How Many Times Should I Use Beard Oil

Definition of Beard Oil

Beard oil can be a bit of a mystery to men who don’t understand what it’s all about. The main purpose of beard oil is to keep your beard soft, shiny and healthy. It is made up of a blend of natural oils — jojoba, fir needle and argan among them — as well as carrier oils like sweet almond, grapeseed and apricot kernel. It also contains a blend of essential oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood and peppermint that give it a pleasant scent.
When properly applied, beard oil will nourish and protect your beard from dryness and itchiness. It helps to keep the skin beneath the beard properly hydrated, which in turn prevents skin irritation, redness, and flaking. It also helps to reduce fading of facial hair color. The essential oils and nutrient-rich oils provide essential nourishment to help maintain healthy hair and facial skin.

How and When to Use Beard Oil

Beard oil should be applied every day as part of your daily grooming routine. The best time to apply it is right after you shower, when your skin and beard are still slightly damp. Before you apply the oil, you should comb or brush your beard to ensure the oil is evenly distributed throughout. Take two to three drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then massage it gently into your beard, until all of your beard hairs are covered with a thin layer. You can also comb through it to make sure every strand receives an even coating.
Once your beard is no longer damp from the shower, it is time to apply the oil. Start by taking two to three drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and then massage it gently into your beard until all of your beard hairs are covered with a thin layer. If you are using a styling product like a balm or wax, use after you have applied the oil for added hold.

How Many Times Should I Use Beard Oil?

Ideally, you should use beard oil once a day. It is imperative to use it consistently to ensure that your beard remains healthy and hydrated. However, some men with coarser hair may need to use it more often, while men with finer hair may be able to use it every other day. In any case, as long as you are using the oil consistently and dedicating time to properly groom your beard, you should see results in the way of a softer and suppler beard.
Though there is no hard and fast answer to how many times to use beard oil, it is important to remember that the more often you use it, the better the results will be. The oil helps to soften and condition the beard, combat dryness and itchiness, and keep your facial hair looking healthy and well groomed.

Potential Disadvantages of Too Much Beard Oil

While using beard oil is essential for maintaining a healthy, presentable beard, there is such a thing as using too much. As over-oiling can leave the beard feeling greasy, slimy and weighed down — no one wants a beard that resembles an oil slick. Using too much can also clog your pores and create an environment for bacteria to grow and cause infections. To prevent this, start with just one or two drops and gradually work up to four or five as can be needed.

What to Look for When Choosing a Beard Oil

When shopping for beard oil, start by reading the ingredients list and looking for pure and natural ingredients. Avoid commercial brands that contain parabens, synthetic fragrances and petroleums. Look for brands that contain jojoba oil and other natural oils that are known to nourish and condition the beard. Quality beard oil should not leave behind a greasy residue or a strong odor so be sure to sample a few before deciding on a particular brand.

Additional Tips for Grooming With Beard Oil

Beard oil is an essential part of any grooming regimen and should not be overlooked. Along with being used as a moisturizer, it can also be used as a styling agent. Applying a few drops of oil to damp, freshly washed hair will give it a bit of shine and control that can be helpful in creating a certain hairstyle.
As part of your daily grooming, be sure to brush your beard several times a day to ensure it is kept clean and healthy. Proper brushing will help the oil disperse evenly throughout the beard and deep condition it from the root to the tip. Also be sure to trim your beard regularly to keep it in shape and to prevent split ends.

Alternative Products for Grooming a Beard

Beard oil is not the only product you can use to keep your beard looking healthy and well-groomed. There are a variety of other products on the market such as beard balms, waxes, and butters that are formulated to nourish and protect your facial hair.
Beard balms are thicker than beard oils and usually contain beeswax to provide a lighter hold and soften the beard. They can also be used to tame frizz and promote healthier looking and feeling facial hair. Waxes and butters provide heavier hold and are best used to shape and style longer beards.


Beard oil is an essential product for anyone with facial hair, regardless of length. It is an effective way to keep your skin and beard well-nourished and looking as healthy and presentable as possible. Applying beard oil every day will help keep your beard soft, manageable and easy to style.
It is important to use beard oil consistently, but not to overuse it as this can lead to clogged pores and bacteria buildup. Knowing when and how to apply the oil, as well as which products to use in conjunction with it, will ensure you get the best results from your daily beard grooming routine.

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