How To Get Yellow Out Of Beard

Home Remedies 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to get yellow out of your beard, then home remedies may be the perfect solution for you. Most of the time, yellowing is the result of a build-up of dead skin cells, and balancing the pH of your beard can help to reduce the yellowing. You can achieve this easily with simple ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard.

The simplest home remedy is to mix equal parts of baking soda and water together before lightly scrubbing your beard with the mixture. This should be done for no more than one minute, and then the excess should be washed away with warm water. Baking soda is great at absorbing the impurities that can cause yellowing, and doing this once a week can help to reduce the discolouration.

Another great home remedy is to create a mixture of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water, and then to use it to clean your beard. The acidity of the vinegar will help to remove any impurities that may be causing the yellowing, and it will also help to balance the pH of your skin and hair. Finally, you should rinse off the vinegar with warm water and comb through your beard.

If you have any excess oils in your beard, then you may want to try using pure lemon juice to get rid of them. Again, this should be mixed with an equal amount of water before it is rubbed into your beard. Lemon juice is a natural astringent and it can help to remove the oils that can cause yellowing. Do not leave the mixture on for longer than one minute, and afterwards you should rinse it off with warm water.

All of these home remedies should help to reduce the discolouration in your beard, and doing them once a week can help to maintain a healthy, yellow-free beard. However, if you want to take an extra step then you may want to try using a mild beard shampoo.


Using a gentle shampoo can help to get rid of any dirt or oil that may be causing yellowing. It will also help to remove any build-up of dead skin cells that can cause discolouration. When choosing a shampoo, you should always opt for one that is specifically designed for beards, as this will ensure that it won’t strip away the natural oils your beard needs.

When using the shampoo, you should lather it up before gently massaging it into your beard. Make sure you give your beard a good wash, paying special attention to the skin beneath your beard. Finally, you should rinse away the shampoo with warm water and then pat it dry.

If you find that the shampoo is too harsh for your hair, then you may want to consider using a beard oil in-between washes. This will help to nourish your hair and skin, as well as helping to reduce the yellowing. When using beard oil, you should apply just a few drops to your palm and then massage it into your beard, paying attention to the skin beneath it. This should be done once or twice a week in-between washes.

Sun Protection

Although it may not seem like much, the sun can be a major contributor to yellowing. Sun exposure can cause discolouration in both skin and hair, so it’s important to take steps to protect yourself from it. When exposing your beard to the sun, you should remember to use a sunscreen specifically designed for beards. This will ensure that it won’t leave a greasy residue on your beard, but it will help to protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

You should also remember to wear a hat when outside, as this can help to protect your beard from the sun’s rays. If you do go outside without a hat, then you should use an umbrella to shield your beard from the sun. Although this may seem like a small change, it can make a huge difference in terms of preventing yellowing.

Professional Treatments

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, then you might want to consider professional treatments. These treatments usually involve the use of specific dyes or bleaches that can help to reduce yellowing. However, before you proceed, you should always consult a professional to make sure that the procedure is suitable for your beard. Professional treatments can be quite expensive, and they often require multiple treatments, so you may want to consider other options before proceeding.

Natural Colouring

If you don’t want to consider professional treatments, then you may want to explore natural methods of colouring your beard. There are a variety of natural dyes that can be used to reduce yellowing, and these dyes can be easily made using ingredients such as coffee, walnut shells, chamomile tea and sage. Although these dyes can take a few washes to really take effect, they can be a great way to reduce yellowing in a natural and cost-effective way.

It’s important to note that natural dyes are not permanent and they may require multiple applications in order to achieve the desired effect. As with professional treatments, you should always consult a professional before proceeding, as natural dyes can be quite harsh on the skin and hair.


Getting yellow out of your beard isn’t impossible, and there are a variety of home remedies, professional treatments and natural methods that can help to reduce the discolouration. The best way to get rid of yellow is to maintain an effective cleaning and exfoliating routine, and to protect your beard from sun exposure. Remember that all treatments should be done in consultation with a professional, as they may be able to suggest the best solution for your individual case.

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