How To Fade Beard Cheeks

Using The Right Shaving Technique

It takes time and effort to make sure your beard looks the way you want it to. It is not just a simple case of shaving it off, but rather a methodical process. When you are looking to achieve a fade beard look, the main difficulty is to make sure that the subtle gradient that goes from light to dark is even and looks natural. To achieve this, it is important to know how to properly fade your beard.
When it comes to fading your beard, the most important tool is the razor. It is important to use one with a sharp blade to ensure that you get a clean and even shave. Also, you should avoid using a double-edged razor as it can lead to a lot of irritation and razor bumps on the skin. It is best to use a single-bladed razor with either a stabiliser or movable blade guard that can help to create an even and uniform shave.
When it comes to the actual technique of fading your beard, it is best to start on the cheeks as they are the most visible part of the beard. First, you should use some pre-shave oil on the skin before starting to ensure that your skin is lubricated and protected from the razor. This will also help to reduce irritation when shaving. Then, you should use your razor in a gentle side-to-side motion to slowly shave away the hairs in the beard until you get the desired look.

Choosing The Right Shaving Product

When shaving your beard cheeks to achieve the perfect fade, it is important to use the right shaving product. Using a good quality shaving cream or gel helps to protect your skin from the razor and also helps to reduce irritation. Additionally, it adds a layer of lubrication that allows the razor to glide over the skin, resulting in a smoother and more even shave.
When it comes to selecting the right shaving product, it is important to know what type of skin you have. Those with sensitive skin should opt for a product that is specially formulated to be gentle on the skin. For those with normal skin, almost any type of shaving cream or gel should do the job. However, it is important to note that different products have different ingredients and textures so it is worth doing some research to make sure you are using the right product for your skin type.

Taking Care After Shaving

Once you have finished shaving and achieving your desired fade beard look, it is important to take proper care of your skin. One of the most important things to do is to apply a moisturiser or aftershave balm to your skin, to provide some hydration and nourishment. This is especially important for those with sensitive skin, as the razor can leave the skin feeling dry and irritated.
It is also important to remember to clean your tools after you are finished shaving. This helps to get rid of any bacteria and dirt that could lead to irritation or infection. Additionally, it is important to change the razor blades often to make sure that each shave is clean and perfect.

Trimming To Enhance The Look

It is also important to trim the beard cheeks regularly to maintain the desired fade look. Prolonging or neglecting to trim the beard cheeks will result in an uneven and patchy look. To trim correctly, it is important to use a pair of small scissors that are specifically designed for beard trimming. This helps to ensure that the trim is even and helps to keep the desired shape. Additionally, by using scissors rather than a razor to trim, it is less likely to cause irritation or razor bumps.

Enhancing The Look With Style Products

Once the fade beard cheeks look is achieved, it is important to use styling products to ensure that the look is maintained. Typical hairstyling products such as wax, creams and gels can be used to hold the shape of the beard and maintain the desired look. Applying them is relatively easy and it is worth experimenting with different products to find the ones that work for you.

Dealing With Long Hair On The Cheeks

If you have long hair on the cheeks, it can be tricky to achieve the desired fade look without it looking patchy or uneven. The same process applies as before, but instead of using a razor it is best to trim the hairs before using a razor or scissors. This helps to ensure that the desired shape is achieved and the fade transition is even and gradual.


Achieving a perfect fade beard look on the cheeks doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools, techniques and products, it is possible to create a look that is both stylish and neat. From using the right shaving technique and product to trimming and styling, there are a number of steps that you can take in order to achieve the desired look.

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