How Long Can It Take To Grow A Beard


Growing a beard can be a daunting task for those just starting out. It can sometimes take weeks, months and even years to achieve the desired look. There are many factors that affect the growth of facial hair and most of them depend on the individual. Some people can grow a beard in just a few weeks while others take months to grow one. Each individual’s facial hair growth is unique and what works for one person may not work for another.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

The time it takes for a beard to grow is dependent on a number of factors. age, genetics, personal habits, skincare and even stress are all factors in the length of time it takes to grow a beard. The average time frame for a full beard is 3-4 months, although it can take longer or shorter depending on the individual.
When starting to grow a beard, the first few weeks are often the most frustrating. As some patches will be thicker than others, and some areas will take longer to become fully covered. This can be because of hair growths in different directions, or due to differing hair textures. However, patience is key during this initial stage as the beard will start to fill out and achieve the desired look.

Methods To Stimulate Beard Growth

While genetics play a major role in the speed of hair growth, there are some methods to stimulate the process. Proper exfoliation of the skin can help to clear away the dead skin cells and excess sebum which can clog the hair follicles. Cleaning the skin regularly and using products that contain proven active ingredients such as zinc and vitamin B can help promote efficient hair growth.
Regularly trimming the beard with scissors and using a trimmer on the edges can help to promote maximum facial hair growth. This technique also works to add shape and keep the length in check. Regular exercise, proper diet, and allowing enough sleep can also contribute to a healthier and thicker facial hair.

Benefits of Growing a Beard

A well-manicured beard can bring a sense of confidence, and make you look distinguished and stylish. Beards can also protect the skin from harsh climates and retain essential moisture, making them an important factor of healthy skincare. The hair follicles also help to filter airborne particles, dust and dirt which can help prevent sickness.

Age and Facial Hair Growth

Age is another important factor in the amount of time it takes to grow a beard. Facial hair usually begins to appear in puberty, usually when boys reach the age of 12-15. For men, the thicker facial hair growth usually comes after the age of 25. At this age, a man’s hormones are more finely tuned and the beard becomes full and thick. As men grow older, usually in their 40’s, the beard begins to thin out and the hairs become more sparse.

Regulate Natural Hormones for Beard Growth

Natural hormones play a major role in facial hair growth. Men can try to regulate their natural hormones to stimulate their beard and moustache growth with ingredients like saw palmetto, nettle, green tea, and pumpkin seed. Vitamin B is also important in helping to promote better facial hair growth.

Styling the Beard

Once the desired facial hair growth has been achieved, it’s important to style the beard properly. This includes regular trimming and shaping to keep the beard looking neat and tidy. Being consistent with the beard grooming routine will help maintain and keep it looking healthy and attractive.

Growth Supplements

Growth supplements are also an option for those who struggle to grow a beard. These supplements can help to kickstart growth and promote healthy facial hair. These supplements generally contain ingredients such as biotin, niacin, zinc, saw palmetto, and nettle root. These ingredients help to stimulate the body’s natural hair growth.

Hygiene and Beard Care

It is also important to keep the beard clean and hygienic. Cleaning the facial hair regularly will help to keep the skin healthy and prevent bacterial growth. Cleansing products that are made specifically for beards are best as they will gently remove dirt and excess oils while keeping the beard’s natural oils intact.

Additional Considerations

Beard growth is a journey rather than a destination. Patience is key, as the wrong steps and ill-advised treatments can lead to unwanted complications. It is important to seek advice and consult a professional before attempting any hormonal adjustments or growth supplements.


Growing a beard is an individual journey that takes patience and dedication. While genetics play a major role, there are methods to stimulate the process such as proper skincare, regular trimming and shaping, and using growth supplements. Taking care of the beard and having patience is important in order to successfully grow a full and thick beard.

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