How To Do Your Own Beard Fade

How To Do Your Own Beard Fade

When it comes to the craft and artistry of a smart fade, many men often question whether they can do the styling on their own or if a professional barber is absolutely necessary. With the right tools, instructions and a bit of practice, the truth is that an individual can achieve a great looking beard fade all by themselves at home.

Before attempting the job, however, it’s important to understand the basics of beard fading, including the differences between barbering techniques such as a taper, blended fade and tapered fade, and how to identify the level of beard fading desired.

A great and quite popular style to go for is a tapered fade. It’s generally square in shape and more suitable for most facial types. The start is at a very high razor line and the length gradually decreases towards the bottom. To begin, oil up the beard and, using a sharp barber’s trimmer, go for a square type of shape and shave around the neck. Then use the trimmer to take the sides shorter, but not as high as the top. When the top is finished and it flows into the sides, it will produce a lovely, tapered effect.

With electric trimmers, they come in handy when making fades and with the right combination of attachments, creating the right look can be quick and easy. For instance, trimmers come with adjustable guards which can create different lengths of facial hair. To start, place the guard at the end of the highest point of the fading desired and then steadily move it lower down towards the bottom.

Also, men can make more precise fades along the cheeks with a razor blade as it helps make sharper lines for a perfect blend. For this, proper preparation is essential – you’ll need to apply generous amounts of shaving cream, ensuring your skin is properly hydrated for an easier shave. Follow with a sharp razor and shave downwards with your beard growth direction, before finishing off the product with an aftershave balm.

Besides method and technique, the most important tool used to create fades is a quality trimmer. Doing research and reading reviews is key as not all shavers are created equal. Invest in one that is well-built and made to last, while having all the features needed to master a crisp fade. It should have adjustable guards, guards available in many sizes, and a cord or battery-powered motor that runs quietly and smoothly.

In the end, doing your own fade is possible but with the help of some ideal tools. With some practice, before and after experiences along with patience, an individual can accomplish an evenly faded beard tailored to the extent desired.

Tips and Tricks

Having the right tools is essential, but knowing specific tips and tricks along the way can make the process easier. When fading a beard, take your time and proceed slowly with caution as it’s very easy to take too much off, and it takes quite a bit of time to grow a beard back out. A good idea is to not take off any more length than absolutely necessary.

Additionally, to keep the fade looking well groomed and professional, regularly use a beard trimmer and scissors to tidy up any strays. This will also help achieve a uniform shape. Likewise, using a beard oil to soften and nourish your beard helps in not only styling but also maintaining an intense, glamorous look.

Finally, when performing a beard fade, understanding how often to perform the style for an optimal result is important as different lengths require different services. Generally, most individuals choose to get the fade done every four to six weeks, so the beard hair doesn’t grow too far past the preferred length before you go for the trim.


When it comes to the right tools and accessories, there’s a range of products designed to help make achieving a great beard fade easier. For starters, a comfortable, cordless trimmer is a great option, such as Braun Multigroom Series 7, and many trimmers come with a number of different attachments, everything from a frame trimmer to a nose and ear trimmer, making those hard-to-reach places a breeze.

Besides, an anti-perspirant and aftershave, shaving products like whisks, laser-sharp blades, and pre- and post- shave oil are invaluable during the process. Also, investing in a boar brush helps comb the facial hair which provides a cleaner and more accurate cut for the fade.

For a more professional looking fade and extra stylish touch, use finishing products such as leave-in conditioners, waxes and beard balms. The wax and balms should be worked through with a comb while a leave-in conditioner is ideal to be used just before leaving the house.


Apart from the aesthetic and creative element, fading a beard also serves to reduce the amount of maintenance necessary to keep it looking sleek and sharp. Providing facial hair with a fresh, clean, and well-defined look, fades serve the purpose of making beards more manageable to maintain with hassle-free daily grooming.

Additionally, beard fades can also help make a man more noticeable and successful in his personal and professional life. With a positive attitude and a sharp-looking fade, individuals can project confidence, as other people may take one’s decisions and accomplishments more seriously.

Finally, beard fades provide the opportunity for men to express their personality and sense of style, as the right fade serves to emphasise their facial features. From a creative standpoint and styling, a fade can be customised to an individual’s desired look.

Styling Products

A key factor of fading a beard well and looking great is the right styling product. A must-have during the process is a bar of soap or a beard wash to rid the area of excess oils and to keep the parting clean while making sure to keep the beard and skin hydrated.

Furthermore, any specific styling products used should be chosen carefully and based on one’s needs, as there are a variety of these on the market. For instance, highly-effective mousses, sprays, and creams are available and can be used for different beard types, depending on their characteristics.

In addition, styling balms are becoming increasingly popular for men, as they not only provide great styling options but also condition and nourish the skin and hair.

Finally, quality oils should also be applied with care to ensure the beard remains healthy and strong. From starting the fading process to a daily styling routine, quality products are definitely necessary.


Fading a beard is a worthwhile journey in that it requires regular maintenance and upkeep in order to maintain its shape and style. This will not only help keep the face looking well groomed and neat but also take away any uncomfortable feelings or itching.

To begin, regular trimming every three to four weeks is important, as a beard grows quickly and needs upkeep. On average, it takes around an hour to maintain a nicely faded beard and keep it looking sharp.

Also, using a good beard conditioner can help soften the hair and make it easier to comb and groom, eventually illuminating the fade and making it more noticeable.

For washing, many men turn to specialist products like beard shampoos which help to keep the facial hair clean without stripping it of its natural oils. Moreover, using oils such as argan or jojoba can moisturise both the beard and underlying skin.

Finally, men should invest in a comb with teeth-spacing appropriate for styling the beard, not cleanly combing through it. Brushes help to make styling easier, as they can remove loose hairs, create density to the beard, and even act as a massager, helping resolve any underlying skin issues.

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