How To Full Beard

Grooming Tips for a Healthy Beard

Beards can look intimidating to those unfamiliar with their care, but with the right products and techniques, anyone can maintain a healthy and full beard. Whether it’s a goatee, full neck beard, or mustache, the following steps will give you control over your look and keep your facial hair healthy.

Start With a Clean Shave

It’s normally best to start from scratch before embarking on the journey of bearded-hood. There are a few reasons why starting with a clean shave is the best course of action when beginning your facial hair journey. Firstly, it removes any moisture that clogs up stubble, meaning your beard won’t grow evenly. Secondly, a clean shave ensures that any growth is all on the same page, producing longer, even hairs and reducing the possibility of patchy growth.
To ensure a close shave, use a quality shave cream or gel and warm water. If you have sensitive skin, a pre-shave oil might be a must. If you prefer more control over the shave, use a double-edged safety razor. Invest in a good razor that won’t snag and pull at hairs, otherwise you may be in for some irritation.

Be Mindful of the Tools You Use

The tools you use to groom your beard can make a big difference in the health and appearance of your facial hair. Invest in a good quality comb and brush, as these will ensure you’re caring for your beard correctly, making it easier to maintain.
When combing and brushing, start at the bottom and work your way up in gentle, smooth strokes. Take care to detangle any knots and avoid aggressive brushing as this can cause damage. Start with a wide-tooth comb, then move to a finer comb or brush and this will evenly redistribute the natural oils down to the tips of the hair for a healthy shine.

Try Out Different Shaping Techniques

When starting out, it’s best to take your time with shaping your beard before it reaches the desired fullness. Start with some basic tips such as brushing, trimming, and fading the sides and bottom of your beard to define the shape. Avoid trimming too close at first, so that you can fine-tune and tweak the shape of your beard once it has grown out more.
A boars hair brush is essential for taming, shaping, and defining the edges as your beard grows out, using just a bit of beard balm to help lay down the hairs. This is important, because it will help your beard grow in evenly and maintain the shape you’re going for.

Walk The Line With Your Trimmer

Once your beard has grown out to the desired length, it’s time to begin maintenance trimming. This means keeping any stray hairs in check and maintaining your desired shape. Invest in a good trimmer and use a guard or setting that’s appropriate for your desired look. Ensure that it’s neither too long nor too short, so that you can maintain the length of your beard.
When trimming, start at the neck line and use long, smooth strokes to work your way up and out from the neck until you reach the chin. Be sure to use a comb to section off the area that you are trimming, as it will help make sure the lines you trim are straight and even.

Nourish Your Beard With Moisturizer

Once you’ve accomplished a full beard, the next step is to ensure that it is healthy and nourished. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer, helping to condition and protect the skin underneath the beard. When applied to a damp beard, it helps reduce split ends, soften the hairs, and can stop itching and dandruff. There are multiple varieties of beard oil to choose from, depending on the desired effect and scent.

Grow a Full Beard With Confidence

Grow a full beard with confidence by following the steps above. Finding the perfect beard style can take a bit of trial and error, but once you’ve discovered the shape and look that you’re happy with, you’ll be able to maintain it with ease. When you’ve accomplished a full beard, you’ll take great pride in the results and in the care that you’ve put into it.

Choosing the Perfect Style

Once you’ve achieved the desired fullness, it’s time to choose the beard style that suits you best. There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding on the right style, such as face shape, hairstyle, lifestyle and personality. Ultimately, it’s important to choose a style that will be flattering to your overall look, as well as one that suits your lifestyle.
To narrow down your choices, be sure to research different beard styles, and look at lots of pictures of celebrities and influencers with the same beard style. Doing this will allow you to get an idea of how a particular style will look on your own face shape and size. This can also help you decide which styles to avoid, such as overly-intricate looks that require too much maintenance for your daily needs.
Once you’ve chosen the perfect style for your face, it’s best to consult with a qualified barber or hairstylist to refine your look. This can help you make sure that the beard is well balanced, the lines are clean, and that it suits the contours of your face.

