How To Cut The Perfect Beard

Hygiene Habits

Taking care of your facial hair doesn’t just mean cutting it every now and again. To keep your facial hair in top condition, you need to wash it regularly, and keep it looking neat and tidy. Even if you don’t choose the full-on look, keeping the facial hair clean and groomed will make it nicer to look at.
It’s best to begin your hygiene routine by wetting your beard with warm water, as this will help soften the hairs and make them easier to work with. Applying a quality beard oil or balm can also help to hydrate your facial hair, keeping it smooth, healthy and manageable.

Choosing the Proper Beard Shape

When choosing your facial hair shape, you should take into consideration the shape of your face. Ideally, the beard should balance out the face, highlighting your features in a positive way. Before cutting, you should decide specifically what kind of beard you want to go for – a straight sided beard, a round beard, etc.
If you’re styling your facial hair for the first time, it’s best to go for a simpler beard style. As you become more comfortable with the process, you can experiment with more elaborate looks. When determining the shape of your beard, you should also take into consideration the thickness, length, and colour of your facial hair.

Preparing Your Equipment

Before you begin to cut your beard, it’s important that you have the right equipment. This includes a quality razor, trimmer, clippers and scissors. The razor should ideally be a safety razor, as this will give you greater control when shaping your facial hair. You should also make sure that you’re using sharp blades.
Using a comb, you should begin by evenly distributing the facial hair across your face. Before picking up the razor, it’s useful to mark the outline of the beard first – this will act as a reference point when you actually start cutting.

Creating The Outline

Once you have marked out the desired outline, you can begin to cut your beard with a trimmer or clipper. When starting, it’s best to err on the side of caution, as it’s much easier to reduce the length further than to have to add back in parts that you have removed. Work slowly, running the razor over the same area multiple times if necessary.
When cutting, hold the razor perpendicular to the face, and move it in very small, gentle motions. Once you have achieved the desired length, it’s important to blend the lower lengths with the upper portions. This will create a smooth transition, and even out the beard.

Scalloping and Carving The Beard

One of the key techniques in creating a neat beard is scalloping. This involves cutting away the textured and outlying hairs at the sides and lower parts of your beard. It helps to create a neat and symmetrical look, shaping the overall beard.
Carving is another technique used to add definition and shape to the beard. This involves removing the bulk of the beard, and sculpting the desired shape. You should begin this process near the ear, and move up and around the jaw work. When carving, focus on making sure that the lines are neat and have accurate symmetry.

Maintaining The Look

Once you have achieved the desired look, you should begin to trim your facial hair regularly. This will help to maintain the desired shape, whilst keeping it looking neat. Regular clipping and trimming will also help to keep your facial hair in the best possible condition.
For the best results, it’s worth investing in the right equipment. This includes quality razors, clippers, scissors, and a comb. These tools will not only reduce the amount of effort spent maintaining your facial hair, but also increase the overall quality. It’s also worth investing in a quality beard oil or balm, to keep your facial hair nourished, moisturised and smelling great.

Taming problem Hairs

One of the most frustrating things when trying to keep your beard in shape is those unruly hairs that refuse to cooperate. While they may look good on certain bearded individuals, they could be detrimental to the overall look of your style.
To deal with these annoying hairs, you should use a small comb to brush the hair into the desired shape first. Next, you can use either a trimmer or beard wax to shape the hairs into place. It’s best to use a trimmer for longer hairs and beard wax for shorter, finer hairs.

Brushing to Enhance Shine

Once the cutting and shaping is finished, finishing touches should be put in place. To increase the shine of your beard, and give it a neat, groomed look, you should brush it. Using a boar’s-hair brush, gently brush your facial hair in the direction of growth. Repeat this motion around 10 times, as this will help to spread the natural oils throughout your beard.
For an added shine, you can use a good quality wax or balm. These products can help to keep facial hair hydrated, while adding a glossy finish.

Avoiding Mistakes

No matter how experienced you are, it’s only natural to make mistakes. The key is to be patient – if you make a mistake, take a few deep breaths and try to clear your mind. It’s better to take a few extra minutes to refine the shape than to rush through and end up with an un-even beard.
Taking small steps is also important. Use your fingers to check that the lines are where you want them to be before you actually use the razor. Picking up an extra comb or brush also helps, as it gives you an overall indication of how your beard will look once it’s been cut.

Additional Techniques

A great technique to help you create a neat and tidy look is lining. Lining involves shaving the area underneath the neck, around the Adam’s apple, and the hair line around the neck. To begin, use the trimmer to cut away any excess hairs, and then use a razor or razor blades to create a straight line or add angles.
The last technique is point cutting. Point cutting is where you cut the topmost layer of the beard by holding the razor or trimmer at an angle, creating points in the direction of growth. This will help create a textured look with some volume.
No matter what style you choose for your beard, following these steps will help you create a neat, tidy and stylish look. Patience and focus are the key to creating the perfect beard. With a little practice and the right equipment, you can soon create the beard of your dreams.

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