How Often Should You Shape Your Beard

Growing a beard is no easy feat, demanding daily commitment and patience. While you may be tempted to go full-out and never go without a shave, the fact is that you should still be shaping it to keep it looking neat. But how often should you be shaping your beard?

The amount of time you should take to groom your beard depends on the kind of beard that you’re sporting. A longer beard will require more upkeep than a shorter beard – and more frequent visits to the barber. For anyone with the mind to maintain healthy beard, the general consensus is that you should shape your beard at least once every two weeks.

Beard grooming expert, Robin Black, stresses the importance of regular beard trimming. “Your beard should always look alive and healthy,” he says. “That means you should take the time to shape it properly. Otherwise, your face can look scruffy and unkempt.” Trimming every two weeks also helps keep split ends at bay, preventing damage and unruliness.

What if you’re growing an even longer beard, like an epic-length beard? In this case, you’ll still want to take the time to groom your beard every two weeks but you’ll need to be mindful of the length. You’ll want your barber’s help to be sure that the shape of your beard is kept consistent. The goal here is to remain patient and avoid wasting length by trimming too quickly. The longer the beard, the more style versatility you’ll have.

What about those with a goatee or bald chin? Well, here’s where trimming and grooming become even more important. Since there are fewer hairs to style and shape, more precision and control is needed, especially true when it comes to lining up your goatee. Make sure you’re taking the extra time to line up your edges and taper the sides. Shape your beard every few days to make sure your trim lines look sharp.

Beardburns also should be taken into account. This is when hair grows too close to the skin, which is caused by not shaving for a long time. To reduce beardburns and not to lose volume, you’ll have to show your beard some extra attention. Your barber can help you with that.

Right Tools

The key to great beard grooming is all about the tools that you use. You don’t want to be using a cheap, plastic safety razor to trim your precious beard. Invest in quality tools like scissors and clippers that’ll last you awhile and make sure you also have a decent pair of razor clippers for precision trimming. Quality beard oil is also important, since it will bring out the unique luster of your facial hair and make it easier to style.

Be Patient

Growth takes time. It’s important not to be impatient when it comes to the growth of your beard as rushing things may not turn out the way you’d like. Don’t expect your beard to sprout overnight and be ready for grooming. Be patient and let the hairs grow in fully – you’ll be much happier with the professional look of a healthy beard.

Find a Professional Barber

The best approach to getting the perfect beard you’re after is to find a professional barber that you trust. A professional barber will understand what kind of shape works best with your face shape and beard texture. Ask for regular trims that’ll help you maintain your beard grooming over time. If there’s an issue with patchy or thin spots, a professional barber can patch things up, preventing further issues from arising.


In between barber appointments, it’ll be important that you build a simple routine of self-grooming. Make sure you’re taking the time to trim your beard each day, paying special attention to edges, sides, and stray hairs. Use a quality comb to brush out tangles and prevent the spread of irritants or dirt.

Maintaining Health

A healthy beard is always easier to shape and groom than a dry and wiry beard. To maintain the health of your beard, you’ll want to regularly shampoo and condition it. As with your hair, you’ll want to use quality products to nourish and protect your beard, preventing damage and split ends. Make sure to also use quality beard oil to further nourish the hairs, adding luster and keeping things smooth and soft.

Beard Products

You can also enhance your beard with a variety of styling products. Styling cream or balm will help give your beard a better shape and can help with hairs that grow in incorrect directions. Waxes can also be used to add thickness to parts of your beard, improving the overall aesthetic. All of these products will help you take your beard to the next level.

Style Tips

When it comes to shaping and styling, there are few things to keep in mind. Consult with a master barber for the best advice – they can help personalize your style to fit your face shape. Work to keep the ends of your beard pointed and pointed down. This helps create a longer, more angular face for a balanced look. Lastly, keep in mind that conflicting lines aren’t stylish. Your neck and cheek line should match up to give an even finish.

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