How To Dye Grey Beard Hair

Improving Beard Quality

The relationship between men and beards has evolved since early times. Most men are aware of the benefits of having a beard as it can be a sign of manly pride, strength and flexibility. But, in the modern-day, having grey hair in the beard can decrease its aesthetic appeal. For these reasons, many men have started to dye their beard grey hair. The general idea of beard hair dyeing may sound complicated but it is an incredibly easy process to learn. Here is the complete guide on how to dye grey beard hair like a pro.

Choosing the Best Beard Dye

The first step to dyeing grey beard hair is to choose the right dye. Before buying a dye, it’s important to consult a barber or a suitable expert to determine the most suitable shade according to the individual’s hair and skin type. A few temporary and permanent dyes are available in markets like Just For Men and GreyFree. While temporary dyes are low-budget, they can stain the skin, while permanent dye is not easily removable and also have higher risks of allergies. So, one should weigh all the factors and decide which one to opt for.

Preparing the Beard

For maximum effectiveness of the dye, it is essential to prepare the beard. This includes the use of a trimmer to cut the beard to the desired length, followed by a thorough combing to remove the tangles. This process is necessary to ensure a uniform shade throughout the beard. According to experts, it is always better to use scissors instead of a trimmer as it provides more control over the beard style. Also, regardless of the shampoo used during a regular bath, one should use a different shampoo for the beard dye. Using a shampoo that has color-guard is highly recommended for this purpose.

Application of Dye

The contents of the bottle should be mixed in equal portions and poured into the palette. It is essential to use a brush, to apply the dye. The user should start from the section near the neck and later move towards the jawline. It is important to ensure that the dye is applied on both sides of the beard while working section by section. The entire beard should be evenly saturated and all patches should be covered. To avoid a patchy color and accidental spills, one should wear gloves while applying the dye.

Waiting and Washing

Once the beard dye is applied, there is a need to wait for it to settle and start working. Generally, it takes around 5 minutes for all-natural dyes, 20 minutes for semi-permanent dyes, and 25 minutes for permanent dyes. One should keep an eye on the beard and slowly applying the dye in the area where necessary. After the appropriate time, the beard can be washed with a gentle, beard-safe shampoo and then conditioned and dried.

Removing Stains

A common issue faced while dyeing beard grey hair is accidental staining of the skin. If this happens, a solution of exfoliating soap and warm water can be used to wash the area clean again. Secondly, Vaseline or olive oil can be applied in the area to seal the area before dye application. This can reduce the chances of any staining.

Maintaining Color and Quality

Many people try to maintain their beard hair color and quality by using numerous products like beard conditioners, oils, balms and waxes. Such products are quite effective in ensuring that the color of the dyed hair doesn’t fade away quickly. Also, the product should contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to ensure the health of the beard.

Dyeing With Henna

Henna is an herbal product which is commonly used to dye grey beard hair a brownish-red color. This product is natural and can be used to create lighter shades as well, with the help of other herbal items. Henna is a cheap, long-lasting, and safe alternative to store-bought beard dyes.

Using Hair Dyes for Grey Beard Hair

Many men are known to be quite successful in using hair dyes for grey beard hair. This is an ideal salon-like alternative if one is looking for a range of color shades such as burgundy, blonde, red and so on. However, it’s important to put a warning here – hair dyes can be harsh on the skin and also cause burning sensation.

Methods to Strengthen Beard Hair

Apart from dyeing grey beard hair, it’s essential to maintain its quality to give it a great appearance and feel. One should avoid excessive combing and touching the beard, as it can cause damage to the beard hairs. To strengthen the beard from within, one should consume foods or include supplements like biotin, which is a natural nutrient needed for strong, healthy hair growth.

Using Natural Treatments for Grey Beard Hair

There are plenty of natural treatments available to maintain the colour of grey beard hair. One can employ any number of these treatments like oiling the beard regularly, using natural beard masks and dyeing the beard with the help of herbal products like Amla or Indigo.

How To Grow a Longer Beard

Growing a longer beard is not as challenging as one might think. All it requires is patience, as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle. Firstly, it’s essential to follow a balanced diet that provides adequate vitamins and proteins. Secondly, one should refrain from using styling products and styling tools as it can hinder the process of growth. Finally, taking care of the skin around the beard is paramount, for which regular moisturizing can make all the difference.

Grooming Tips for Grey Beard Hair

One should start by trimming the grey beard hairs to an appropriate length with the help of a pair of scissors. The trimming should be done in small sections and by skimming the hair rather than the face, while looking into the mirror. After the trimming is finished, it’s important to apply a light balm or oil to the beard, which will help to add hydration and shine.

Important Beard Maintenance Tips

When it comes to keeping grey beard looking neat and manageable, there are a couple of essential and simple tips that one can follow. Firstly, one should take a break from the dyeing sessions as often as possible. Secondly, one should look into using a good quality beard-comb, which can make all the difference to the overall shape of the beard and its condition.

Beard Dyes for Volumizing and Strengthening Effect

There are some beard dyes that are known to not just color the hairs, but also provide them with a volumizing and strengthening effect. These dyes can help to retain some of the natural oils, add shine, and even help to make the beard look thicker. Apart from strengthening the hair, these products can also minimize itchiness that is caused due to dry skin.

How to Care for a Grey Beard

Caring for a grey beard is just as important as dying it. One should remember that the quality of the beard usually depends on the health of the hair and the skin beneath it. This means, apart from regular shampooing and trimming, one should also have regular massaging of the beard with warm oil. This will help keep it looking clean, shiny, and ultimately attractive.

Using Beard Styling Products After Dyeing

After dyeing grey beard hair, one should also consider using beard styling products. These products will help to keep the beard in place for a long period and maintain its neatness and colour. For this purpose, one can use balms, waxes, serums, clay and oils that are specifically designed for beard styling. Also, styling products must be applied only after the dye has completely dried.

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