How To Get A Beard Card At Byu

Issues for BYU Students to Consider

BYU students have a lot to consider when deciding whether a beard card is right for them. Factors like personal style, comfort and lifestyle choices take precedence over any institutional guidelines. Moreover, other aspects such as religious beliefs and cultural values must also play an important role in the decision-making process. Therefore, BYU students should carefully weigh all the available options to make sure they make the right choice.

Getting a beard card at BYU can be a tricky process, particularly because it is a polygamous university. Students who wish to grow a beard must complete an official application and present proof of religious convictions or cultural beliefs. Additionally, all applied guidelines and policies relating to facial hair must be followed. Finally, all requests for beard cards must pass an official review process before being approved by the relevant departments.

Benefits of Obtaining a Beard Card

At BYU, obtaining a beard card can be beneficial for students who want to express their religious beliefs or cultural values. Moreover, it can also help cultivate a sense of individual identity and reduce stress by providing a sense of independence. Additionally, students may also benefit from the freedom to act and dress as they please, thus boosting their self-confidence.

Beard cards can also result in easier enforcement of student dress code policies by creating a standard Expectation Of Professionalism. Furthermore, beard cards can serve as proof of maturity and responsibility as they demonstrate a student’s commitment to meeting school guidelines. Finally, having a beard can also act as a symbol of masculinity and strength, allowing male students to express their true selves.

Drawbacks & Considerations

Before deciding to obtain a beard card at BYU, prospective students should weigh the pros and cons of doing so. While having a beard may give off the impression of increased confidence and self-assurance, it may also lead to a decrease in academic performance. Additionally, having a beard may cause a fair amount of inconveniences in terms of time-consuming daily grooming and maintenance. BYU also requires that beards adhere to a certain dress code policy, which may require additional effort and resources to meet those expectations.

Moreover, the effects of growing a beard are not simply aesthetic. For some students, facial hair may result in teasing or harassment from peers. Additionally, wearing a beard may also be associated with certain religious or cultural stigmas. As such, prospective students should consider all the potential implications of having a beard before applying for a beard card at BYU.

Fiiling Out an Application

Once potential students have decided to apply for a beard card at BYU, the next step is to fill out the appropriate application form. BYU requires the submission of various documents to verify a student’s religious convictions or cultural beliefs. This includes, but is not limited to, a mission statement from the applicant endorsing their faith or values, evidence of membership to a religious community, and any other supporting documentation.

The application also requires a statement of purpose. Here, students should provide a thoughtful explanation of their reasons for wanting to obtain a beard card. In this statement, prospective students must demonstrate their commitment to adhering to school policies and dress code guidelines. Additionally, this section should also include an affirmation of understanding of the school’s expectations. Once the application is complete, students should submit all documents to the relevant offices for review.

Final Approval & Maintenance

Upon successful submission of the application, all applicants must go through a review process. This includes an analysis of all documents to ensure proper completion and verification of religious or cultural convictions. BYUs department officials may also request further information from the applicant or interview them to back up the claim.

Once an application is approved, beard cards are issued for a limited period of time and must be renewed on an annual basis. To keep the beard card valid, students must adhere to all dress code policies and grooming guidelines. Failure to do so may result in revocation.

Alternative Options to Consider

If the thought of obtaining a beard card at BYU is intimidating or too much of a hassle, there are several other facial hairstyle options that students may want to consider. For example, goatees, stubble and buzz cuts are all permissible in the BYU dress code. Stubble is the easiest to maintain and require minimal maintenance. In addition, students can also opt for the clean-shaven look, which is the most accepted at BYU.

Furthermore, in recent years, the BYUs dress code policies have become more relaxed and lenient, meaning students have more freedom when it comes to personal grooming. In light of this, students should make sure to take advantage of the opportunity and choose a style that reflects their own personal brand and make a statement about who they are as an individual.

Accessibility & Cost

The process of obtaining a beard card at BYU is relatively accessible, though students must bear any additional costs associated with the application process. Furthermore, students may also expect to pay additional fees for renewing the card when necessary. Additionally, students should also factor in the cost of purchasing the necessary grooming supplies. All of these potential expenses should be taken into consideration before moving forward.

BYU also offers a range of resources and services to help make the process of acquiring a beard card easier. For example, the school provides official guidance and instructions on the application process. Additionally, the school also offers advice and assistance regarding specific concerns or questions. Lastly, there are various student organizations and groups on campus that can provide support and assistance to aspiring students.


Obtaining a beard card at BYU can be daunting, but with the right information and support, it is far from impossible. Students must make sure to carefully consider all their options, weigh the potential pros and cons and be aware of the associated costs. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the individual’s personal beliefs and lifestyle. Taking these points into consideration and knowing one’s own limits, a student can make an informed decision on whether to obtain a beard card at BYU.

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