How To Grow A Beard For 14 Year Olds

Some boys may experience excited chills when reaching puberty. As young men, many begin to experiment with facial hair as part of their transition into adulthood. Growing a full facial hair, known as a beard, is a rite of passage for many fourteen year old boys who are eager to prove they are mature. But growing and maintaining a beard will not happen overnight, it takes dedication and patience to successfully manage the process and be rewarded with a perfect beard.

The first step of growing a proper beard is to let the hair grow guide the beard. Attempting to trim the hairs too soon may damage the facial hair and create an awkward style which will be much harder to manage during growth. Some hair styles often require daily maintenance, which could prove to be inconvenient for fourteen year old boys who have to attend school and extracurricular activities. Therefore, it is important to let the beard grow out for at least three to four weeks without any maintenance to enable it to form the desired shape. As such, style and patience is crucial to achieve the beard of one’s dreams. Patience is key when it comes to growing a beard, this is true for all ages, but more so for fourteen year old teenagers who may become impatient and want to groom their beard before it is fully ready.

A proper grooming routine is essential for maintaining a healthy beard. The main aim should be to keep the beard clean, trim and neat. Regularly brushing and combing the beard not only detangles the hairs but it also helps to distribute the natural oils through the beard. In addition, this will help to make the hair appear longer and thicker, as well as keep it free from debris. Oxygen and sunlight help to promote energy and improve circulation, so make sure to get exposure to both regularly. Sunlight helps to provide the necessary Vitamin D and oxygen to the skin under the beard, which will help to keep the skin healthy and reduce any skin irritation that may occur as a result of incorrect beard trimming.

Among the other steps relevant to growing a beard are the use of beard oil and balms. Such products are available in the form of oil, balm and wash, and their main purpose is to keep the beard soft, manageable and clean. They contain all the necessary ingredients to maintain a healthy, moisturized and fragranced beard. A natural solution is always the best for the skin, as it will help to prevent it from becoming irritated and drying out. Moreover, protecting the skin against dryness and irritation is essential for healthy hair growth.

To conclude, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to growing a beard for fourteen year old boys. Different hair genes, facial features and skincare will determine the success of the beard journey. Hence, experimenting is key to find the style or product that is best suited for the skin, hair and facial features of the individual. If properly followed, such steps will help to ensure the correct growth and maintenance of a healthy beard. So don’t be discouraged if it seems difficult at first, practice and patience will be important in achieving the perfect beard.

Beard Care

Good beard care is one of the most important steps in the beard-growing journey for fourteen year old boys. As such, it is important to be aware of the basics of beard care such as cleaning, conditioning and trimming. But before diving into these, understanding the essential tools that are needed is essential. The tools needed to help maintain a happy and healthy beard include a good beard comb, beard scissors, beard oil, petroleum jelly and some face wash.

Keeping the beard clean is essential in avoiding skin irritation and bacterial infections. Therefore, regular washing with a gentle facial wash or beard wash is required in order to eliminate dirt and dead skin cells. It is recommended to use a mild, organic or natural facial wash or a dedicated beard wash, as opposed to a regular shampoo, as the former’s formula is designed to meet the specific needs of the beards. As such, use a dedicated cleanser and apply it in gentle circles while massaging it into the skin and whiskers.

Apart from cleansing, conditioning is also essential for managing the beard. Conditioning will keep the skin and hair for dryness, itching and irritation. A good conditioning product should be chosen in order to nourish the skin, soften the beard and keep it looking shiny. A good choice would be a dedicated beard balm or beard oil, which helps to seal in the moisture and gives a healthier, fuller-looking beard.

For a handsome and tidy facial hairstyle, regular trimming is required in order to get rid of split ends and keep the beard looking neat. Start with a wide-toothed comb and run it through the beard in order to straighten out the hairs. Afterwards, use a pair of sharp beard scissors in order to trim away excess hair or any split ends. Make sure to use sharp scissors and be careful not to cut too much as it will be difficult to grow the hair back.

