How To Goatee Beard

The Basics of Going for a Goatee Beard

Growing a goatee beard is fairly straightforward and requires minimal maintenance. It’s a great look for anyone who wants to give themselves a bit of a different facial appearance without looking too different or going for something drastic. All that is needed is some time, patience and the right grooming products.

The first step in creating a goatee is to prepare your skin by cleaning and exfoliating it. This helps to get rid of any dead skin cells, while also helping with the growth of new hair. You can do this by using a mild cleanser and exfoliating scrub. Once that is done, you should apply some beard oil to soften and condition the hair, as this will help prevent any irritation or discomfort when styling the goatee.

The next step is to start defining the shape of the goatee. Start by shaving the sides and top part of your beard, so that the area around your lip is just left with hair. You should also leave a small amount of hair above the lip, which will help to frame the central goatee. Once this is done, you should use a trimmer or razor to define the shape of the goatee and give it proper definition.

Texture is also important when it comes to goatee beard styling. By adding some texture to the goatee, it will help to give it more of an intentional look, while also helping to keep it neat and tidy. This can be done by using a wax or gel-based product. When styling, it is important to ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout the goatee and also, that it’s not too thick as this can make the goatee look unnatural or out of proportion.

Finally, your goatee beard is complete. To maintain and care for it, you’ll need to wash and condition it regularly. This will help to keep the beard healthy and ensure that it looks good for longer. You might also want to consider using a beard oil or balm to keep it nourished and hydrated. Finally, it is important to trim any stray hairs to keep it looking neat.

Maintaining the Goatee Beard

Maintaining a goatee beard is relatively simple and easy, as regular shampooing and conditioning is all that’s required. Be sure to use a beard shampoo specifically designed for facial hair, as regular shampoos can be too harsh on the delicate skin of the face. Once you’ve applied shampoo, you should rinse it off thoroughly in order to get rid of any product build-up. After rinsing, finish with a beard conditioner, as this will help to keep the beard soft and manageable.

You will also need to trim your goatee beard on a regular basis. This helps to keep the beard looking neat and tidy, while also helping to maintain the desired shape and style. When trimming the goatee, be sure to use a quality pair of trimmers, avoid using scissors as this can lead to an uneven finish.

It’s also important to use the right products when styling the goatee. When applying product, be sure to use a light-hold product as this will help to keep the beard in check throughout the day. If you’re looking to add some extra texture and definition, you can use a wax or a pomade to help create a more defined look. And if you want to give your goatee a more distinguished look, you can use a defining gel or a wax comb.

Finally, it’s important to use the right tools for styling. A quality shaving brush is essential for a good shave, as this will help to make sure the product is evenly distributed throughout the beard. When it comes to brush combs, a wide-tooth comb is best as this will help to properly separate the hairs and give the beard a neat and tidy look. And when it comes to trimmers, a good quality professional grade trimmer is recommended, as this will help to give the goatee an even trim.

Tips for Growing a Goatee Beard

If you’re new to growing a goatee beard, there are a few things you should know in order to get the best results. Firstly, be patient. Going for a goatee beard requires time and proper grooming, so allow yourself the proper amount of time to get the desired results.

It’s also important to be aware of the shape and style of goatee you want. Goatees come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so it’s important that you have an idea of the look you’re after before you start grooming. Make sure to take into account your face shape and the length and thickness of your beard when choosing a style.

Finally, it’s important to take care of your skin and facial hair. A good quality beard shampoo and conditioner are essential when it comes to keeping your beard healthy and looking its best. You should also use a moisturising balm or beard oil to keep the skin and facial hair nourished, as well as a quality brush and comb to help evenly distribute product throughout the beard.

Goatee vs. Van Dyke Beard

One common question is whether there is a difference between a goatee and a Van Dyke beard. In general, a goatee is a style of facial hair grown on the chin, while a Van Dyke is a style of facial hair grown on the chin and upper lip.

When comparing the two styles, it’s important to consider the shape and size of the facial hair. The goatee is typically made up of a circle of facial hair around the chin, while the Van Dyke is made up of a triangle of facial hair shaped like a V. The size and shape of the Van Dyke can vary depending on the person’s facial structure, as well as their individual preferences.

The goatee is usually the easier style to maintain, as there are fewer hairs to keep track of and style. The Van Dyke, on the other hand, is much more complex and requires more grooming and maintenance. In terms of styling, the Van Dyke is usually styled more liberally with wax and pomade to give it more definition and texture.

Styling a Goatee Beard

Once you’ve grown your goatee, it’s time to start styling it. Styling your goatee will help to give it definition and shape, helping to make sure it looks its best. When styling, start by using a beard comb to comb through the beard, making sure to remove any excess product. Then, apply a light-hold product throughout the goatee.

Next, use a styling brush or a wax comb to style the goatee. This will help to make sure that the product is evenly distributed throughout the facial hair and give the goatee a more defined look. Finally, use a trimmer or razor to define the edges of the goatee and make sure it has a neat and tidy look.

Once you’ve finished styling, you should use a quality beard balm to seal in the product and help nourish the skin and facial hair. This will help to keep the styling intact while also keeping the goatee looking its best.

Grooming a Goatee Beard

Grooming your goatee is essential in order to keep it looking neat and tidy. The most important part of grooming a goatee is trimming the facial hair. Trimming the facial hair will help to keep the beard looking its best, as well as help to maintain the desired shape and style. Trimming should be done every 2-3 weeks depending on the rate of growth.

For optimal results, a quality pair of trimmers should be used. Be sure to use the right tools to achieve the desired results, such as a trimmer with a wide-tooth combs, which will help to evenly distribute product throughout the beard. In addition, you should use a beard brush and comb to style the goatee and help shape it in the desired direction.

Beard wax can also be used to help add some texture and definition to the goatee. Wax is great for giving the goatee some extra structure and will help to keep the beard looking neat and tidy. When using wax, be sure to apply a light amount and ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout the beard.


A goatee beard is a great way to give yourself a different look without having to go for something drastic. With the right maintenance and grooming, it’s also easy to keep a goatee looking its best. Remember to be patient and take your time when growing and styling a goatee, as well as use the right tools and products to achieve the best results.

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