How Long Will It Take To Grow A Full Beard

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Full Beard?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to grow a full beard, you’re certainly not alone. Facial hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, with men of all ages, backgrounds, and styles embracing their natural facial hair. But, how long does it really take to grow a full beard?

The truth is, it varies from person to person. Genetics and personal health can play a big role in determining how quickly facial hair grows. Generally, it is said that it takes between 4-6 weeks of continuous growth for a full beard to begin to develop, but it can take up to 6 months or longer for a truly full and thick beard to emerge.

Facial hair growth cycle is split into three stages. The Anagen (active growth) phase is the longest. During this time, the hair follicles are still alive and actively losing dead cells. The Catagen (transitional) stage, the shortest, is when the hair ceases its active growth, follicles shrink and the cells develop their new characteristics. Finally, the Telogen (resting) stage is when the hair follicles rest and wait, preparing for the next cycle of growth. Different individuals tend to have different cycles, meaning that some people may experience more of the Anagen phase, resulting in full beards more quickly than others.

We spoke to Tricia Hammond, founder of The Beard Bunch, a beard care business, who offered her insight into growing a full beard. “Many people are impatient to grow a full beard. It’s important to remember that growing a beard isn’t a race – it’s a marathon. You should give your beard enough time to grow so it is fully developed. Be patient and practice good facial hygiene such as regular washing, exfoliation and beard grooming. If you do this, you will be rewarded with a fully developed, healthy-looking beard.”

For those who are looking to speed up the process, there are a few things that could be done to help encourage growth. Nutrition plays an important role in hair growth. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and proteins is a great start. Exercising regularly is also important for the body to remain healthy and can help encourage the growth of beards.

In addition, targeted products can also be beneficial. Tricia advises, “There are products specifically designed to help stimulate facial hair growth. I recommend using natural products such as essential oils, which are known to nourish the beard follicles and encourage growth. You can also use beard oils, which promote hydration, reducing flakiness and encouraging the growth of healthy, full beard.”

How To Maintain A Healthy Beard

Once you have grown that full beard, it’s important to keep it healthy and well groomed. Regularly exfoliating the skin underneath your beard will help to sweep away any dead skin cells and reduce irritation. When washing, use a beard specific shampoo or cleanser. This will help to combat beardruff, maintain a healthy look and stimulate facial hair growth. It’s also important to moisturise often – use a combination of a balm and oil to help keep your beard soft and hydrated.

A good quality comb or brush can also make all the difference. Boar bristle brushes are designed to penetrate the thicker hairs of a full beard, helping to spread natural producing oils through the hair and reduce tangling. Combining this with regular trims, can help maintain the desired shape of a full beard. Keeping the level of your hair consistent, rather than allowing it to decline, is essential to achieving a full healthy looking beard.

When it comes to styling, there is a range of options. Whether you are looking for an organised and structured look, or, something more relaxed and scruffy, there is something for everyone. Achieving the desired shape and look can be done with the combination of a blow dryer and a pomade. For those who are up for the challenge, there are even tutorials available online on how to create the perfect style.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Full Beard

Whilst it can be exciting to grow a full beard, it’s important to be aware of the common mistakes to avoid, to ensure maximum growth and health of the facial hair. It is important to remember not to trim the beard too close to the skin. Too close of a trim can lead to damage of the hair follicles, meaning they are unable to grow.

Secondly, do not attempt to rush the process. As we’ve discussed, a full beard can take time to grow. When you are tempted to just trim away anything that isn’t the desired length, remember to wait, be patient, and give your beard the time it needs to fully develop into the style you are aiming for.

Finally, overgrown beards are not always attractive and can make you look unkempt. Take regular trips to your barber or beard groomer to maintain your desired look and shape. Every two to four weeks should be enough for a regular trimmer, however if you are attempting a more complex style, such as sculpting or styling, you may need more regular visits.

Beard Grooming Products to Consider

Grooming your beard can be a tricky task, however it doesn’t need to be. There are many products available on the market to help you achieve the desired look and feel of your beard. We’ve spoken to Tricia Hammond again, founder of The Beard Bunch, who says, “When it comes to choosing the right beard care products, it is important to understand your hairs’ needs. All beards are different and getting to know your own facial hair – its texture, managesability and your desired style, will help you to choose the right products.” She recommends, “Start with a moisturising oil and balm combo, a beard brush or comb, and a beard shampoo. After a few weeks of using these basic products, you will be able to further extend your selection and build a more bespoke beard grooming kit.”

Benefits Of Growing A Full Beard

Growing a full beard isn’t just about looks. Research has found that beards can provide many health benefits. For those who are prone to breakouts, the thick hair of the beard can act as a protective barrier, blocking dirt and dirt from the skin and reducing the chance of spots and breakouts. In addition, beards were also found to help protect skin from sun damage. This is because the beard improves photoskin protection and emits a natural SPF of 10-24 depending on the length and thickness of the beard.

So, not only can growing a full beard look great, but it can also offer many health benefits too. Knowing all this, it’s easy to see why facial hair has become such a popular styling choice amongst men of all ages!

Tips and Tricks For Growing A Full Beard

For men thinking of growing a full beard, there are some simple tips and tricks to consider to ensure the best possible results. First, be patient – it may take some time to achieve the desired look. Secondly, use targeted products such as beard oils and balms to nourish and hydrate the beard and encourage growth. Thirdly, use the right tools. A good quality comb or brush, a trimmer or even a blow dryer, can help manipulated the hair and create various styles, allowing you to achieve your desired look. Finally, take trips to your barber or beard groomer regularly. They can help to maintain the desired look and shape, ensuring your beard is kept in tip-top condition.

Achieving The Perfect Beard

It’s easy to get discouraged when growing a full beard, but once it’s in the desired shape, you know it was worth the wait. Following the steps above can help to ensure a healthy and full looking beard, creating the perfect look for you. Remember, patience is key. Growing a beard is a marathon, not a race. Whatever the end result, make sure to embrace it and appreciate your facial hair in all its glory!

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