How To Get A Long Beard In Rdr2

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is a massive open-world game filled with opportunities for players to immerse themselves in the wild-west. One opportunity of exploration offered by the game is the ability to grow a lovely long beard for the protagonist, Arthur Morgan. While some players may find the idea a bit daunting, there are actually several relatively simple steps one can take to get a long and luxurious beard for their character.

The easiest way to get a long beard in RDR2 is to simply not shave. Yes, it’s really that easy. Rest assured knowing that Arthur Morgan won’t ever have to pick up a razor and go over his face again. All he has to do is go days and weeks in the game without ever trimming his facial hair and it will get longer and longer. However, this can take days if not weeks to get the desired look since facial hair in the game grows much slower than what would be expected in real life. To speed up the process players can take advantage ofsome interesting mechanics that are built into the game.

The first trick players can use is to actually sleep in the game. When Arthur Morgan wakes up the next day, his beard will have grown just a bit longer. If a player were to do this for two weeks, Arthur will be sporting a long beard without fail. This is also a nice trick for those who are unable to play the game every single day due to life’s obligations. There is also a cheat called “growfacialhair” which instantly maxes out Arthur’s beard. It can be easily done by using the cheat console in the game but doing so will disallow the player to experience any of the rewards earned for keeping a longer beard for a prolonged period of time.

Another mechanic players can take advantage of is the honor system. The honor system ranks players depending on their in-game actions and choices. Interestingly, if players maintain a high honor rank throughout their playthrough, Arthur’s beard will begin to noticeably grow longer with less effort on their part. It’s unclear whether this mechanic was intended by Rockstar but the facts speak for themselves. Those who conduct their character’s in-game life in a more honorable manner will certainly benefit and end up with a much nicer beard in the end.

Some players may not be aware that certain activities, such as hunting and fishing, will also increase the length of Arthur’s beard. While it won’t be nearly as effective as techniques previously mentioned, it will eventually be enough to get the job done.A nice bonusfor players that often engage in these activities is that they can look forward to not just a longer beard but some extra rewards. All they need to do is consistently participate in hunting and fishing, even if the rewards don’t immediately show.

Personal Care of the Long Beard

Getting a long beard in RDR2 is only part of the process. The real challenge comes with how to maintain a long beard without looking messy and out of place. The good news is that taking care of a long beard is really not that hard. All Arthur needs to do is wash it with a shampoo and use a brush to keep it from appearing unkempt. After that, a beard oil or balm can be applied to keep the beard in a good condition. And for a finishing touch, styling the beard with a comb or brush is the best way to complete the look.

Gaining Benefits from the Long Beard

It’s not just pure aesthetic value that Arthur can gain from having a long beard. As his beard gets longer and longer, its values increases as well. The longer his beard, the more respect Arthur will gain from the game’s NPCs which can also give him access to exclusive mission opportunities. With a long enough beard Arthur will be able to access the most exclusive missions in the game.

Finding the Right Accessories

The final step of getting a long beard in RDR2 is finding the right accessories to make the look truly stand out. The good news is that finding the perfect accessories is really easy in RDR2 as players can get access to a massive selection of hats, bandanas and scarves to accessorize their in-game avatar with. The possibilities are endless and creative players can create a unique look for their character that perfectly compliments their new facial hair.

How to Grow the Long Beard Rapidly

There are other ways to speed up the growth process to get a full and luscious long beard in RDR2. Cheats and mods can. For example, many cheats and mods can increase the growth rate of Arthur’s beard, allowing players to get a long beard almost instantly. Of course, it should be noted that the use of cheats and mods does come with certain consequences, so use them at your own risk.

Types of Long Beard in RDR2

In terms of specific types of long beard in RDR2, the game offers a great variety of styles for players to explore. From the classic full-beard to amazing mullet-style beards, RDR2 has something for everyone. Players can also choose to experiment with their facial hair, such as adding wax to achieve a more structured look or even simply adjusging their beard’s color with a dye. There’s no limit to what players can create with their RDR2 character.

Level of Difficulty of Getting a Long Beard

The difficulty of getting a long beard in RDR2 depends largely on the playstyle of the person playing. Those who play daily will have no problems growing a fast and full beard since all they have to do is to simply not shave. On the other hand, those who are unable to dedicate a lot of time to the game will have to rely on the other methods mentioned to get the job done. Of course, a combination of both playstyles is always recommended for optimal results, but at the end of the day all that matters is having a range of interesting strategies.

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