How To Choose Beard Style

Determining Your Facial Shape

Having a clearly defined facial structure is the foremost step when considering styling your beard. This can help you pick a style that is both flattering and suitable for your personal features. Facial shapes vary from individual to individual, but generally come in four forms. Diamond-shaped faces, for example, are well-defined along the jawline and have a narrow forehead; whereas, square-shaped faces have a broad forehead, a firm jawline, strong hairline and wide chin. Oval-shaped facial structures are longer than they are wide with a gentle rounded jawline, and heart-shaped faces typically taper towards the bottom.

Gaining Insight Through Research

Taking the time to research different beard styles can help when narrowing down your choices. Knowing the type of facial structure you possess is key; but there is more to a beard than meets the eye. Consider facial hair growth patterns, colouring and the amount of time needed to maintain the look. With that being said, it will also benefit you to familiarize yourself with beard length categories, such as stubble, goatee, full beard or circle beard. Understanding these aspects can help when finding the most complimentary style for your face.

Consulting an Expert

Learning from an expert can prove to be extremely beneficial if you’re curious about changing your facial hair. Visiting a barber or trichologist is the best way to ensure you receive the expert advice needed to pick formally styled facial hair that suits your style and personality. They can also provide guidance on maintenance techniques, beard-care products and shaping devices to help ensure your beard looks precisely the way you want.

Choosing the Right Products

It is important to choose the right products for your beard style. You will want to purchase items specifically made for facial hair, such as quality beard oil, balms and other beard-conditioning products that can provide needed softness and texture. You may also want to consider purchasing a beard brush and comb. These items can help create the desired shape of your beard.

Maintaining Your Beard

No matter what style of beard you choose, regular maintenance counts for a lot. All beards need to be trimmed, shaped and conditioned in order to stay looking neat and well-groomed. These activities should be done at least once a week. Too much upkeep can cause the beard to become thin and unimpressive, while too little can result in an unattractive, overgrown look.

Create Your Own Beard Style

Creating your own style can be exciting, but it will require a dedicated effort. Consider experimenting with different lengths, shapes and products. This can allow you to express your style, while also giving you an opportunity to experiment and create a look that is more distinctive and personalized.

Embracing Your Beard

Remember that it takes time for a beard to develop, so be patient and embrace it! Many people tend to over-trim their beards, which can cause the growth process to be halted- and it’s completely normal for facial hair to come in at different rates. If you continue to feel down about your facial hair growth, remember that everyone’s beards are unique and there is no “perfect” beard style that needs to be achieved.

When Clean Shaven Works Best

Sometimes, a clean-shaven look can be the most flattering and easiest to maintain. It all depends on your facial structure and preference. While some people love a full beard, it isn’t always suitable for every face shape. It is important to remember that clean-shaven is also an option and can be just as attractive as a bushy face of stubble.

Understanding Hair Texture

The texture of your facial hair can also determine how well your chosen style works. If you have curly and wavy hair, then it will be more difficult to maintain a neat sleek style; whereas if you have fine, straight hair it will be much easier to style. Understanding this can help in choosing the style that’s most suited for you.

Considering Colour and Undertones

The colour of your facial hair is an important aspect to consider when selecting a style. Not all beard styles look the same on different hair colours. For instance, a ginger-coloured beard is typically best with a short-to-medium length, whereas a darker-coloured beard typically requires more maintenance when grown long. Additionally, cool skin tones look best with shades of blue, while warm skin tones can help offset darker shades, such as black or brown.

Knowing When to Change Your Style

It is natural to want to switch up your style. When this happens, use the same techniques, such as researching styling options, consulting an expert and using high-quality facial hair products. Additionally, conduct personal experiments and be mindful of the impact on your facial structure. Additionally, if you want to make drastic changes, seek out an experienced barber.

Considering Upkeep and Maintenance

When selecting a style, you’ll also want to consider the amount of upkeep and maintenance required. Some beard styles demand frequent maintenance and require a bit of patience. Additionally, consider the level of skill and effort needed to attain the look you desire.

Picking Suitable Accessories

When trying to create a unique style, it can be helpful to accessorize. Accessories, such as beard bands, shapers or combs can give your facial hairstyle the extra “oomph” your looking for. However, it is important to remember that when styling a beard, less is usually more. Too many products or accessories can create a look that appears overdone.

Knowing When to Seek Professional Help

It is important to note that styling your own beard isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you are considering a more complex look or have questions, consider seeking professional help from a stylist. A professional will be able to help you create a style that is both flattering and easy to maintain.

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