How To Color Beard And Mustache

Adding A Different Colored Beard

Coloring your beard or mustache is a fun way to express yourself and make a unique fashion statement. Hair coloring is a simple and straightforward process and comes with a wide range of colors to choose from. With the right tools and some know-how, dyeing your facial hair is a simple, safe, and effective way of adding a new look to your style.

Preparing Your Face

Before you begin dyeing your facial hair, it’s important to make sure your face is prepped and ready for the coloring process. First, remove any excess facial hair and ensure the area is clean and free of debris. Comb through your beard to make sure that the hair is even and there are no knots. Then wash your face and beard with a gentle face cleanser to remove any dirt, grime, or bacteria.

Applying The Dye

Once your face is clean, dry it with a clean towel and apply petroleum jelly to your skin to protect it from the dye. When applying the dye, it’s best to use a dye specifically formulated for facial hair. This will ensure that your facial hair is colored evenly and that the application is safe for your skin. When applying the dye, it’s important to thoroughly coat all of your hair evenly, leaving no patches or bald spots.

Setting The Color

Once the dye has been applied, it’s time to set the color. To do this, cover your face with a plastic shield or wrap it in a cloth. This will keep the dye from being removed by sweat and other forms of moisture. Additionally, you may want to use a blow dryer or other heat-based styling tool to help the dye penetrate deeper into your beard or mustache.

Removing The Dye

After the dye is set, it’s important to remove it in order to avoid any irritation or skin damage. To do this, use a gentle cleanser to wash the dye out, being sure to avoid any scrubbing or harsh strokes. Once the dye is removed, rinse your face with cool water and apply a moisturizer to soothe the skin.

Sealing The Color In

Once the dye is removed, it’s important to seal the color in for lasting results. This can be done by using a beard oil or conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair. This will lock in the color and keep your facial hair looking great. Additionally, it’ll help keep your skin healthy and your beard or mustache looking vibrant.


To keep your facial hair looking its best, you’ll need to touch up the color every few weeks or months. This will ensure that the color stays vibrant and your beard or mustache looks great. For best results, use the same dye you used originally and try to use the same color.


After dying your facial hair, it’s important to take care of your skin and beard. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and a mild exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells. Apply a nourishing moisturizer to nourish the skin and a leave-in conditioner or beard oil to keep your facial hair healthy and looking great.

Avoiding Irritation And Damage

When dyeing your facial hair, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent any potential irritation and damage. Make sure to always use a dye specifically designed for facial hair, as this will be gentler on your skin and hair. Additionally, use a skin protectant such as petroleum jelly to protect the skin from the dye. If any irritation or damage occurs, stop the coloring process immediately and contact a dermatologist.

Choosing The Right Color

When selecting a color for your facial hair, it’s important to choose one that complements your natural skin tone and hair color. Avoid drastic changes and instead opt for subtle, natural looking colors that will enhance your look. Additionally, if you have any allergies or sensitivities, make sure to choose a dye specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Using Professional Dye

If you’re looking for lasting results, it’s best to use professional dye when dyeing your facial hair. Professional dyes are specifically designed for facial hair and are more likely to offer a consistent look and vibrant color. Additionally, a professional colorist will be well-versed in the proper techniques and products necessary for the best results.


Coloring your facial hair is a fun and easy way to express yourself and create a unique look. With the proper preparation and techniques, you can easily and safely dye your beard or mustache and have a look you love. Just remember to always use a facial hair dye specifically formulated for your skin type, protect your skin with a skin protectant, and use only professional dyes for the best results.

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