How To Cut Beard Cheek Line


Before starting on shaping your cheek line, it is important to understand the best tools that you need in order to get the job done right. A high-quality beard trimmer is highly recommended for this task. The trimmer should have adjustable blades, allowing you to make very precise cuts. Additionally, it is best to opt for a cordless trimmer for the most convenience and control. An extra-long handle will also help you control the trimmer with ease. A pair of scissors and a comb are also essential tools for beard trimming. Finally, make sure to also have a fine-toothed comb on hand for lining up and ensuring accuracy of the cut.


Before you begin with the actual trimming, it is important to prep your beard and the area you’re going to cut. The first step is to use scissors to keep the length of your beard in check. You will want to cut it to the desired length you want it to be. Comb out the beard to ensure all hairs are evenly distributed. Ensure the area that you plan to trim is taut, use a comb to pull it in the direction you want it to line up.


Now, you’re ready to get started with forming your cheek line. Begin from the corner of your mouth, so your starting point looks natural. Position the trimmer parallel to your jawline and cheekbone, setting the guard to the length you want your cheek line to be. Make sure to take your time during this step, ensuring that trimmer guard is in line with the angle of your jaw.


Once the trimmer is in the right position, it’s time to start trimming away the excess hair. Take slow and steady cuts, ensuring that you trim evenly on both sides of your face. Make sure that your trimmer is going in the same direction and turning around the same amounts each time. As you go, check in a mirror to make sure that your cheeks are looking proportionate.

Check & Adjust

Once you’re done with the trimming, take a step away from the mirror and take a look at your newly formed cheek line. Take time to evaluate and make sure you have created the desired look. Evaluate from a distance to ensure that both sides look symmetrical. If needed, you can always adjust the length and shape by going back in with the trimmer and making adjustments.


Finally, use a fine-toothed comb to brush away any leftover hairs. Carefully comb in the direction of your cheek line, making sure to remove any strays. This step is also great for blending the cut hairs, creating a soft and natural looking beard line.


Once your cheek line is cut and shaped, maintenance is key. It’s important to frequently use a trimmer or scissors to trim away stray hairs. This will ensure that your beard cheek line remains in shape and looking the same. Additionally, you can use beard oil or balm to protect and moisturize your beard.


Once you’ve gotten all of the basics of beard trimming down, you can begin to experiment with shaping your cheek line. A hard line, also known as a “sharp” line, gives your beard a very defined and structured look. A curved line can be used to give your beard a softer, more relaxed look. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also combine both hard and soft lines for a more balanced look.


Fading is also a great way to create an interesting shape to your beard cheek line. Fading is a technique where the beard is tapered down towards the cheeks, creating a smooth transition. You can gradually fade the beard with a trimmer, going in a downward motion. Start at the full length of the beard and gradually decrease that length as you go down. This technique can be used to create an ombre effect, where the beard gradually fades down to nothing.


Finally, there are a variety of products available in the market that can help you maintain and style your beard. Beard oils and balms are great for conditioning and moisturizing your beard. They also help with protecting against split ends and breakage. Styling products, like beard wax and pomade, can help you to shape and sculpt your beard cheek line.

Trimming Frequency

Trimming the beard cheek line requires maintenance and care. It is important to trim the beard regularly, at least once a week, to keep it looking neat and tidy. If you have a longer beard then you may need to trim more frequently. This will ensure that your beard looks well kept and your cheek line stays in shape.


Shaping the perfect beard cheek line takes time and patience. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve the beard you’ve always wanted. Start by taking care of the basic trimming and preparation, then carefully cut and shape the desired cheek line. Don’t forget to use products and regular trims to maintain and style the perfect look.

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