How To Connect My Beard And Mustache

First Steps in Connecting Your Beard and Mustache

Many men styling their facial hair want to make sure they’re connecting the mustache to the beard or goatee in a smooth manner that looks natural. To do this, you’ll need the right tools and products. According to barber and men’s hair style expert, Miguel Angranco, the most important items you’ll need are a good pair of scissors, a comb, and a quality mustache wax.
When trimming your beard and mustache, Angranco suggests using the sharpest scissors you can find. This will help reduce the chances of pulling more than cutting the hairs. A comb is used to help establish the guidelines for where you desire the beard line to drop down. Once you used the scissors to cut the excess length and have trimmed the perimeter of the beard, snip off the hairs in small sections. This will create the desired blend.
Gently comb the mustache hairs inward towards the beard. This will help create a thicker look and add dimension to the overall mustache and beard connection. Angranco says that wax is an important tool when joining the mustache and beard together. Use the wax to help keep hairs in place once the desired styling has been achieved.

Maintenance for an Even Beard and Mustache

Having the right haircut is only half the battle. Staying well groomed is a key part of any man’s style and should not be overlooked. It’s important to keep the skin beneath your beard and mustache clean. Daily washing and exfoliating will reduce bacteria from forming and keep the skin healthy and clean.
The beard and mustache will also require regular trims. Groomsmen recommends trimming your beard every 3-4 weeks with a pair of sharp scissors or a beard trimmer. While trimming, use your fingers to monitor the length. This will help make sure you don’t cut it too close.
The mustache should always be trimmed and combed. Comb the hairs upward at first, then snip the ends of the hairs to neaten your look. You can either use scissors or a mustache trimmer. Angranco suggests using scissors for the upper lip area and an electric trimmer to keep the lower part neat.

Styling Your Connected Beard and Mustache

Besides having a clean-cut look, your beard and mustache connection should also have a style to it. This is where beard oils and balms come into play. Both of these products nourish and soothe the skin beneath the beard and mustache.
Using beard oil can add shine, improve styling and condition the facial hairs. Be sure to choose a good quality oil that contains nourishing ingredients like jojoba and argon oil.
Beard balms are good for taming unruly hairs and keeping the beard soft throughout the day. Most contain cedar wood, almond oil, and beeswax which help thicken, condition and texture the hairs.
Lastly, remember to protect your ‘stache and beard from the sun with a natural-based sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply this product to your neck area too.

Keeping the Connection Right

Creating a neat, tailored look from your mustache to your beard begins with the correct technique and the right tools. By trimming and combing your mustache hairs inward and snipping off the ends of the hairs, you can create a nice blend between the two facial features.
Wax and balms are great for styling and adding texture to the hairs. Remember to also use oils and a natural-based sunblock to keep your facial hairs protected and conditioned.

Common Mistakes When Connecting a Mustache and Beard

Not all men are gifted with the same facial features or know how to correctly maintain them. When styling a beard and mustache, mistakes can easily be made if the right techniques are not applied.
According to barber, Miguel Angranco, common mistakes when connecting the mustache and beard include using blunt scissors, not combing the mustache hairs down, trimming too much or too little length, and not using balms or wax for a more finished look. He suggests always using sharp scissors, combing the hairs down, snipping off the end of the hairs to create a blend, and using wax and balms to style and condition the hairs.

Right Tools for a Neat Connection

Having the right tools for the job can help make any styling process easier. Gently combing the hairs, snipping off the end of the hairs and using wax and balms to style will help you achieve a neat and natural connection between your beard and mustache.
Tools like beard trimmers, sharp scissors, mustache combs and wax can be found in most barbershops. They’ll help ensure you get the clean cut lines you desire. Quality beard oils and balms should also be included in your grooming arsenal.

How To Rock a Connected Beard and Mustache

Once you’ve got your desired beard and mustache connection nailed down, you can rock it with confidence. Wear it with pride and make sure you keep it neat and well groomed. You can be sure that you’ll look stylish, neat and manly.
When asked which facial hair styles are currently fashionable, barber Miguel Angranco reiterated a famous saying – “life is all about balance”. Whether you’re a fan of short, stubble, or even very long beards, you can find a style that works for you.
As long as you take care of your facial hair, keep it groomed, and make sure it looks sharp, your look will remain timeless.

Tips for Shortening Your Facial Hair

It’s important to note that not all facial hair styles are suitable for all men. Some styles may require more hair length than what one’s face can naturally provide. If that’s the case, facial hair enhancement products can be used to help give the hair a more natural look.
Barber Miguel Angranco suggests using razors, trimmers, and scissors to remove excess length, but the most important tool for shortening facial hair is a good clipper. A powerful clipper can quickly and neatly remove length from a beard or mustache. He recommends using a cordless clipper for more precision trimming, as well as for a more comfortable experience.
Adding beard enhancers, such as volumizing fibers, waxes or gels can also help shorten facial hair while providing a natural volume and fullness.

The Right Cut for Your Connected Beard and Mustache

Every man has a unique facial shape and structure, and one of the best ways to enhance your look is to choose the right facial hair cut that works with your face shape. According to barber Miguel Angranco, men should consider using shorter hair around the mouth and on the chin. This creates a neat and well-mannered look, while still maintaining a masculine presence.
If you’re considering a sleek and sophisticated look, being sure to keep the beard and mustache length on the shorter side is a must, as this is the key to achieving a successful blend.
For a more rugged and wild look, you can try letting the mustache and beard to grow out longer, as this will give you more of a luscious, wild style.

Staying Fresh with Your Connected Beard and Mustache

Needless to say, no matter your desired look, keeping the area hydrated and moisturized will help keep your mustache and beard looking neat, soft and shiny. Two of the best ways to do this are to use nourishing lip balms and facial moisturizers.
Lip balms that contain natural ingredients such as beeswax, or even lip balms that contain shea butter and cocoa butter, are great for nourishing your mustache and lips. Facial moisturizers can also help keep your skin beneath the beard and mustache moisturized and hydrated.
Groomers suggest using a moisturizer with antioxidants and SPF. This will help protect the skin from sun damage, as well as nourish and hydrate it.

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