How To Clean Up A Growing Beard

Tools And Preparation

Before tackling any kind of hair care it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. For cleaning up a beard, the equipment needed is relatively simple – a light bar soap and a trimmer, with interchangeable combs if possible. Additionally, a reviving oil or balm can be used to condition the facial hair while providing light hold.
Another important factor to consider before beginning is the choice of the appropriate shampoo. It’s necessary to choose a product that won’t strip away all of the natural oils. This can cause havoc with the beard, making it dull and brittle.
When preparing to clean a beard, it’s also recommended to have a pre-shave ritual in order to open up the pores and soften the facial hair. A hot towel or steam-based facial treatment is ideal for this purpose.

Steps To Cleaning Up A Beard

Now that the necessary tools and preparation are in order, it’s time to get to the actual cleaning. Follow the steps below for a clean and tidy look:
Start by using a light soap to rinse away any dirt, product or oily build-up. To do this, lather the soap on both hands and massage the entire facial hair region. Take extra care to clean the edges near the cheeks and neck.
Rinse the soap off thoroughly and then pat the face dry with a towel. Don’t rub vigorously as this can aggravate the skin. Once the beard is adequately dry, take the trimmer and begin to shape the facial hair, following the natural contours of the face.
Lightly trim the perimeter of the beard, taking off any errant whiskers. Take the longest comb setting and cut the top of the facial hair. This keeps the beard looking tidy and neat.
Now use either an oil or balm to condition the hairs. This helps to hydrate the beard and prevent the hairs from coarsening. Focus on the desired direction of growth and massage the product into the facial hair.

Maintenance For Cleaner Growth

Cleaning up a beard demands regular maintenance. Start by applying oil or balm each day to lock in hydration and also fix in the desired shape of the facial hair. Additionally, make sure to shampoo the beard on a weekly basis to keep the facial hair healthy and clean.
Be sure to combine the shampoo with a hot towel and an appropriate conditioner. This ensures the hairs won’t become too dry, allowing them to grow out better. Additionally, it’s important to trim the beard on a daily basis and use a light aftershave once the grooming is complete.

Grooming Habits For Clean Aesthetics

Apart from the daily and weekly maintenance, there are habits that can lead to better cleaning of facial hair. The following tips ensure the beard will stay healthy and clean:
Avoid overuse of styling products. These can leave the facial hair looking greasy and clumped. If a light, natural wax or pomade is desired, be sure to use only a small, pea-sized amount
Always comb or brush the beard after showering, using either a natural boar’s hair brush or a wide-toothed comb. This helps to prevent tangles and keep the hairs in the right direction.
Finally, comb or brush the facial hair throughout the day if necessary. This ensures no clumping or dulling of the facial hair.

Beard Health Benefits

Apart from creating an aesthetic look, a well-cared for beard comes with many benefits for the individual. These include:
A study conducted by Manchester University, U.K., showed that regular use of oil and balms on facial hair helps to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.
This is because the oils and waxes form a protective layer, blocking out harmful UV radiation.
The use of oil and balms also helps to create a softer texture and fuller look. This can prevent premature hair loss and improve self-confidence.
Additionally, products such as beard shampoo and conditioner contain nutrients and vitamins which help to moisturize and strengthen the hair. This keeps the beard growing faster and healthier.

Avoid Over-Grooming

It’s important for the Beard owner to avoid over-grooming. The facial hair might start to look droopy and unwelcoming if too much of it is pruned away.
Instead of focusing on removing excessive quantities of hairs, a lighter touch should be employed when trimming. This way, the desired style can be achieved without sacrificing the overall look of the bearded individual.
Be careful not to trim too close to the skin either. This can lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs and other unsightly outcomes.

Tools Do Matter

Just as with any form of hair care, it’s essential to use the right tools. Try to avoid using outdated or rusty instruments due to the likelihood of infection and skin irritation.
Be sure to buy the right combs or trimmers for the job. These should have the appropriate settings for the desired shape and depth of the beard.
It’s also important to use the right bearding items. Products such as balms and oils should be chosen with the right ingredients, which are designed to soothe the skin and keep the facial hair looking healthy.

Fashion Trends And Flair

Nobody likes a boring beard. The fashion world has embraced facial hair with a flourish and there are now many ways you can dress up your beard for style.
From man-buns, to unique shapes and accessories, there are endless possibilities for accessorizing a beard. Taking fashion inspiration from celebrities and bearded athletes can also help to optimize your bearded look.
When accessorizing a beard, just remember to invest in quality items such as barber-approved combs, waxes and other products.


Cleaning up a beard is an important part of facial hair maintenance. Having the right tools is essential to get that fresh and neat look. Daily grooming and a good shampoo ritual will keep the beard looking tidy and healthy.
Finally, it’s important not to go overboard with the grooming. Leave some hairs for flair, customizing the facial hair for the desired look.
In this way, a beard can be well-groomed, visually appealing and still retain its natural masculine appeal.

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