How To Get My Beard Soft

Natural Treatments

Beards can be rough and scratchy because of the dry skin underneath. To obtain a soft and smooth beard, using natural treatments is one of the best ways to go.
For synthetic beard products, taking the route of natural treatments is healthier and more effective at making the beard softer. Natural treatments are also inexpensive, easy to use, and generally quite available.
One of the most well-known natural treatments is olive oil. Applied on a daily basis, it is an excellent way to get your beard soft and smooth. In addition to making the beard softer, olive oil also helps in moisturizing the skin underneath the beard hair. Due to its high nutrient content and flexibility with different treatments, olive oil is the go-to choice for many beard-care experts.
Another great way of getting a softer beard is avocados. Not only are they a great source of minerals, vitamins and important proteins, but are also extremely useful for hydrating and moisturizing the skin underneath the beard. Avocado gets into the skin pores, making the beard smoother and softer to the touch.
These treatments have the potential to make the beard softer and smoother, quicker than treatments made of synthetic products. In addition, natural treatments don’t clog pores, preventing beard zits and catching of dirt and grime.
When looking at natural treatments, experts suggest that usage of these treatments can be beneficial in combination with brushing on a daily basis. Brushing helps evenly distribute natural oils across the beard, resulting in a softer feel.

Synthetic Beard Products

Synthetic beard products are another way of obtaining a softer and smoother beard. There are a variety of products available, that are directed at this exact purpose.
These products contain various ingredients and natural oils, allowing the beard to soak in moisture and become softer. In addition, these products can often provide nutrition and better hygiene, making them an all-around excellent solution.
Many experts point to beard balms and creams as the best synthetic product for obtaining a softer beard. These products often provide twin benefits such as both moisturizing and styling, resulting in a beautiful and soft beard.
Beard oils are another excellent product. The natural oils found in these products often hydrates the hair and scalp, improving the overall feel and quality of your beard. For those looking for something stronger and faster, many recommend beard wax as the go-to solution.
Beard wax is thicker than both balms and creams, and should be used in small amounts. The powerful, sticky texture of beard wax not only helps in spread and moisturizing, but also in styling the beard.

Essential Grooming Practices

To keep a soft and smooth beard, it is essential to use some basic grooming practices. Doing so not only helps in keeping the shape and softness of a beard, but also helps in keeping it clean and healthy.
Proper cleansing is especially important. It is suggested that a beard should be washed twice in a week with a shampoo specially designed for beards. Not only will it get rid of dirt and grime trapped in the facial hair, but also help in getting rid of the beardruff.
Daily brushing is also essential. It helps keep your beard healthy, by distributing the oil so it can reach the hair roots. This will make the beard softer and shinier.
Using scissors is also suggested, especially in long and wild beards. This will get rid of the split ends, and make the beard softer to the touch.
Also be sure to comb the beard in different directions, depending on whether you want it to be wild or well styled.

Natural Supplements

Just like in hair, vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the health of a beard. When the body is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, it becomes harder for it to maintain a healthy and soft beard. Thus, consuming natural supplements is an important part of the beard care process.
Experts recommend taking organic vitamins and minerals that can be found in dietary sources such as fruits, vegetables and fish. As a rule of thumb, having a balanced diet is a great way to boost beard health.
If taking natural supplements is not feasible, then multivitamins are the best option. While they are not specifically designed for beards, they do have essential nutrients that can help in maintaining a healthy beard.
When discussing vitamins and minerals, Biotin is the one vitam in that is often talked about among beard-care experts. Reports suggest that Biotin helps in making the beard thicker, softer and fuller. Being a water soluble vitamin, it helps in beard growth as well.

Benefits of Hot Showers

Taking hot showers can also make your beard softer. Hot water helps open pore follicles, allowing for oil to properly soak into the skin. It also has the added benefit of cleaning the beard, getting rid of dirt and grime.
Using a mild shampoo for cleaning the beard is also advised. The shampoo should be having a pH balance of 5 to 8, so as not to irritate the skin. Opt for one that includes natural oils, as they are compassionate to the skin and provide great nourishment to it.
Experts also suggest that a conditioner should be used at the end of a bath. Conditioners help rebalance essential oils in your beard, resulting in a softer and shinier beard. It also helps keep the beard moisturized and prevent it from going dry.

Limiting Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is one of the major factors, when it comes to taking care of a beard. UV rays, when combined with pollution, can make the beard dry, rough, and brittle.
To prevent this, limiting exposure to the sun is recommended. It is suggested to wear a hat, if possible, when going out for short periods of time. It helps in protecting the beard from damages, like discoloration and brittleness.
In addition, one should always wear SPF 30+ sunscreen, when going out for long durations. Sunscreen helps protect the beard from sunburn, especially during the summer months.

Using Exfoliants

Using exfoliants is another great way of getting a soft beard. Dead skin cells pile up on the surface of the skin, resulting in a rougher, dryer skin beneath the beard.
Using a scrub on a weekly basis is one of the most effective ways of exfoliating skin cells. Although a scrub should be gentle and not cause any discomfort, it is effective in getting rid of excess skin. As an added benefit, exfoliating also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells from the facial hair, resulting in a softer beard.
To avoid any damage, experts suggest limiting exfoliation to once a week. This will help keep the skin healthy and moisturized.

Trimming and Maintenance

Trimming and maintenance is the most important tip in the beard-care process. As time passes, beards usually get longer and messier. This not only ruins the look of the beard and makes it scratchier, but also damages the skin against dirt.
To prevent this, trimming it on a regular basis is essential. This will keep the beard looking tidy, and make it softer to the touch. It also helps prevent oils and other products from taking too long to reach the hair.
In addition, using a proper brush and scissors, comb is essential. Using the right tools will not only help in properly trimming the beard, but also in making it softer and healthier.
Along with trimming, proper maintenance of a beard is also advised. This includes proper washing, moisturizing, and proper application of natural oils. This will keep the beard in great shape, and make it softer to the touch.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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