How To Apply Fake Beard With Spirit Gum

Choosing a Fake Beard

It is very important to choose a fake beard that looks as natural as possible. The size, shape, and color of the beard must be compatible with the natural hairline of the person wearing the beard. Synthetic beards made of nylon or polyester can easily be purchased from costume shops or online. Animal hair such as mink, goat, or yak hair is the best option for the most realistic look since it has a similar texture and look to human hair.

Measuring and Cutting the Fake Beard

Once the fake beard is purchased, it must be cut to the right size and shape. Before cutting, it is important to measure the person’s face to make sure the beard will fit properly. Also, the hairline must be considered so that the beard will look natural. Additionally, try to avoid choosing a beard that is too short or too long for the face as this can look unconvincing and awkward.

Applying the Spirit Gum

Before applying the fake beard to the face, spirit gum must be applied to both the beard and the face. This will glue the beard to the face and make it stay in place for several hours. Spirit gum is a type of adhesive specifically designed for sticking wigs, fake beards, and other types of prosthetics to the skin. To apply spirit gum, first apply a thin layer of spirit gum to the back of the fake beard. Then spread it around evenly with a brush or a spatula.
Once the spirit gum is applied to the fake beard, it must be applied to the skin. Make sure to allow the spirit gum to dry for a few seconds before applying it directly to the skin. Then apply a thin layer of spirit gum to the skin, moving in small circles with a brush or a cotton swab. Make sure to avoid applying too much, as this can cause the fake beard to become lumpy or discolored.

Attaching the Fake Beard

Once the spirit gum is dry, the fake beard can be attached to the face. Gently press on the beard, making sure it is firmly secured and lying flat on the face. Allow the beard to dry for at least five minutes before making any adjustments. For a natural look, use a comb to style the beard and ensure there are no gaps.

Removing the Fake Beard

When it is time to remove the fake beard, spirit gum remover must be used to loosen the bond between the skin and the fake beard. This must be done carefully to avoid damaging the skin. Start by applying the spirit gum remover to the edges of the beard and working inwards. Then, gently remove the fake beard by peeling it away from the skin. Once the fake beard is removed, apply more remover to the skin to completely dissolve any residue.

Maintaining the Fake Beard

Once the fake beard has been applied and removed, it must be properly maintained to keep it in good condition. Avoid using hot water or direct heat to clean the beard as this can cause damage to the hairs. Instead, use a mild shampoo and warm water to clean the beard. Allow the beard to air dry for at least five minutes before storing in a cool and dry place.

Tips for Longer Lasting Fake Beards

To ensure that the beard stays in place for a long time, it is important to use the correct products and techniques. Here are some tips to help ensure your fake beard lasts:
• Use a good quality spirit gum to ensure the beard sticks firmly to the skin.
• Before applying the spirit gum, use a primer to help the adhesive adhere more strongly to the skin.
• After styling the beard, apply a setting spray or hair spray to help hold the shape of the beard.
• Make sure to clean the fake beard gently and allow it to air dry completely before putting it away.
• Avoid using any alcohol-based products on the beard, as this can damage the hairs.

Shaving the Hairline

Shaving the hairline before applying the fake beard is a great way to make it look more natural. For a natural looking beard, it is important to have a clean, neat hairline. This can be done by shaving off any stray hairs around the hairline with a razor or an electric trimmer.

Correcting Any Mistakes

Sometimes, mistakes can happen when applying a fake beard. In this case, makeup can be used to correct the mistake and make it look more realistic. For example, if the spirit gum was applied too heavily, makeup can be used to blend in the beard with the skin.

Creating a Natural Shadow

Once the fake beard is in place, it is important to create a natural shadow to complete the look. This can be done by using a powder or a cream-based bronzer to create a realistic shadow along the edges of the beard. This will create a more realistic look that no one will be able to tell is a fake beard.

Adding Hairs to the Beard

For a more realistic look, small hairs can be added to the beard to enhance the texture and volume. This can be done by taking individual hairs from the fake beard and gluing them to any sparse areas. It is important to use the same color and texture of hair to create a natural look.

Using Makeup to Blur the Edges

To conceal any lines and edges, use a soft brush to apply a small amount of matte powder or foundation to the edges of the fake beard. This will help to blur the edges and create a more natural-looking beard. Additionally, using a light-colored bronzer can help to blend the beard with the skin.

Adding a Natural Shine

Finally, to give the beard a natural shine, use a small amount of hair pomade and apply it to the tips of the hairs. This will give the beard a healthy-looking shine and help blend the hairline into the skin.

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