How To Cover Up Beard With Makeup

Providing Foundation With Primer

The best way to cover up beard with make up is to start with a good quality primer. Primer helps provide the perfect base for your make up and it helps ensure that your make up does not look patchy. Primer also helps create a smooth canvas for the make up to adhere to, allowing for an even coverage of make up over the entire beard area. Primer also helps the make up last longer, and it helps even out aspects such as skin tone and texture, helping to ensure that your make up looks natural and lasting.

choosing the Right Foundation

Once you have applied primer, you are ready to choose a foundation that best suits your skin type and your beard. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone closely, so that the make up looks natural. It is important to be aware that some foundations may contain oils that may cause your make up to look patchy, or even clump; this will make it difficult to cover up the beard completely. It is best to choose a foundation that is non-comedogenic and is long lasting, so that your make up looks neat and covers your beard well.

Applying Make-up Correctly

Applying make up correctly is key in order to effectively cover up your beard. It is important to remember to apply the foundation starting from the center of the face, and then blend it outwards. Use a damp sponge or an appropriately sized brush to spread and buff the foundation gradually and evenly over the beard area, ensuring that you do not leave any patchy spots. Begin by applying the foundation lighty, and then gradually add more for greater coverage.

Concealing the Hair Strands

Once you have applied the foundation, it is important to focus on concealing the individual beard hairs. To do this, a concealer should be used. Choose a concealer that is a few shades darker than your skin, as it may be easier to apply and blend. Apply the concealer onto a precision brush, and then use that brush to apply the concealer onto the individual strands of hair. This will help ensure that the beard is properly concealed.

Setting the Make-up

It is important to set the make up with a good quality powder. This helps to ensure that the make up lasts longer and does not move or smudge. A translucent, loose powder should be used, as this will help to give a polished and seamless look to the beard, and will help to avoid the make up from looking heavy.

Adding Definition

Once the beard has been completely covered, a good way to finish the look is to use a bronzer or a blush to slightly define the face. This helps create a natural looking finish and helps to emphasize the facial features.

Highlighting The Areas

Highlighters are a great tool to use for all make up looks, but it is especially useful for covering up a beard. Applying a subtle highlighter to either sides of your face helps to add more definition and structure, making your beard look less obvious and more polished.

Creating Depth

Creating depth is also a great way to help hide your beard. This can be done by adding a darker shade of powder and bronzer in the areas where the hair is thicker, and a lighter one to the areas where the hair is sparse. This will help give the face more depth, which will in turn help to draw attention away from the beard.

Using Colour Correcting Techniques

Colour correcting is a great technique to use to create a more natural looking finish. By using a colour correcting palette, you can use the different shades to cover up any signs of redness, sallowness or discolouration, which will make it easier to cover up the beard with make up.

Using Setting Spray

It is important to finish off the look with a light setting spray. This helps to keep the make up in place and prevents it from smudging or creasing. Make sure to spray from a distance and use a light mist, so that the beard does not become too wet and the make up does not run.

Using Disguising Spray

Another great way to hide any unwanted facial hair is to use a disguising spray. This spray helps to coat the strands of hair, and it helps to give a mattmed effect to the beard, giving it a more natural look. Make sure to shake the can before use and apply the spray directly on to the strands of hair while holding the can a few inches away from your face.

Using Removal Methods

If you are looking for a longer lasting result that conceals the beard even more, then one of the best ways to cover up the beard is to use one of the hair removal methods such as waxing or threading. These methods provide more precise results, and they can be used to cover up the beard completely, making it easier to hide any sign of facial hair.

Making use of Cosmetic Modifications

Another way to help hide a beard is to make use of cosmetic modifications such as microblading or filler techniques. These techniques can help to create the illusion of a smooth, hairless face, and can provide a much more permanent solution for concealing a beard.

Using Hair Transplants

If you are looking for a more drastic option, then you can consider a hair transplant. This is a procedure where hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the body to the Beard area, helping to create the illusion of a full, thick beard.

Using Hair-building Fibres

If you are looking for a less drastic solution, then using hair-building fibres can be a good alternative. These fibres help to give the appearance of thicker and fuller beard, which helps to cover up any sparse or thin areas.

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