How Long To Let Your Beard Grow

When You Should Start Growing a Beard

Growing a beard isn’t as straightforward as you may think. It can be a long and dedicated process to have the beard of your dreams. So, how long should you let your beard grow?
The answer to that query can vary based on a few factors. Mainly, it depends on the density, hair growth, and personal preferences of the individual. A few members of the medical profession may also want to weigh in on the subject — doctors, dermatologists, and barbers among them.
To give an indication of what to expect, facial hair usually starts growing in fits and spurts during the teenage years. For some boys, the process may start earlier, whilst for others it may start in their late teens or even early 20s.
At its start, it would be nearly impossible to clearly define a beard. Instead, it will look like a bunch of peach fuzz. It is during that stage that you need to become patient — it will require time and an appropriate grooming regimen to achieve the look you aspire.

Ways to Ensure Healthy Hair Growth

Growing a beard successfully requires commitment and regular care. To ensure healthy hair growth, it is absolutely essential to keep the hair clean and properly groomed. Regular washing about two or three times per week is the way to go, using a mild shampoo or beard soap.
You should also use conditioners and oils after washing, since these products are known to moisturize and nurture facial hair. Additionally, you will need to comb and trim your hair to ensure it has the best chance of having even growth.
Trimming should also be done, but with direction and advice. Too much trimming can entirely ruin the look of your beard and make it not look the way you imagined. Therefore, the advice of the professionals is key in this part, who can guide you on the amount of trimming you should do and what tools you should use.

Genetics, Eating Habits and Other Factors

The duration of your beard growth can also be affected by genetics. You may think that genetics should not have anything to do with this process, but it does.
For instance, the genetic components of testosterones and other hormones have an effect on the speed and growth of facial hair. Therefore, those of you with those particular genetic qualities may find that it takes a bit longer for the beard to look full and well-kept.
People from different ethnic backgrounds may also experience varying rates of facial hair growth. However, these differences are largely irrelevant — since everyone’s hair grows differently, regardless of ethnicity.
Moreover, our eating habits also contribute to beard growth. A healthy, balanced diet that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals is a great way for the body to get the nourishment needed for facial hair growth. On the other side, a bad diet will do the opposite — making the hair thin, weak, and slow to grow.

How Long Should You Let Your Beard Grow?

Now that we’ve gone through all the elements that can affect beard growth, we can better answer the question of how long you should let your beard grow. As a general rule, it is suggested to let your beard grow for at least 3 months before giving it a shape. This time is necessary to give your hair enough time and allowing it to grow to its full potential before trimming or styling it.
During these three months, it is essential to implement the aforementioned hygiene, trimming, and grooming routines, and remember to feed your beard the nutrients that it needs.

Styling and Shaping the Beard

Once you have achieved the desired amount of growth, it is time to start shaping and styling the beard. As mentioned before, getting professional advice is important, as it can help you decide how much trimming is necessary and what type of beard styles would suit you best.
However, if you play by the rules and dedicate enough time and effort in the process, there is no reason why you cannot achieve the beard of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Tools

Using the right tools to groom and style your beard is just as important as having the right advice. The tools you need should depend on personal preference — electric or manual.
For electric trimmers, you should select the ones with adjustable heads, multiple length settings and attachments, and cordless ones are always a plus. Manual tools, such as scissors and combs, will require additional skill as they are harder to use.

Maintaining a Healthy Beard

Maintaining a healthy beard goes beyond trimming, washing, and moisturizing. If you want to keep your beard looking its best, you should also take into consideration another important factor — the environment.
Harsh winds and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause a lot of damage to your facial hair, so it is best to use a good natural sunscreen to protect you from the sun and invest in some quality beard balms or waxes to battle against winter winds.
In summary, growing the perfect beard requires a lot of patience and discipline. Unless you have the good genetics, you will need to use good care of your facial hair if you want it to look its best. With an appropriate grooming routine, suitable products, and a balanced nutrition, you should be able to let your beard grow for about three months as a minimum.

Solving Skin Irritation Related Issues

Growing a beard can sometimes bring about skin irritation and itchiness. To counter this, you may want to look for beard softeners or beard oils that help keep your beard well-moisturized, ease the itchiness, and let you enjoy your beard-growing journey along the way.
On the other hand, you may want to fix any skin redness or irritation before they worsen. In that case, it would be best to opt for beard balms or beard butters, which have natural ingredients to work against the pesky bouts of dryness and itch.

Implementing a Routine

Implementing an effective and consistent routine is key. Make sure to wash your beard twice or thrice a week, use conditioners, and use natural oils whenever necessary. Also, don’t forget to comb your beard on a regular basis to aid in growth and even distribution of hair.
Brushing and massage your facial hair every two days using a boar’s bristles brush or a beard comb helps distribute the natural oils from your skin to the whole surface of your hair, leading to a fuller, healthier-looking and better-behaving beard.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, it can take anywhere from three to six months to grow a full and healthy beard, depending on the individual’s personal preferences and hair growth. Having patience and dedication to the grooming process is crucial, as is having knowledge about what works for you and what will benefit your beard in the long run.
Moreover, you have to remember that finding the right products, hygiene routine, and techniques will take time and experimentation. Just keep at it and soon you’ll be rocking your perfect beard.

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