Beard Styles

The best part about growing a beard is being able to experiment with different styles. There are numerous beard styles that fourteen year old boys can choose from, depending on their facial structure and preferences. A great place to start would be the classic beard. This style requires careful attention and involves trimming the chin, cheeks and neckline to form a neat, round shape. The goal is to keep the bottom beard line curved in, with the upper and lower corners of the mouth covered and a small bit of the mustache shape visible above the top lip.

Young men may also opt to try a short, stubble-style beard. This is perfect for boys who are not quite ready for a full beard or have a shorter growing cycle. It involves regular trimming and shaping in order to keep the beard at a consistent, short length. This look is popular and contemporary among fourteen year old boys and it can easily be achieved with some patience and regular maintenance.

For teenagers who wish to make a bold style statement, they may try sporting a French-cut beard. This edgy, modern look requires some trimming skills and involves thinning the beard from the sides and keeping the chin line thicker. The chin, upper throat and sides should be trimmed to form a straight line, whereas the bottom create an angular shape sloping up and outwards towards the cheeks.

Goatees and soul patches are two popular styles for fourteen year old boys. The former requires trimming the chin and the hair from the lips and only keeping the hair from the corners of the mouth to the chin, whereas the latter is a unique style that requires just a tiny hair patch to be left by the chin and below the lower lip. Combining the two styles into one and creating a style known as the landing strip, is perfect for boys who experiment with facial hair or go for a modern, edgy look.

Downsides To Growing A Beard

When growing a beard, there are always some downsides that need to be considered. For example, teenage boys may experience some skin irritation due to the changes the body is undergoing during puberty. The hormones now active can affect the skin, making it dry and prone to acne, and so taking care of the skin needs to be included in the beard maintenance routine.

Moreover, boys need to be aware that some people may not be comfortable with them growing a beard. Some adults may find it hard to take seriously a fourteen year old with a beard and this could create problems in the school or professional environment. In addition, younger boys may be misunderstood and perceived as adults, which may make them feel uncomfortable in certain situations that require their attention, such as reacting to sexual behaviour in adults.

One last disadvantage to consider is that boys may not be able to experiment with different hairstyles due to the beard. When young men are still figuring out their style and sense of fashion, it can be restrictive if they have to commit to one style due to the limitations of the beard. This could stop them from experimenting and enjoying the process of finding the right hairstyle.

Beard Maintenance Tips

Beard maintenance takes time, dedication and patience. As such, A few tips will help boys stay on the right track during their beard growing journey. Firstly, a healthy diet is needed to ensure the body obtains all the vitamins, minerals and proteins for nourishment. Secondly, keeping a routine will also help to take care of the beard; cleaning and combing it regularly keeps it healthy and leaves it with less tangles. Also, it is important to avoid tight hats and helmets as these can damage the beard and lead to split ends.

Boys should also be aware that they are still growing at this age, and as such, the shape of their face may be still changing and their beard may change in time. Embrace the process and be patient. Lastly, it is important to use the right kind of products for the beard. Selecting a shampoo or moisturiser specifically for facial hair will help to keep the beard clean and in good condition without any irritation.

Common Mistakes

Growing a beard can be challenging, and mistakes are bound to happen. Some common mistakes to avoid are firstly, using the wrong size comb as using a wide-toothed comb helps to detangle the facial hair without leading to breakage. Secondly, using a shaver to trim the beard could lead to ingrown hairs and cause patchiness, so it is better to use a pair of scissors. Thirdly, not protecting the beard when in the sunlight could cause it to lose its colour, so sun hats should be worn when going outdoors. Lastly, not balming and oiling the facial hair could lead to split ends and patchiness, so it is important to use quality beard oil or balm regularly.


Growing a proper beard is a right of passage for many fourteen year old boys. Growing a successful beard involves patience and proper care. It is important to clean, condition and trim the beard in order to maintain it and give it an even form. Styling it is also essential in order to find the look that best suits one’s facial structure and preferences. Some downsides must also be considered such as skin irritation, societal discomfort and lack of hairstyle options. With the tips and advice provided in this article, fourteen year old boys can successfully navigate their beard-growing journey with confidence.

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