How To Grow A Beard Like A Viking

For centuries, the Viking culture has been renowned for its ferocity and strength, and as a result, it has been greatly admired and respected throughout history. Indeed, the most lasting icon of these maverick Norsemen is their distinctive beards. Whether you have Northern European ancestry or not, an intimidating beard can be a genuine source of machismo. But are you up to the challenge of growing a Viking-style beard?

There are a few simple steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the formidable Viking beard. Firstly, you must make sure you are growth-ready. Visit a barber and remove any excess hair to achieve an even, sleek base. Maintaining good hygiene is also important; wash and use a beard oil on the facial hair to keep it healthy. It is also good practice to allow the hair to reach a certain length before embarking on the styling process.

Trimming your beard should become a regular self-grooming routine. Invest in a good-quality beard trimmer and start to visually sculpt the desired shape. It is essential to be mindful when trimming the cheeks, neck and chin areas, thinking about the face shape and carefully removing any uneven bristles.

Combing and using beard balm or wax are both essential for styling. Comb out the hairs to ensure the beard hangs evenly and then use a wax (if you prefer) to add texture and shape. Styling with wax can be tricky, so it is important to manoeuvre the product through the bristles with patience and diligence. Remember, putting pressure on the comb and using a lot of wax can cause damage and breakage.

It is worth noting that Viking beards are broad and full, so avoid the temptation to thin out the beard too much. Instead, keep the bristles trimmed on the neck but allow them to remain wild, and be sure to shorten the sides and the jawline, while allowing the chin to remain on the long-ish side.

Do not be afraid to experiment and find your own unique beard style, but be patient as it takes time and a certain level of dedication to achieve the Viking look. Above all, the most important factor is patience! Facial hair takes a long time to grow, so do not be disheartened if the coveted Viking beard does not appear overnight.

The Benefits Of A Viking Beard

Having a full, impressive beard can bring about a number of advantages. Fashion-wise, beards are seen as highly desirable, especially among younger men – albeit some workplaces have various policies regarding beards. On the whole, however, having a full and self-maintained beard is often viewed as an indication of power, respect and leadership. Additionally, growing and nurturing a beard can contribute to greater confidence and masculinity.

Moreover, in this age of heavily air-conditioned environments and extreme weather conditions, having a beard can be beneficial to protect the skin from direct exposure to the elements. Last but not least, Viking-style beards are iconic and timeless – they never go out of fashion!

The Final Touches

In order to truly compete with the Vikings of old, you must master the fine art of styling. Once the desired outline is achieved, use a damp cloth to shape the beard and hold it in place. This will allow for better adherence of the styling product and give you an even finish. And voilà, you now have an enviable Viking-style beard.

Essential Grooming Tools

Having the correct tools makes it much easier to achieve and maintain the look. Therefore, investing in a quality trimmer and natural wax or balm are essential for achieving the long-lasting Viking beard. Additionally, a boar bristle brush and some form of styling implement such as combs or tweezers can come in handy for routine maintenance.

A reliable grooming product is key and it is worth doing some research to find good-quality brands – that offer ingredients your skin can easily absorb, as well as excellent hold and a natural finish. Additionally, an odourless anti-itching shampoo and moisturising beard oil can be useful for frequent cleansing and nourishing of the facial hair.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Achieving the desired shape can be challenging, but there are certain tips which can be followed to prevent mistakes. Make sure the neck area is not trimmed too short because this can create gaps. And beware of the classic rookie mistake of going too thin on the cheeks – the beard should be full, so resist the temptation to cut it back too much!

Additionally, trying to force the beard into a particular shape before it’s had time to grow out could damage it irreparably. Avoid this by allowing the beard some room to breathe, and resist the urge to over-condition and use too much product.

Where To Start?

So now you know the basics and you are ready to go down the Viking route. Starting off is simple – get yourself a decent trimmer and begin the grooming process. It may feel strange at first, but with dedication, you will be on the road to sporting some truly impressive facial hair.

Listen to the advice, don’t be disheartened by the growing pains, and be prepared for the arrival of your bristly companion. With the guidance and effort, you will be able to stay loyal to your inner Viking and be the master of your own fabulous facial hair.

How To Boost Growth Rate

Growing a Viking-style beard takes patience; however, certain measures you can take to speed up the process. A healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help boost growth, as can prescribing topical remedies such as minoxidil, should your beard not reach the desired length in the recommended time. Additionally, it has been noted that laser therapy can accelerate cellular activity resulting in quicker circulation and stimulation – so this could be worth looking into.

Moreover, in order to maintain anticipated results, a meticulous care routine is vital. Regular washing, brushing, conditioning and nourishing of the beard will not only help sustain the impressive Viking beards look but also facilitate the maintenance of healthy bristles.

Finding A Style & Owning It

Creating a personal style is both a fun experience and a way of embracing your identity. This is especially true when it comes to Viking beards; diverse shapes, styles and lengths all make for a unique look.

So, before deciding to commit to a set of personal grooming protocols, it is essential to consider your facial features. Pay special attention to the facial bone structure, jaw shape and skin type, this will make it easier to determine which beard style best suits you. Once the shape has been defined, it is just a matter of personalised touches. Styling wax and balm will complete the look and create a signature style to be proud of.

Say Goodbye To Beardlessness

If you are ready to bid farewell to beardlessness, then it is time to embark into the exciting world of Viking beards! But be warned, the process is far more challenging than it may initially seem. However, with the right knowledge, attitude and products, you will be able to ring in the Norse-style facial hair with confidence.

Above all, take your time; start by trimming the beard to a thicker-than-usual base and experiment with different shapes and lengths. Avoid using too much wax or product, have patience and you will be ready to put away the razor and proudly show off your Viking-style beard.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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