How To Fill In A Beard

1. How To Choose The Right Beard Style

Having a beard can make a real statement about a man, but for that effect to be striking, the right style has to be chosen. To do this, men should take into account their face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.
When it comes to the face shape, the right beard can really make a difference, as it can help to accentuate one’s natural features. Professional barbers can be consulted, and they can provide advice on the best style of beard for a particular face shape. Those with oval faces are said to be lucky, as almost any beard style suits this shape.
Deciding on the type of hair a man has is also important. Thick hair will require more maintenance than thin hair, since thick hair is harder to keep in shape and neat. Men should also consider their lifestyle when deciding on the best beard style for them. Are they going to be able to spare enough time to maintain the chosen beard style?
There are some styles that require more dedication and commitment than others, such as the goatee, the handlebar moustache, and the full beard.

2. Tools Needed To Maintain The Beard

Once the style has been decided on, the next step is to purchase the items to keep it in shape and looking neat. The tools may vary, but certain items are essential. These include a beard brush and/or comb, scissors and trimmers, beard wash, and some type of wax, oil, or balm.
These can be used to comb and brush the beard regularly, as well as keeping it clean and healthy by washing with a specialized beard wash. Specialized scissors and trimmers must be used, as they are specially designed to allow men to shape their beard with precision. Wax, oil, or balm must also be used to keep the beard healthy and to give it some definition.

3. How To Shape Your Beard

Beard shaping can be a tricky task, but it is one that is necessary for a more groomed look. It is important to use specialized trimmers and scissors, as these will give more control and will be able to cut with precision.
Once these tools have been purchased, men can start shaping their beard. They must use the different attachments to get the desired length and relief on the desired areas. It is important to take small steps and check the look every now and then by using a hand mirror.
For a more precise cut, professionals may be consulted and they can provide a much more detailed job.

4. How To Keep The Beard In Shape After Shaving

Once the beard has been shaped, the task of keeping it in the same shape arises. To do this, daily care must be taken and wax, oil, or balm must be used. These will keep the beard lubricated and soft, making styling much easier.
It is important to use a beard brush and/or comb to detangle and aid in the styling process. This should be done every day, and preferably after showering or bathing.

5. Styling Tips To Enhance The Beard

Once the beard has been shaped, there are some tricks that can be used to enhance the look. Applying wax, oil, or balm to give the beard a more defined shape and to keep it hydrated is one such trick.
Another is to use a blow dryer to give the beard more volume. This is achieved by blowing the hair dry in the direction the hair naturally grows. This will give the beard more dimension and make it look fuller.

6. Removing Unwanted Hairs

Removing unwanted hairs is essential to keep the beard looking neat and groomed. To do this, tweezers, facial razor, and a trimmer may be utilized.
Tweezers are ideal for taking out small, single hair, and facial razors are suitable for larger portions of hair that need to be removed. The trimmer is also handy for shortening the length of hair, as well as for trimming around the edges for a more even look.

7. Grooming Habits For A Manicured Beard

To keep the beard looking great, certain grooming habits must be adopted. Washing the beard is one. This should be done every day, as dirt and oils can accumulate in the beard, making it look unhealthy and greasy.
It is also important to oil and/or wax the beard on a regular basis to avoid splitting ends and dryness. Men should also comb their beards regularly and consider drying their beards after showering or bathing.

8. Benefits Of Having A Beard

Having a beard is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has myriad of benefits. The most obvious one is the protection it provides against external elements such as the sun, wind, and cold air.
Beards also help to reduce sweat, as it covers the pores in the face and traps the moisture against the skin. Additionally, beards can help to reduce the symptoms of skin allergies and/or dermatitis, as the beard traps any unwanted elements away from the skin and locks in any moisturizing products.

9. Taking Care Of The Skin Underneath The Beard

Having a beard does not mean the skin underneath it should be forgotten about. It is essential to take the same care of the skin under the beard as is given to the beard itself.
Cleansing and moisturizing products should be used to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Facial scrubs and exfoliants can also be used to remove any dirt and oils on the skin, as well as to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

10. Professional Advice On Keeping A Manicured Beard

Although there are many tips and tricks out there on how to maintain a manicured beard, it is recommended that men seek advice from a professional barber or hairstylist. These professionals are able to assess an individual’s face and hair type, and also his lifestyle choices, to provide tailored advice on the best beard style and grooming habits that will suit him best.

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