How To Color Correct Beard Shadow


Colour correcting a beard shadow does not have to be a daunting experience. Simple preparation can take the guesswork out of the process and make colour correcting a much smoother experience.
The foremost step is proper lighting. Natural light is the best option when colour correcting beard shadows, since it provides an accurate representation of colour. Without proper lighting, no matter how experienced one is, the desired result is impossible to achieve.
After obtaining the appropriate lighting, it is important to pick the right tools. Colour correcting makeup is specifically designed for balancing out skin tone disparities, so these are the best for this job. Using the right makeup makes minor imperfections disappear, while covering up bigger discrepancies. A brush is also recommended for dabbing on the corrective makeup.

Colouring Beard Shadow

Once you’ve gathered the material, you can begin colour correcting your beard shadow.Start by understanding the colours you are dealing with. Depending on which colour of beard shadow you are attempting to adjust, you may need to use different makeup shades.
Start by applying foundation to the beard shadow. This will help to minimise the shadows. Start by taking a small amount of foundation on the brush, and evenly apply it onto the beard shadow area. Start from the bottom , working your way up the neck. Applying the foundation will help the colour matching process, since it creates a neutral base and helps in creating a better colour match.
Once you have applied the foundation, take time to choose a colour correcting makeup. If the beard shadow is pink or red, you should use a yellow-based colour corrective makeup. For green or blue beard shadows, purple-based concealer works best.
Another thing to consider when colour correcting beard shadow is your choice in brushes. Choose a brush that will evenly distribute the corrective makeup without wasting product. Remember to apply the makeup with minimal pressure and dab the brush in circular motion, so that the makeup spreads evenly.

Matching Beard Shadow

After you apply the corrective makeup, you must match the colour of the beard shadow to the colour of the rest of the face. Start by blending away the corrective makeup. Again, use small circular motions with a brush. Be gentle in order to prevent smudging the corrective makeup and use a small amount of foundation to blend.
Once the corrective makeup is blended away, apply a foundation that matches the shade of your skin tone. Again, start with a small whit of foundation and work your way up the neck and onto the beard shadow.
Once the foundation has been evenly applied, finish by applying a setting powder to allow for a long wear.


To keep your colour corrected beard shadow looking good for longer, you have to take good aftercare. Cleanse your face gently every night and apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin. This will help prevent any cracks or creases appearing on the skin, which can ruin the look.
Also, avoid touching the beard shadow with your hands, since this could cause it to fade. If the area needs to be touched, use a soft cotton cloth to minimize the risk of fading. Furthermore, try to limit going out into direct sunlight, as the harsh UV rays can cause it to fade.

Use of Hair Products

Using the right hair care products can also be helpful in colour correcting beard shadows. Find a quality light hold hair gel that is rich in moisturizing agents. This will help to add volume and texture to the beard area and will help to hide any remaining shadows.
A volumizing mousse is also a great way to add texture, volume and lift to the beard.It will make it look natural and help to hide any remaining beard shadows.

Makeup Enhancements

Once the beard shadow is properly corrected, you can enhance your makeup look by adding contouring and highlighting. Applying contouring makeup shades to the cheekbones, jawline and temples of the face can help to create a stronger, more defined look.You can then add some highlighting to the areas where you have added contour, making your look even more natural and defined.

Makeup Application

To ensure that your corrected beard shadow looks natural, it is important to take the time to apply it properly. Before applying any colour correcting makeup, ensure that the area is covered with a foundation. This will create a neutral base and will help the colour to match more accurately.
Once that is done, use the desired corrective makeup and blend evenly. When applying the foundation and corrective makeup, dab the brush in circular motions to evenly spread the makeup without smudging or wasting product. When choosing the brush to use, pick one that is dense, so that the makeup is evenly distributed.
Finally, blend away any harsh lines and make sure that the corrective makeup’s colour is seamless with the rest of the foundation.


Once the makeup has been fully applied, finish off by setting it with a powder. This will prevent any cracks or creases from appearing and help the makeup last longer. Dry setting powder works best, but you can also use a powder foundation. Whichever product you choose, start with a small amount and work your way up.


Once the beard shadow is properly corrected and the makeup applied, the last step is aftercare. Proper aftercare is essential to maintain the colour corrective effect.Start by using good quality, non-irritating face wash. This will help to cleansing the area without stripping away the corrective makeup.
Keep the area well hydrated by applying moisturizer every day and night. Next, try not to touch the beard shadow with your hands, since that can cause it to fade. If you need to touch the area, use a soft cotton cloth.
Finally, try to avoid direct sunlight and harsh UV rays, since this can cause the colour to fade.


Colour correcting beard shadow is a tricky task. It requires proper preparation and knowing which steps to follow.
Start by getting the right lighting, then choose the right makeup and brush. When colour correcting the beard shadow, make sure to understand the colours, apply corrector makeup, and match the colour of the beard shadow and the rest of the face.
Also, take precautions to take good aftercare and the right hair products can add a natural look. To finish up, use contouring and highlighting to enhance the look and make sure to apply the makeup with circular motions and set it with powder.

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