Make the Right Products Part of Your Routine

When it comes to maintaining a full beard, having the right products can make all the difference. A good shampoo or shampoo and conditioner combo is essential for keeping hair clean and nourished. A high-quality brush and comb combo is also essential for keeping your beard healthy and looking great.
To give your beard a full and naturally soft look, beard oil is a must. Investing in a good quality base oil to put underneath your favorite beard oil blend of essential oils is worth it. The base oil offers a light, non-greasy moisturizing to the skin underneath your beard as well as the hair. You can also add beard balm to your routine for added softness and shine.

Go the Extra Mile With Your Beard Grooming

For those willing to go the extra mile, there are a few extras that can take your beard game to the next level. A boar’s hair beard brush is great for evenly distributing oils and styling your beard. This type of brush is perfect for taming stubborn hairs, as well as softening and straightening them.
You could also use a beard conditioner every so often. These are specially designed to keep your beard looking luscious by imbuing it with proteins and oils. There are also other treatments you can use to promote growth and reduce itchiness, such as a beard serum.

Be Attentive to Your Beard’s Needs

Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to your beard’s needs. Trim any straggling hairs and address any issues such as split ends, dry skin, and patches of bare skin, with the appropriate treatments. Keep your beard clean by washing it regularly, and make sure to use a quality moisturizer under your beard – regardless of your skin type.
Finally, be aware that a full beard can take a long time to achieve, with some beards taking several years to reach the desired look. Investing a little time and patience in your beard can have amazing benefits – so be patient and you’ll reap the rewards in the end.

Alternatives to Full Beards

If a full beard isn’t right for you, you may want to consider some alternative styles. There are dozens of facial hair styles to choose from, giving men a range of options to find the right look for them. There is the ubiquitous goatee, which is a great choice for those looking for a lower maintenance style.
Stubble is a popular choice, as it’s easier to maintain, and it has been found to boost perceived masculinity and sex appeal in men. When kept short, stubble can help increase perceived attractiveness among women. The Van Dyke beard is a great option for those looking for a classic style, with the Van Dyke’s unique combination of mustache and goatee, making it highly distinctive.

Facts About Beards You Should Know

Beards are a source of mystery, as there is much than meets the eye when it comes to facial hair. Here are some intriguing facts that you should know if you have a beard:
• Research has found that men with facial hair are perceived to be more attractive, while facial hair can also make you seem more masculine, aggressive, and dominant.
• Beards can provide much-needed protection from the sun’s UV rays, as studies have found that they can reduce the risk of skin cancer.
• While beards may look untidy, they can actually be beneficial in terms of hygiene. Studies have found that beards have a similar purpose to that of cats’ whiskers, trapping dust, allergens, and pollen before they reach the airways.
• Beards can give off subtle scents from their natural oils, allowing them to communicate with their environment in the same way that animals do.

Tips for Growing a Fuller Beard

Sometimes, a full beard can take a while to achieve, with some men having to wait years before their facial hair reaches the desired fullness. Here are some tips to help speed up the process and encourage healthy facial hair growth:
• Eating a balanced and healthy diet. Eating well-balanced meals and ensuring that you’re getting all the necessary vitamins and ensuring you’re well hydrated will give your hair the nutrients it needs to promote growth.
• Get plenty of rest. Hair health is directly related to your overall health and wellbeing. Giving your body more time to rest and recuperate allows the body to produce more testosterone, which is essential for healthy hair growth.
• Reduce stress. Stress has a direct effect on hair growth, as it can cause an increase in hormones that cause hair loss. Relaxing activities such as meditation and yoga can help reduce cortisol levels and promote healthy hair growth.
• Use the right products. Invest in high-quality shampoos, oils, and balms to give your hair the nutrition and care it needs to keep growing.
• Use scalp stimulation techniques. Massage the scalp regularly with your hands or a hairbrush to stimulate hair follicles, encouraging growth.


Are you considering growing a full beard? If so, then you’re in the right place! This guide outlines all the steps you need to take to grow a healthy, full beard. From finding the right style, to using the right products, to understanding the facts about beards, this guide will set you up for success. With patience, you’ll be able to achieve your desired look, as well as confidence and pride in your facial hair care routine.

Paul Richardson is a master barber and an expert in men's beard care. He has been cutting hair for more than 15 years and loves to help people look their best. Paul specializes in styling beards, offering advice on the right products and techniques to use, and providing grooming tips that will keep your beard looking great.

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