How To Connect Beard To Sideburns

Tools Required

Connecting a beard to sideburns can be a tricky job, so it is necessary to be well equipped with the right tools. A beard trimmer, preferably a cordless electric one, is essential for trimming the beard and creating even lines. When deciding on the right one, it’s important to look for one that has adjustable cutting lengths, as this lets you tailor the cut to your desired shape. Additionally, you’ll want something with good battery life and the capability to be easily manoeuvred at a range of angles and heights.
Other necessary tools are a pair of scissors and a comb, to even out any stray hairs and to further shape the beard. A pair of good-quality scissors is important, as they need to be sharp enough to trim hairs without tugging or snagging them. A small-toothed comb can be used to determine the height of the sideburns, which should taper gently into the beardline.

Trimming and Shaping

Before starting, it’s important to decide the shape of the beard before joining it to the sideburns. This should match the size and shape of the face, as different face shapes require different beard shapes. It should also be tailored to the person’s desired look, as there is no one ‘right’ style.
Once the shape of the beard is determined, you can use the trimmer to start trimming it. Holding the skin taut, run the trimmer up the side of the beard to the desired length. Make sure the trimmer is at the correct angle and height to create a natural-looking, even line that flows into the beard.
Using the scissors and comb in the same way, you can then trim the sideburns. Start by combing the top of the sideburn downwards to the desired length and then snip away the excess. It is important to use short, sharp snips to prevent over-trimming. Once both sides of the sideburns are done, it’s time to connect them to the beard.

Joining Up

Trim the beardline with the trimmer to ensure a neat, even connection between the sideburns and the beard. Holding the trimmer straight up, run it from the sideburns and make sure that the beardline is thinner than the rest of the beard. This helps to create a gradual fade, as the sideburns will extend shorter than the rest of the beard.
Use the comb to tidy up the line and make sure it is even. With the scissors, trim away any stray hairs on the neck and further shape the beard.

Creative Styling

Once the basic shape of the beard is complete, you can get creative and customise your look by adding texture to the sides of the beard and sideburns. This can be done by experimenting with different lengths, shaving thicker lines or adding a distinctive point.
To create a point or line, use the trimmer at an angle and move it downwards along the sides of the beard and sideburns. This creates an angled, pointy look and creates further definition.

Styling and Maintenance

Once everything is trimmed, the beard is ready to be styled. A good styling product like a wax or beard oil will help the beard keep its shape, as well as providing nutrients to the hair and skin.
To maintain the beard, regular trimming and grooming is necessary, as the hairs will grow in different directions over time. At least once a week, use the trimmer and scissors to even out any wayward hairs and keep the shape of the beard. This will prevent the beard from becoming too unruly and help it to look its best.

Growth Products

To help speed up the growth of the beard, there are a range of products available on the market. These can contain vitamins and minerals to increase the rate of hair growth, as well as treating skin conditions like acne and dryness.
It is important to remember that everyone’s beard growth is different and thus, results may vary. Additionally, it is important to consult with a professional dermatologist before investing in any products for growth and health.

Mental and Physical Health Benefits

There are many mental and physical health benefits to having a beard. On a physical level, a beard helps to shield the face from the elements, helping to protect it from sun damage and other environmental factors.
Additionally, there are mental health benefits too. Many people find maintaining a beard very rewarding, as it is an outward reflection of their inner self and pride. Having a beard can also make a person feel more confident and attractive, which in turn can boost self-esteem.

Tips and Tricks

To keep the beard looking its best, here are some of the most effective tips:
• Always use a pair of good-quality scissors to prevent tugging and snagging.
• Pay close attention to the edges of the sideburns and ensure that they are even.
• Use a styling product like wax or beard oil to keep the beard looking neat and tidy.
• Regularly trim the beard to keep it in its desired shape and prevent it from becoming unruly.
• Consult a dermatologist before investing in any products to help with beard growth.

Daily Grooming Routine

Developing a daily grooming routine is an essential part of maintaining a beard. This should ideally include combing and styling the beard to keep it in its desired shape, as well as washing it with a gentle shampoo.
Using a balm or oil will also help to keep the hair and skin soft and hydrated, preventing any dryness or itchiness. Additionally, it is important to remember to trim stray hairs, particularly around the edges and neck, to keep the beard looking neat and tidy.


Connecting a beard to sideburns requires the right tools and technique. With the right trimmer and scissors, as well as a bit of patience, almost anyone can achieve the desired look. Additionally, having a beard can also have mental and physical health benefits, making it a great way to look and feel good. Finally, it is important to remember to keep the beard groomed, combed and styled regularly to ensure it looks its best.

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