How To Get Beard Hair Dst

How To Get Beard Hair Dst

Beard hair DST or Defined Standards Test is the gold standard of facial hair analysis. It’s a specialized method used by dermatologists and other health professionals to measure and chart beard hairs, helping to identify which hairs are currently growing, which areas need additional hair growth, and which areas should be trimmed or styled. While some people see beard hair DST as an outdated and tedious process, it is an extremely important step in helping to identify and solve beard related issues.

The Defined Standards Test is divided into three main categories of analysis: hair density, hair length, and follicle diameter. Each of these categories is used to determine the overall health and styling of the beard. Depending on the results of the DST, the patient can then make informed decisions about the best possible grooming, styling, and trimming protocols.

To get the most out of your beard hair DST, it is important to understand how it works and how to prepare for testing. First, you should begin by washing and shaving your face in preparation for the DST. This provides a clean, smooth surface for the test to be performed. It is also important to exfoliate the skin prior to testing, which will remove any dead skin cells and residue that could affect the results.

Once the face has been prepared, each area of the beard will then be carefully measured using an optical or magnifying device. The examiner will measure the length and thickness of each follicle and record the results on a chart. These measurements are then compared to the idealized standards of beard styling. The results of the DST will help the expert determine what styling and trimming techniques should be used on the beard.

The Defined Standards Test is a useful tool for anyone looking to maintain and improve a beard’s appearance. It provides a way to identify and address any styling or shaving issues that might be present. It also allows one to compare their current styling to the idealized standards set by the experts. By understanding and using the Defined Standards Test, you can make sure that your beard looks great no matter what.

Different Types Of Beard

Beards come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to styling. Different types of beards require different approaches when it comes to styling. Longer beards, for example, require different trimming techniques than shorter beards. The Defined Standards Test can help you determine which trimming strategies and styling techniques are best for your particular beard type.

The length of one’s beard is key to selecting the proper styling methods. Beards that are over five inches long are usually styled to look more full. These beards may require more frequent trims and should be kept in check with regular maintenance. Beards that are shorter than five inches can be left to grow naturally and should be trimmed less often. Different beard lengths can also require different types of products and treatments to maintain the desired shape and texture.

Paying attention to the texture of your beard is also important when styling. Coarse or wiry beard texture will require different products and routines than a softer, silkier texture. Products such as beard oils and balms can help to keep your beard moisturized and easier to manage. Additionally, using specialized combs and brushes can help to keep your beard in shape and can also aid in styling.

Finally, you should also consider the age and color of your beard when styling. Younger facial hair can benefit from more frequent trims to keep its shape and growth in check. Darker colored beards often require less frequent trimming than lighter colored beards. Paying attention to all these factors can help you select the best possible styling techniques for your beard.

Strengthen Your Beard With Supplements

The overall health and strength of your beard can also be improved with certain dietary supplements. Nutrients such as Vitamin B and proteins can help strengthen and nourish the facial hair, resulting in healthier and better growth. This can also help those suffering from thinning or weak beard hair. Investing in a facial hair supplement or a multivitamin specifically formulated for beard growth may drastically improve the quality and appearance of the beard.

In addition to supplements, there are also other products one can use to strengthen their facial hair. Biotin, a derivative of Vitamin B, is one such product. Biotin helps to stimulate the growth of cells, including the ones responsible for beard growth. Other products such as emu oil and mica clay are also often used to boost beard growth and improve the overall condition of facial hair.

In the end, finding the right supplements and treatments to improve the quality of your beard can drastically improve its appearance. Taking the time to find the right products and supplements can help you maintain a healthy and strong beard.

Grooming Practices To Enhance The Look Of Your Beard

In addition to finding the right products, there are also various styling techniques one can use to improve the appearance of their beard. Paying attention to the overall shape of the beard is important, as this will determine the overall look. The angle of the beard should be considered when deciding on a particular look, as it will determine how the beard lays on the face. Additionally, keeping the cheeks and neck trimmed properly is also essential for achieving a balanced look.

Keeping the beard clean and tidy is also important, as this will ensure that it looks healthy and well-groomed. Regular washing and conditioning treatments can help keep facial hair looking its best and can also help keep the skin healthy underneath. Additionally, chemical treatments such as keratin may be beneficial for those looking to reduce frizz or add nourishment to their beard.

Finally, grooming and maintaining your beard is also important. Investing in the right tools and products can help to keep your beard looking and feeling its best. A good set of clippers and trimmers, for example, can help to keep the beard free from any unwanted hairs. Additionally, a good beard brush or comb can help to evenly spread products and keep the beard looking neat and tidy.

Choosing The Right Beard Style

When deciding on a particular beard style, the Defined Standards Test can prove to be a valuable tool. By understanding the results of the DST, one can better determine what type of styling and trimming techniques are best suited for the particular beard type. Additionally, the DST can also provide one with insight into what products, treatments, and styling techniques may be best for achieving the desired look.

There are various factors to consider when selecting a particular beard style, from the length of the beard to the texture of the facial hair. All these details can help one better decide which style is best suited for their particular beard. Additionally, the color of the beard should also be taken into consideration, as some styles may look better with certain beard tones. Taking all these details into account, one can then decide on the best style for their individual beard.

Taking the time to properly groom and style your beard is essential for achieving the desired look. With proper maintenance and the right products, your beard can look its best and give off a polished and professional feel. Understanding the results of your Defined Standards Test and taking the time to find the right products and treatments can help you find the best style for your individual beard.

Avoiding Common Beard Mistakes

In addition to styling and grooming properly, avoiding common beard mistakes is essential for ensuring that your facial hair looks its best. Overly aggressive trimming, for example, can lead to undesired and damaging results. It is important to understand how much hair to trim and when, as this will help to maintain the integrity of the beard. Consulting with a professional or researching the subject further canhelp to teach the finer points of beard trimming.

Another common mistake when dealing with a beard is over-washing or too much product use. Over-washing can damage the follicles and dry out the skin underneath. It is important to find the right balance between washing and moisturizing the beard properly. Additionally, too much product can cause clogging of the pores and can weigh down the facial hair.

Finally, another mistake to avoid when dealing with a beard is not brushing the beard properly. By brushing the beard with the right bristles and the right amount of pressure, one can ensure that the hair stays in place and doesn’t become matted or clump together. Doing this regularly can also help to ensure that the beard looks neat and tidy.


Beard hair DST or the Defined Standards Test is an important step in ensuring that your beard looks great no matter what. This specialized method helps to measure and chart hair growth, helping you to identify any issues that may need addressing. Taking the time to properly prepare for the DST and understanding the results will help you better decide on the best styling and trimming techniques for your particular beard. Additionally, understanding different beard types, enhancing the look of your beard with supplements, grooming practices, and choosing the right beard style are all important factors in achieving the desired look. Finally, avoiding common mistakes such as overtrimming and over-washing the beard will also help to keep your facial hair looking its best.

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