How To Comb Long Beard

Beard Maintenance

Taking care of a long beard isn’t too difficult but requires regular attention. Firstly, you must brush your beard at least once a day in order to evenly disperse the natural oils that act as its natural conditioner. An all-natural boar bristle brush is the best option for this purpose, as it will clean your beard without breaking the hair. A wide-toothed comb is also a great asset for detangling and removing dirt and dirt build-up.

Trimming and Shaping

From time to time, it may be necessary to trim or shape your beard. As with all haircuts and styling, it is important to ensure that it is kept at a consistent length by trimming any split ends. However, it’s best to leave the bulk of the styling, such as tapering or shaping, to a professional barber or stylist. This is because it is easy to get your lengths incorrect if you’re a novice and could lead to an inadvertent and unflattering beard shape.


Washing your beard should be done regularly just as you would your hair. A mild shampoo specifically formulated for beards should be used, as regular hair shampoo can be too harsh, stripping the natural oils that groom and protect your beard. A light, refreshing conditioner can also be used afterwards to soften the hair and revive it after styling.


Using a quality beard balm or oil is important to keep your beard hydrated, healthy, and looking its best. Beard oils contain natural ingredients such as argan or jojoba oil, as well as essential oils to provide antioxidant and antiseptic benefits. When applying oil, start at the upper part of the beard and work it down, combing it through with a wide-toothed comb. If a balm is used, it should be applied with fingertips to the top of your beard, and then combed down with a brush to evenly distribute the product throughout the beard.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Due to the important role the hair follicles play in beard growth, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure that it is able to grow at its best. Adding foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, such as oily fish, flaxseed, and walnuts, as well as Vitamin B, can boost hair and beard growth. As well as this, drinking plenty of water is paramount for overall health, and having an adequate amount of sleep is key for ensuring proper hair growth.

Styling Tips

Finally, styling can help bring out the best in your beard. Applying a tiny amount of hair wax or clays to shape your beard can help create a unique and stylish look. A good quality beard balm is also perfect for managing unruly hairs and adding definition where desired.

Alternate Styling

When it comes to styling a long beard, there is much more room to play around with different looks. A braid is one of the more creative and stylish looks, but it requires a certain level of skill to achieve it. Start off by brushing the beard in order to remove any knots and tangles. It is also beneficial to use a small amount of hair wax or pomades to ensure the braids stay in place. Once the beard is brushed and waxed, it is then time to begin braigning. For best results, it is advised to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Natural Hair Maintenance

It is important to note that natural oils from the scalp can travel to the beard, causing it to become greasy or limp. To stop this from happening, it is a good idea to use a natural pre-shave cream to protect the beard from overly-oily skin. In addition, you should wash your beard with a mild shampoo and conditioner every few days to keep it looking and feeling clean without drying it out. Washing twice a week is more than enough, but it may need to be done more often if the beard is particularly long or thick.

Beard Care Routine

For those who want to make sure their long beard is always looking its best, it is recommended to create a beard care routine. This should include a daily brushing, trimming, and moisturizing. To ensure that the beard is in peak condition, it is also advised to use quality beard-care products, such as natural oils and balms, to nourish the skin and hairs. Taking care of a long beard is not always easy, but following these steps will help to keep it looking good and feeling healthy.

Hair Styling Tools

Creating the perfect look with a long beard requires careful upkeep and the right tools. Investing in a good quality beard shampoo, conditioner, and styling products is essential. As mentioned before, a natural bristle brush and a wide-tooth comb are also essential items to keep in your bathroom cabinet. A blow dryer can also be useful for those who want to style their beard or create a tousled look.

Beard Coloring

If you are looking for an easy way to add a little extra flair to your look, then beard coloring is a great option. As per usual, it is best to seek professional advice regarding this. That being said, temporary coloring products such as hairsprays, dyes, and tinted waxes are available from most drugstores. These are great for adding a touch of color and removing any greying for a more vibrant look.

Protective Styling

Long beards can become prone to split ends and breakage. To prevent this, try wearing a hat outdoors and protecting it from the elements, such as wind and sun. In addition, using an all-natural, leave-in conditioner before drying or styling the beard can help keep it moisturized, soft, and healthy. Finally, it is important to avoid harsh styling products when styling the beard, as these can damage and dry out the hairs over time.

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