with antioxidants, fortifying vitamins, and essential fatty acids that promote hair growth. Moreover, it helps to keep your facial hair nourished throughout the day and fight bacteria-induced skin and acne issues.

Washing Your Beard Properly

When it comes to beard length and look, proper and regular cleaning plays an incredibly important role. Make sure to frequently wash and scrub your beard to and get rid of dirt, debris, and unhealthy oils. Make sure to use beard-friendly products too, and not the same shampoo and conditioner you use on your head. A beard-friendly shampoo and conditioner are specifically made for facial hair, as it is much more sensitive than your head and scalp.

Beard Styling and Experimentation

Beard styling or experimentations can be another way of growing your facial hair. You can try various shapes, trims, and length compositions on your beard to make sure it looks full and thick. You can use electric trimmers, scissors, and combs to give your beard precise cuts and design. Make sure to be gentle while experimenting, and never rush into a single decision.

Monitoring the Progress of the Hair Growth

Beard upkeep or maintenance is important. Make sure to monitor your beard growth with a beard brush or groom, so that you can clearly observe any thinning or bald spots. Featuring a wood handle and medium-stiff bristles, it can help you in trimming excessively long hairs, in addition to evenly distributing natural oils throughout the whiskers.

Trimming and Shaping Of the Beard

In addition to shaping your facial hair, consistent trimming and grooming also helps you grow a thicker beard. A good beard trimmer helps you task out the exact hair length and desired shape. Moreover, it also helps in keeping the facial hair neat and delivers an even distribution of facial hair.

Avoiding the Use of Sandpaper and Hot Towels

Although most men use sandpaper or hot towels to make their beards fuller, it is highly discourages as it roughs up or damages the facial hair at a microscopic level. Instead, you can opt for clean and conditioned facial hair as a natural alternative to heat or rough surfaces.

Beard Filler and Fibres

The final resort of a thick full beard is beard fillers or fibres, which are designed to help you achieve full-beardedness. These products act as a natural hair replacement system and help cover thinning patches. Just make sure to properly analyse your facial hair to understand if your beard volume is excessive or not; this will help you decide if the filler or fibre is indeed the right selection for you.

Bottom Line

Growing a full and thick beard requires a lot of caution and attention. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and experimenting with shapes and style can help you grow your facial hair faster. Furthermore, keeping the beard clean and well-groomed can also help stimulate the facial hair follicles, resulting in a fuller and thicker look. Bearing the mentioned points in mind will surely help you achieve your desired look in no time.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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